15th August is celebrated as Independence Day in India. In 2022, India will be celebrating 75 years of freedom from British rule with the 76th edition of Independence Day. India’s Independence Day celebrations are a matter of magnificence and exhibit as it is an occasion of great pride. Celebrations across the country start in the morning. The Indian tricolour is unfurled at the Red Fort, New Delhi, with ministers, officials and other important people marking their presence. Flag-hoisting ceremonies are also carried out in all the Indian states by the respective Chief Ministers. These ceremonies are also carried out in schools, colleges, housing societies, etc.

On the occasion of Independence Day 2022, here is how the country is planning to celebrate the grand occasion.

Apart from India, many other countries join in celebrating the proud moment with Indians. The reasons might be India’s strong ties with these countries and also the high amount of Indian population who have migrated to these countries. So India’s Independence Day celebrations are not only limited to the country but celebrations reverberate across the globe. These celebrations included lighting up important landmarks in the colours of the Indian flag or holding cultural programmes.

Let’s have a look at how other countries across the globe have celebrated India’s Independence Day in the past:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE):

India's Independence Day celebration in the UAE
India’s Independence Day celebration in the UAE
Image Credit: Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

There are some grand celebrations of India’s Independence Day in UAE as it is home to a lot of Indian expats. The tallest building in the world- Burj Khalifa, has been lit up in the colours of the Indian flag to mark the occasion of India’s Independence Day several times over the years. The video of the tricolour lit up Burj Khalifa was shared by the Consulate in Dubai on Twitter with the message, “Jhanda Uncha Rahe Humara… Spectacular projection of tricolour on the Burj Khalifa #IndependenceDayofIndia”.

The flag-hoisting ceremony is held at the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi every year. The flag is unfurled by India’s Ambassador to the UAE. in 2019, the event was marked by a special unveiling of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the Indian Embassy in the presence of 800 people from the Indian community who attended the event. The statue highlights India’s strong commitment to values of peace, tolerance and non-violence. In 2021, The Abu Dhabi Global Market also lit up in the colours of the Indian flag.

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The United States of America (USA):

India’s Independence Day celebration in the USA
Image Credit: Indian Eagle Travel Beats

India’s Independence Day is celebrated in several parts of the United States, including some iconic landmarks. The Indian flag is annually unfurled on India’s Independence Day at the Embassy of India, Washington DC. The event is open to the public, subject to registration and confirmation.

On Madison Avenue, New York, every year the Federation of Indian Associations organizes a mega parade in New York. The event is graced with several Bollywood stars and also includes parade floats, stage performances and more. In 2021, the biggest Indian tricolour was unfurled at the iconic Times Square.

In Florida, people gather at the Gandhi statue at UNF to pay homage to the Father of the Indian Nation, followed by a parade to the Robinson theatre. The celebration is continued with cultural programmes and associations.

In Chicago every year, a parade with great grandeur and pomp is taken from Devon Avenue to California Avenue. Other important monuments like the State Capitol building in Providence (Rhode Island) and City Hall (Philadelphia) also light up in the tricolours.

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The United Kingdom (UK):

Telangana NRIs celebrate Independence Day in UK
Telangana NRIs celebrate Independence Day in UK
Image Credit: IndiaToday/ Twitter/HCI_London

There are a lot of Indian citizens in the United Kingdom. Celebrating India’s Independence Day in the same country we fought against for our freedom, maybe a matter of nonchalant pride. The tricolour is hosted at various places by different regional associations. The Indian High Commission in the UK hosts a day of pomp and show. The flag is unfurled by the High Commissioner and followed by the recitation of the National Anthem. In 2021, an Indian Navy frontline frigate docked at Portsmouth Harbour as a part of a goodwill visit for the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day. A special flag was hoisted on INS Tabar with approximately 300 crew on board.

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Australian capital Canberra’s iconic Telstra Tower lit in Indian Tricolours
Australian capital Canberra’s iconic Telstra Tower lit in Indian Tricolours
Image Credit:

Australia has always been a firm friend and partner to India and celebrates India’s Independence Day with great zeal and fervour. Flag-hoisting ceremonies are held at the Indian High Commission in Canberra and the Consulate of India in Sydney, every year. Owing to the pandemic in 2021, the country organised a virtual flag-hoisting ceremony and various landmarks across the country were lit up.

For Independence Day 2022, various events are going to be held across the city. Apart from flag hoisting and cultural performances, there is ‘Indian Day Dinner’, ‘Australia-India Friendship Fair’, ‘Australia-India Business Day Summit’, ‘Indian Textile Exhibition: Charkha and Kargha’, ‘Discussion on Indian democracy’, etc. across various cities of Australia.

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Niagara Falls illuminated in the colours of the Indian national flag
Niagara Falls illuminated in the colors of the Indian national flag

Canada houses a large number of Indians and all kinds of Indian festivals are a full-blown affair there. The flag is hoisted by the High Commissioner in Ottawa’s City Hall, annually. Large flags of India and Canada were also displayed in Brampton and on Toronto’s CN Tower. On the 74th Independence Day of India, even Canada’s Niagara Falls were illuminated in the colours of the Indian flag.

In 2021, the signature event, a Drive-Thru India Day Parade was organised after the Covid break of 2020. Nearly 500 cars participated in the Tiranga Yatra, as the parade started from Surrey and ended in Vancouver.

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Apart from these countries that celebrate India’s Independence Day with much pomp and show, several other places around the world also show love and respect for India. These include places like Copenhagen, Beijing, Islamabad, Bangkok, Oman, etc.

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