“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

– Frederick R. Barnard.

Isn’t it true? A picture can tell a story just as well as a lot of words put together or even more· And therefore, we plan to take you on a virtual tour of India, our country full of beautiful wonders and marvels, so that you can plan your India tour and visit the country soon!

India is full of myths, marvels, monuments, and many majestic sights. From North to South and East to West, the vast diversity of our country is unmatched, unrivaled, and unparalleled. Natural beauty, unique flora and fauna, diverse and vibrant culture, friendly people, and glorious monuments of the past-you’ll find it all here in India!

Indian states make up the country of India, and all of them have so much individuality that you may take more than one trip to visit them all. We bring you a few of the states that you may decide to travel to on your India tour and experience the charm of India through the beautiful places.

So, let the journey begin!

• Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro Valley
Ziro Valley: The sunny rice fields will surely bring a smile on your face.
Image Credit: Papiya Banerjee
Bomdila: Experience the spirituality of Buddhism at Bomdila Monastery.
Image Credit: Mubarak_Khan
Tawang: Aptly called a Utopia.
Image Credit: Kun the photographer
Bhalukpong: Enjoy River Rafting and Fish Angling along the River Kameng’s bank.
Image Credit: Daniel J. Rao
Parasuram Kund
Parasuram Kund: Invoke your spirituality at this pilgrimage site on the Brahmaputra plateau.
Image Credit:

The “Land of Dawn-lit-Mountains” should be one of the surreal places to visit on your India tour for its sheer beauty and tranquillity. This predominantly untouched land in northeast India has lush green forests, mesmerizing scenic beauty, mountainous terrain, tribal culture, and great food. It is very distinct from the rest of India.

• Bihar

Bodhgaya: The place where Buddha attained enlightenment
Image Credit:
Ruins Of Nalanda
Nalanda: The erstwhile seat of higher learning
Image Credit: Thotsaporn.S
Pawapuri: One of the most important religious sites in Jainism
Image Credit: Bihar Tourism Official
Vaishali: A sacred site in Buddhism and Jainism, Vaishali is also an important archaeological site.
Image Credit: Mut Hardman

Bihar is one of the oldest inhabited regions in India and even the world. Bihar has a rich culture and an abundance of heritages that would do fair justice to your India tour. More so if you are looking for a spiritual experience and an in-depth understanding of the history of India.

• Goa

Anjuna: Indulge in water sports and have a full paisa vasool Goa holiday.
Image Credit: Pavel Sapozhnikov
Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary: Take a sneak peek into the local animal kingdom
Image Credit: Don Serhio
Old Goa
Old Goa: Travel back in the time of Portuguese history.
Image Credit:
Chapora Fort
Chapora Fort: Evergreen natural beauty of Vagator beach from Chapora Fort
Image Credit:
Ultimate Travel Photos
Still from the movie "Dil Chahta Hai" shot at the Chapora Fort
Still from the movie “Dil Chahta Hai” shot at the Chapora Fort
Image Credit:
Divar Island
Divar Island: Feel solace in a tranquil, quiet, and lush green island off Old Goa.
Image Credit:

The party capital of the nation, Goa, cannot be skipped during your India holiday. There are beautiful beaches, Western Ghats, waterfalls, forts, national parks, rich culture, and many more things to explore in this former Portuguese colony, don’t believe us? Check out our Goa tour packages.

• Gujarat

Ahmedabad: The largest city and a UNESCO World Heritage city.
Image Credit:
Surat: The Diamond City of India has world-renowned Surati food.
Image Credit:
Rann of Kutch
Rann of Kutch: Experience the moon reflecting its surreal blue reflection in the vast white desert during the night.
Image Credit:
Gir National Park
Gir National Park: See the King of the Jungle in its royal home at Gir.
Image Credit:
Gir National Park
Gir National Park: See the King of the Jungle in its royal abode at Gir.
Image Credit: Milan Zygmunt
Statue of Unity
Statue of Unity: Pay homage to the Iron man of India – Sardar Patel at the tallest statue of the world.
Image Credit:
Sagittarius Pro
Gandhinagar: House of the famous Akshardham Temple.
Image Credit: Gujarat Tourism
Somnath: Visit one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples of Lord Shiva.
Image Credit:

The Land of Lions is known to every Indian for its rich culture, delicious food, and colorful clothes.  We highly recommend booking our Gujarat tour packages during the festival of Navratri. Gujarat is a great place to experience the highly energetic and adrenaline-pumping Garba Raas during your India tour. 

• Himachal Pradesh

Shimla: The Queen of Hill Stations and summer residence of the British Raj.
Image Credit:
Pixels Dot
Lahaul and Spiti
Lahaul and Spiti: One of the most picturesque locations in the world.
Image Credit: otorongo
Kasol: Go backpacking in the quaint village of Kasol, also known as the Amsterdam of India.
Image Credit: saiko3p
Bir: A hotspot for adventure enthusiasts.
Image Credit: Ultimate Travel Photos
Khajjiar: Cash strapped to go to Switzerland? Don’t worry, come here to Khajjiar, our very own mini-Switzerland of India.
Image Credit:

Meaning an “Abode of Snow,” Himachal Pradesh is not a new name in the frequent traveler’s circuit. It deserves all the attention people heed towards it. Nestled along the slopes of the western Himalayas and surrounded by pine forests, Himachal is a well-known destination for honeymooners and thrill seekers. The numerous hill stations here are available in our Himachal Pradesh tour packages so that you can easily add them to your India tour itinerary.

• Kerala

Kochi: Largest city of Kerala famous for Chinese fishing nets is also called the Queen of the Arabian Sea.
Image Credit:
Dmitry Rukhlenko
Munnar: A tea-growing hill station.
Image Credit: Mazur Travel
Wayanad: A hill station with untouched nature is bound to make your moments unforgettable.
Image Credit:
Kollam: relax at Thangasseri Beach and see the historical Light House.
Image Credit:
Alleppey: Aptly called the Venice of the east.
Image Credit:
Thrissur: The home of the famous Athirapilly Waterfalls.
Image Credit:
Varkala: One of the most famous beaches in India.
Image Credit:
Dmitry Rukhlenko
Kozhikode: Vasco Da Gama entered India through Kozhikode, previously known as Calicut.
Image Credit: Travel Triangle
Bekal Fort
Bekal Fort: Visit the old Portuguese fort.
Image Credit: Kerala Tourism
Thekkadi: Tiger reserve and Elephant forest in one place!
Image Credit:
Silent Valley National Park
Silent Valley National Park: It is a rainforest housing several endangered and protected species of animals.
Image Credit:
Jimmy Kamballur

No tour of India is complete without visiting “God’s own Country,” Kerala.  The land of spices is blessed with natural treasures, has a great climate, serene beaches, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful stretches of backwaters, great people, and great food. What more do we need for a holiday anyway? An affordable Kerala tour package? Well, we’ve got you covered.

• Madhya Pradesh

Sanchi Stupa
Sanchi Stupa: One of the most remarkable Buddhist stupas built in the times of Emperor Ashoka.
Image Credit: Dmitry Rukhlenko
Kanha National Park
Kanha National Park: Awaken your inner Mowgli in this beautiful forest packed with the mighty creatures of the jungle.
Image Credit:
Nilesh Rathod
Khajuraho: a brilliant example of Indian architecture in the stunning temples.
Image Credit:
NG Shutterbug
Chanderi Fort
Chanderi Fort: visiting this grand fort is a delight for history buffs.
Image Credit: ImagesofIndia
Orchha: A medieval city that seems frozen in time.
Image Credit:
Kevin Standage

Known as “Hindustan ka Dil,” it is one of those places in India that was often overlooked by many. But not anymore. With the upgraded tourism facility, you can now enjoy one of the most diverse states in India, which is blessed with diverse wildlife, fascinating history, tribal culture, prehistoric paintings, and so many forts. Give our Madhya Pradesh tour packages a shot.

• Maharashtra

Mumbai: Aptly called the City of Dreams and the economic powerhouse.
Image Credit: Sevenpixels
Pune: The home of the great Bajirao. An educational hub with one of the fastest growing IT cities in the world.
Image Credit:
Ajanta and Ellora Caves
Ajanta and Ellora Caves: Finest example of ancient rock-cut caves and UNESCO world heritage site.
Image Credit:
Mazur Travel
Mahabaleshwar: Enjoy the views of the Elephant Rock in this vibrant UNESCO world heritage site.
Image Credit:
Hitman H
Lonar Lake
Lonar Lake: World’s only meteor crater of Basaltic rock, which recently turned pink due to the presence of bacteria.
Image Credit:
Alibag: A perfect spot for a weekend getaway.
Image Credit:
Tarkarli: Heaven for water sport enthusiasts.
Image Credit:
Vaivhav Kumar

Maharashtra is known as the Land of the brave Marathas. It is equipped with everything that would enhance your experience on your India tour. A state with natural resources like rivers, western ghats, oceans, beaches, and everything else! No wonder our Maharashtra tour packages attract so many travelers.

• Meghalaya

Cherrapunji: Visit Mawsmai Caves and mesmerizing Nohkalikai waterfalls.
Image Credit:
Mawlynnong: Famous for its ecotourism, river, waterfall, and garden, this one is a perfect picnic getaway for friends and family.
Image Credit: Abhijeet Khedgikar
Mawsynram: Spend some time in the place that receives the world’s highest rainfall.
Image Credit: Northeast Now
Elephant Falls
Elephant Falls: Look at how nature carves out the landforms at one of the most popular Waterfall in the North East of India.
Image Credit: RealityImages
Double Decker Living Root Bridge
Double Decker Living Root Bridge: Walk the beautiful bridge made from living rubber tree roots in the wettest areas of the world.
Image Credit: Mazur Travel

The abode of clouds, Meghalaya is a pristine and quiet state in the northeast of India. This mountainous state remains within clouds for most of the year. It is blessed with lush untouched forests that are sacred to the local community. If you love rains, mountains, and slow-paced life, then our Meghalaya tour packages will be a great addition to your India tour.

• Jammu & Kashmir

Srinagar: Get lost in the Mughal Gardens and the Dal Lake in the capital city.
Image Credit: ImagesofIndia
Gurez Valley
Gurez Valley: This valley is surrounded by the magnificent Himalayas, and home to a gushing river, and picturesque meadows.
Image Credit:
Gulmarg: Snow-clad mountains, Pine forests, lakes, the highest golf course in the world, and the best skiing destination in Asia.
Image Credit:
Sonmarg: A starting point of Amarnath Yatra, the meadow of gold has a glacier, forest, and breathtaking mountains.
Image Credit:
mukul joshi
Pahalgam: Immerse yourself with sights like no other.
Image Credit:
Arthur Teng

Shahjahan aptly said, “Agar firdaus bar ru-ye zamin ast, Hamin ast-o hamin ast-o hamin ast.” Meaning, “If there is heaven on earth, It is this, it is this, it is this!” The Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is a paradise for those who love nature, culture, and food. Your Bharat darshan will feel incomplete without our Jammu and Kashmir tour packages, as they are the heart and soul of any India tour.

• Delhi

Red Fort
Red Fort: The magnificent fort is reminiscent of the might of the Mughals and the current site where the national flag is hoisted every Independence Day and Republic day.
Image Credit: Hung Chung Chih
Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple: Find some solace in this Bahai temple for all.
Image Credit: saiko3p
Qutub Minar
Qutub Minar: see the highest brick Minar in the world constructed during medieval times.
Image Credit: Avigator Fortuner
India Gate
India Gate: A war memorial built to commemorate the soldiers martyred in British Indian Army
Image Credit: Roop_Dey
Rashtrapati Bhavan
Rashtrapati Bhavan: marvel at the seat of the world’s largest democracy.
Image Credit:
Dupinder Bains

The national capital of India is not just the political seat of India but is encapsulated in immense history right from ancient times. Did you know? Present-day Delhi is not just one city, but at least 8 ancient cities combined. With so much history, Delhi is dotted with hundreds if not thousands of monuments of national and cultural importance.

• Rajasthan

Jaipur: The Pink City and the capital of Rajasthan also boast of the world’s largest sundial and tons of Royal architecture.
Image Credit:
Panuvat Ueachananon
Udaipur: Venice of the east due to its canals connecting the lakes of Udaipur and the magnificent fort
Image Credit: Sean Hsu
Pushkar: Sacred town and a backpacking destination.
Image Credit:
Jaisalmer: The Golden City best known for desert safaris and one of the world’s few living forts – Jaisalmer Fort
Image Credit: Sayan Nath
Chittorgarh: famous Chittorgarh fort where Queen Padmavati committed Jauhar.
Image Credit:
Lana Kray

India’s largest state, Rajasthan should be on your itinerary for an India tour to experience the royalty and everything magnificent in this desert land. With our Rajasthan tour packages, you can experience everything, from forts to rural Havelis, to the sand dunes and India’s largest Salt Lake. Don’t forget to taste the world-famous Dal Baati and other famous Rajasthani dishes while in the state.

• Karnataka

Hampi: A UNESCO World Heritage site is a historical delight for the history buffs
Image Credit: Karnataka Tourism
Mysuru or Mysore
Mysuru or Mysore: The city of Palaces where Dussehra is celebrated with splendor like nowhere else and where the famous silk sarees hail from.
Image Credit:
pavan dipak surve
Udupi: a temple city with the most celebrated vegetarian South Indian Cuisine.
Image Credit:
Indian Food Images
Chikmagalur: The Coffee Land of Karnataka is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the southern part of India.
Image Credit:
Gokarna: A backpacking destination with pristine beaches and a calm coastline nestled in the mountains.
Image Credit:

The southern state of Karnataka is blessed with the best climate and natural resources in India. Your India tour is incomplete without visiting one of the most livable cities – Bengaluru or visiting the ancient ruins of Hampi. P.S. both of these places are included in our Karnataka tour packages. The Western Ghats and the Arabian shoreline are something that will provide you with a much-needed break from regular life and help you relax in the lap of nature.

• Uttar Pradesh

Agra, Taj Mahal
Agra: Visit to view the symbol of Love – The Taj Mahal
Image Credit:
Varanasi: A Morning in this spiritual and most happening city is what you will crave for your lifetime.
Image Credit:
Money Sharma
Dudhwa National Park
Dudhwa National Park: see the wildlife diversity along the Indo-Nepal border
Image Credit:
Travel Triangle
Lucknow: The city of Nawab is famous for historical monuments and a unique culture with lip-smacking Tunde ke Kabab.
Image Credit:

The land where the Ganga and Yamuna – two of the most important rivers of India flow.  The state of Uttar Pradesh has been synonymous with the history of India since ancient times and is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Getting an Uttar Pradesh tour package should be at the top of your list while planning your India tour as it has the symbol of love and one of the seven wonders of the modern world – The Taj Mahal.

• Uttarakhand

Almora: A breathtaking hill station
Image Credit: Yogesh Pilankar
Chamba: The place Bhagirathi River flows, which later becomes Ganga in Uttar Pradesh.
Image Credit:
Ultimate Travel Photos
Mussoorie: The Queen of hill stations provides a beautiful view of the Himalayas and the Doon Valley.
Image Credit:
Sanjay Kumar Nautiyal
Nainital: The land of lakes.
Image Credit: Dchauy
Rishikesh: Yoga capital of the world and a great spot for river rafting and trekking in the Himalayas.
Image Credit: Peppy Graphics
Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park: The Oldest national park in the Himalayan foothills well-known for the presence of Royal Bengal Tigers and Elephants.
Image Credit: Anuradha Marwah
Auli: Skiing and trekking destination surrounded by apple orchards, oak, and pine forests.
Image Credit:

The Land of Gods is nestled in the Himalayan ranges. With its numerous ancient temples, it is also a spiritual center well known for its Yoga centers across the world, and aptly earned the nickname of Devbhumi. If you are looking to go on a spiritual journey or simply want to quench your thirst for adventure, our Uttarakhand tour packages will be a perfect match for all your needs. 

• Leh – Ladakh

Pangong Lake
Pangong Lake: The famous 3 Idiots Lake; changes its color from azure to light blue to light green throughout the year.
Image Credit: Yurawoot Sripornprasert
Khardung La
Khardung La: One of the highest motorable passes and the gateway to Shyoj and Nubra valley.
Image Credit: Storm Is Me
Thiksey Monastery
Thiksey Monastery: A Tibetan-style monastery with the largest Maitreya Buddha statue in Ladakh.
Image Credit:
Dmitry Rukhlenko
Stok Palace
Stok Palace: a beautiful summer home to the royal family of Ladakh.
Image Credit:
Natalia Davidovich
Nubra Valley
Nubra Valley: known as the “Valley of Flowers” of the region.
Image Credit:
Pisit Kitireungsang
Uming La Pass
Umling La Pass: The highest motorable road in the world.
Image Credit: The Hindu
Tso Moriri
Tso Moriri: One of the highest lakes in India.
Image Credit: Dmitry Rukhlenko

Leh-Ladakh is among the highest inhabited places on the planet. A spectacular white desert with rough terrains, beautiful monasteries, and culture is a well-known destination for backpackers and solo travelers touring India. The much-hyped Bullet ride to Ladakh is highly recommended and a must for all visiting. Our Leh Ladakh tour packages will surely make you keep coming back for more!

These destinations are just the tip of the iceberg of all the beautiful places that are there in India.

You will surely enjoy spending time with your family and friends in any of these places during your holidays in India and will cherish these memories for many years to come.

A land with a rich history of great empires and kings, natural beauty that transcends you and connects you to your soul, and home to a variety of flora and fauna, India is one of the most worthy tourist destinations in the world and will surprise you no matter how many times you visit.

Now that we are done with the virtual tour, when are you going to come for a physical India tour?

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