15th August- A proud Indian Moment! #Har Ghar Tiranga#

August 15th holds a very special place in the hearts of all Indians, as India officially achieved its independence from Britain on this day in 1947, ending nearly two centuries of colonial rule. India, the land of culture, history, and beauty will celebrate its 75th Independence Day on August 15th 2022 and each year, it brings so much joy to the mind thinking about the history of India’s struggle for freedom and the iconic speech by Jawaharlal Nehru at the Red Fort.

All Each time the flag is hoisted, one can feel is so much pride and respect for the country; the feeling is unparalled . Isn’t it one proudest moment for all the Indians? Let’s celebrate it by posting your proud Indian moment on Instagram (Akbar Travels) with the patriotic songs on the stories and don’t forget to tag us!

You will be surprised to know that, India is not the only country to celebrate Independence Day on August 15th. You will be surprised to know that some countries around the world have marked August 15th as a national day on their calendars and they even celebrate this day as their Independence Day.

Let’s check out below about the other countries that attained their freedom from the colonists and celebrate Independence Day on August 15:

1. South Korea and North Korea

The independence movement day in South Korea
The independence movement day in South Korea.

Both South and North Korea commemorate August 15th each year as “National Liberation Day of Korea,” it is the only common public holiday celebrated by North and South Korea. This day marks the end of the 35 years of Japanese occupation and colonial rule over Korea by the Allied forces that fought in World War II. In South Korea, the day is known as “Gwangbokjeol” (meaning “the day the light returns”), while in North Korea it is known as “Chogukhaebangŭi nal” which means (Fatherland Liberation Day).

August 15, 1945, the day when the United States and the Soviet Union ended the Japanese occupation of the Korean Peninsula. Japan’s surrender was celebrated as Victory Day against Japan, commemorated by National Liberation Day. Three years later, Korea split into North and South Korea. Well, just like a country split into two parts, travelling to both the parts of Korea will require you to apply for their respective visas separately: South Korea Visa and North Korea Visa.

2. Bahrain

Father and son hold the flag of Bahrain
Father and son hold the flag of Bahrain

On August 15, 1971, Bahrain declared independence from Britain after the United Nations consulted the people of Bahrain. In fact, Bahraini locals have chosen to break free from British and Iranian rule after the United Nations conducted a public opinion poll. Following this declaration, both Bahrain and Britain signed a treaty of friendship. The actual day Bahrain became free was August 14th, but the country celebrates Independence Day on August 15.

These tiny islands in the Persian Gulf have grown into a jet nation with a glittering skyline and trust me it is worth applying for the Bahrain Visa to explore one of the favorite destinations among travel enthusiasts and with the main attraction being the country’s capital, Manama.

3. Lichtenstein

Lichtenstein Flag
Lichtenstein Flag

A European country with no airports and no army, Liechtenstein lies between Austria and Switzerland. Liechtenstein, Europe’s smallest but richest country, celebrates its Independence Day on August 15, commemorating its liberation from German rule in 1866. It has been celebrated since 1940 and is also associated with the birthday on 16 August Franz Joseph his II (who was Prince of Liechtenstein from 1938 until his death in 2009). Therefore, Liechtenstein’s national holiday was created by combining the Feast of the Assumption and the Prince’s birthday.

August 15 is the day that sees fireworks, street fairs and parades in the capital city of Vaduz. Isn’t that beautiful? Well, you can enjoy all of these just at the cost of applying for a Liechtenstein visa/Schengen visa. Surrounded by the scenic Alps, Liechtenstein is also the smallest German-speaking country. The countryside is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful and picturesque villages. By the way, a perfect Europe tour package is all you need to enjoy the paradise on the earth and to fly high in the European weather.

4. Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo  Independence day
Republic of Congo independence Day

August 15, also known as “Congolese National Day”, marks the Independence Day when Congo gained full freedom from France in 1960, exactly 80 years after it came under French rule and became the first as French Congo, then as Middle Congo in 1903. After World War II, the various incarnations of the French Republic brought Congo closer to the nation without being embroiled in the bloodshed of a war of independence like its neighbours. Voting for autonomy, Congo gained  independence on 15 August 1960, with Fulbert Youlou becoming president. He ruled as the country’s first president until 1963. 

This country on the west coast of Africa is also known as Congo-Brazzaville, originally a French colony.  Republic of Congo Visa is all you need to explore this majestic country in the most beautiful way. Do not confuse the Republic of Congo with the neighbouring country Democratic Republic of the Congo!

 India’s struggle to free itself from nearly 200 years of British rule is well documented. What started in 1857 as the Mangal Pandi uprising against the use of animal fats in bullets by the British East India Army ended with the complete withdrawal of British forces from India in 1947. Before leaving, however, they managed to divide India into two independent states: Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan.

India, one of the most beautiful country is a land of Unity in Diversity and soon, the country will be celebrating 75th Independence Day on August 15 with all hearts full of pride and soul fully dedicated to the country. #HarGharTiranga#

We, Akbar Travels, wish each and every one of you a very Happy Independence Day!

Travel Inspiration to ignite the patriot in you:

India’s Independence Day Celebrations In Other Countries

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