The launch of the new Apple iPhone 15 models is making headlines along with sorts of jokes about how it ‘costs you a kidney!’ The high prices of the latest iPhones are justified by the quality, performance and brand value. The new iPhone 15 models were unveiled at an Apple Event on 12th September 2023. The 4 new iPhone 15 models are – the Apple iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The iPhone 15 price in India starts from Rs. 79,900, the iPhone 15 Plus price starts from Rs. 89,900, the iPhone 15 Pro price starts from Rs. 1,34,000 and the iPhone 15 Pro Max price starts from Rs. 1,59,900. 

On an average, a new Apple iPhone would approximately cost you anywhere between Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 1.5 Lakh. Owning the latest technology like the iPhone 15 Pro would be exciting. However, the charm of it only lingers for about 1 or 2 years, until the next iPhone series is launched. How about you plan an international trip instead, on the same budget, with memories that will last you a lifetime?

Here are 6 foreign locations to travel on the same budget as the latest iPhone 15 Pro 

1. Dubai 

iPhone 15 pro vs Dubai trip
The grand Dubai skyline
Image Credit: shutterlk

Not just any international trip, you can take an all-inclusive luxury Dubai trip at the same price as the latest iPhone! From state-of-the-art architectural and engineering marvels and adrenaline-inducing adventures to the glamorous Emirati lifestyle, Dubai is one of the top-visited places in the world for tourists. 

With our luxury Dubai Tour Packages, visit the ‘land of extremes’ and do not miss out on these attractions:

Aerial view on Palm Jumeira island in Dubai
Aerial view on Palm Jumeira Island in Dubai
Image Credit: Funny Solution Studio

A perfect mix of hypermodernity and Emirati culture, you will cherish the fun memories of a Dubai trip forever. Don’t forget to shop for gold, clothes, dates, electronics, etc. in Dubai. To add the luxurious touch, book a rooftop dinner at the Burj Khalifa, stay at one of the many luxury hotels in Dubai, or book a luxurious ride for your vacation. 

Visa: Get a Dubai Visa online in less than 48 hours with just 3 documents. 
Travel Time: Flights to Dubai from India take up to 3 hours only.
Best Time to Visit: November- March. 

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2. Vietnam & Cambodia

Both Vietnam and Cambodia are considered to be one of the best short international trips from India. However, how about being able to take a luxury vacation in 2 countries at the same price as one phone? Vietnam and Cambodia are both extremely stunning and culturally rich Southeast Asian countries. Check out our joint Vietnam and Cambodia Tour Packages to explore more and save even more. 

Golden Bridge, danang bana hill, Vietnam
Golden Bridge, Danang Bana hill, Vietnam
Image Credit: Hien Phung Thu

Vietnam offers so much to its visitors. From the metropolitan vibe of Ho Chi Minh City, the mountains of Sa Pa and the Vietnamese cuisine of Hoi An to the floating markets in the Mekong Delta. Vietnam is a land of stunning landscapes, lush forests, rice terraces, beaches, limestone caves, rich culture and most importantly the local Vietnamese street food. 

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iPhone 15 Pro vs Cambodia Trip
The Angkor Wat – A special religious monument
Image Credit
: Sakdawut Tangtongsap

Cambodia is famous for its raw natural beauty and overwhelming history. Along with temples and forests, Cambodia also has many beaches and townscapes. Must-visit tourist places in Cambodia are – Angkor Wat, Sihanoukville, Siem Reap, Battambang, Prasat Preah Vihar, etc. 

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Visa: The Vietnam Visa for Indians as well as the Cambodia Visa for Indians can be processed online within 3 days. 
Travel Time: Flights to Vietnam or Cambodia from India take up to 6 hours each. 
Best Time to Visit: November- April

3. Turkey

iPhone 15 Pro vs Turkey trip
Hot Air Balloons in Cappadocia, Turkey
Image Credit: givaga

Situated at the convergence of the East and West, of historical sites and pretty vistas, a Turkey vacation will definitely be more worthy than an iPhone 15 Pro. A trip to this Asian-European nation will be your unique perspective of an Islamic nation. 

Turkish delights (not only food but more) to expect with our Turkey Tour Packages:

  • Istanbul: Extremely famous for the Hagia Sophia Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. Top pick for tourists, especially female and solo travellers. 
  • Cappadocia: This city is no less than a surreal dream with its hill crests and hot air balloons. 
  • Pamukkale: The pure white travertine terraces of Pamukkale are unmissable, especially for photographers. 
  • Antalya: The picturesque beach-side town of Antalya is a delight for lovers of European summers. 
  • Ölüdeniz: For the lovers of adventure and a rejuvenating beach life alike. 
Turkish food - Baklava
Baklava- A Turkeush delight
Image Credit: VisionalMedia

Turkey is also great for shopping. However, you cannot miss relishing some Turkish delights like Turkish Kebabs, Kofte, Doner Meze, Baklava, Kunafah, etc. 

Visa: Apply for a Turkey Visa for Indians online and receive it within 3-5 working days. 
Flying Time: Flights to Turkey from India take up to 7 hours. 
Best time to Visit: April – October. 

4. Singapore

iPhone 15 Pro vs Singapore Trip
Singapore City skyline- Merlion statue and Marina Bay Sands
Image Credit: Noppasin Wongchum

Nicknamed ‘Instant Asia’, Singapore is one of the top-rated tourist destinations in the world. The city-state of Singapore is famous for its stunning attractions, exciting activities, picturesque locations and lush greenery. Explore the architectural marvels of Marina Bay Sand and Gardens by the Bay. Visit the Sentosa Islands and Universal Studios for engaging activities, while Little India and Chinatown are heritage hotspots. Singapore is also known for its world-class public transport system and cleanliness. Singapore also amazes you with its confluence of three other cultures, Indian, Chinese and Malay along with the Singaporean culture. 

Gardens By The Bay, Singapore
Gardens By The Bay, Singapore at night
Image Credit: Stockbym

What if we tell you, you can take a luxury Singapore trip on the same budget as a brand-new iPhone 15 Pro phone? With, use code ‘ATHOTEL’, get up to 75% off on all hotel bookings online

Visa: Get a Singapore Visa Online in just 3-4 days. It is valid for up to 2 years and allows a stay of up to 30 days on each visit. 
Flying Time: Flights to Singapore from India take up to 7 hours. 
Best Time to Visit: December – June. 

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5. Island Holidays

Change your everyday mundane work scenario, with our Island Holiday Tour Packages. The azure blue water, picturesque beaches, pretty skies and island vibes will be a rejuvenating vacation like no other. With the budget of an iPhone 15 Pro, you can easily stay in a luxurious beach resort or a water villa. Also, savour the best seafood and engage in several water activities. 

What are your best island holiday options you ask?

iPhone 15 Pro vs Maldives trip
Aerial View of Maldives’ Overwater Villas
Image Credit: Siraphob Werakijpanich

Maldives: The tropical paradise of Maldives in South Asia with its dreamy waterscape is no less than heaven on earth. For a unique experience, stay at an overwater villa, where you can go swimming directly with the fishes. The island is also known for the best hospitality, amazing seafood and water adventures. Book cheap flights to Maldives in advance by using our code ‘ATFLY’ for discounts up to Rs.20,000* on your flight bookings. 

Trip to Bali
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, Bali
Image Credit: Guitar photgrapher

Bali: The Southeast Asian gem of Bali has grown to be a tourist favourite island destination in recent years. Bali offers captivating natural beauty and tonnes of fun and happening adventures. Hike up a volcano in the morning, relax on the beach in the afternoon and party the night away. Check out our best Bali Tour Packages inclusive of your fun, flights and hotels. 

Mauritius trip
Picturesque beaches of Mauritius
Image Credit: leoks

Mauritius: Known for its pristine beaches, coral reefs as well as verdant valleys and cascading waterfalls, Mauritius gives the best of the island life to its visitors. There are many options for direct flights to Mauritius from major Indian cities as well as a wide range of Mauritius Tour Packages

6. European Countries

A European holiday to the most famous countries can be quite expensive. However, there are several European countries you can explore with a budget similar to that of a new iPhone 15 Pro. 

These are some European countries that are not only cheap but stunningly suitable for a vacation:

iPhone 15 pro vs Austria trip
Postcard View of Hallstaetter Lake in the Austrian Alps
Image Credit: canadastock

Austria: One of the cheapest European countries to visit from India, Austria has many charming destinations worth visiting. The walkable cities of Vienna and Salzburg are known to be quite inviting with so much to do and see around the cities. 

Bulgaria trip
Aerial view of Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria
Image Credit: trabantos

Bulgaria: for those wanting to delve into some rich history and culture while also exploring a modern society, Bulgaria is the place to be. Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv are some key attractions in Bulgaria. 

Trip to Croatia
Dubrovnik Cityscape on Adriatic Coast, Croatia
Image Credit: Dreamer4787

Croatia: Croatia is so beautiful that it has been a filming site for many popular movies and shows. Croatia’s long coastline is inviting for beach lovers and water sports lovers as well. 

Some other cheap European countries to visit are the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, etc. Depending on your budget, you can easily cover more or less of these European countries with our customisable Europe Tour Packages that best suit your needs. Travel all you want on a single Schengen Visa. The Schengen Visa allows visitors to travel through 26 countries in the European Union and the Schengen Zone without any additional visa requirements. 

The new iPhone 15 vs trip price is more or less going to be the same. The new iPhone 15 Pro would look classy enough, but a vacation with yourself, friends or family will leave you with cherishable memories! 

Have we been able to convince you yet or do you want to read more?

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