Now say good-bye to exhausting airport security lines and say hello to Smart Tunnels! Yes, you read it right! New ‘Smart Tunnel’ at Dubai International Airport (DXB) has been introduced for passengers holding first and business class tickets. It’s going to get super futuristic at the airport if you are in Dubai, with biometric-scanning Smart Tunnels for passport controls and Tesla rides that weigh your luggage and deliver boarding passes.

Dubai’s International Airport (DXB), the world’s busiest airport, unveils the all-new ‘Smart Tunnel’ technology system, replacing the traditional system of completing immigration with a passport. Passengers will no longer need to stop at a security clearance counter to show their passports. Instead, they will pass through a first-of-its-kind biometric tunnel equipped with 80+ face and iris-scanning cameras.

The main purpose behind adopting this advanced technology is to permit passengers to complete the immigration procedures without the use of any travel documents such as a passport, ID card or boarding pass. The initiative, a first of its kind in the world, is the latest and most unique technology which has been in development for four years. Artificial Intelligence will now serve Dubai International Airport passengers.

While Dubai International Airport has already introduced the use of Emirates ID as a way for residents and citizens to finish immigration procedures in a couple of minutes, this new Smart Tunnel technology is aiming to make the whole travel experience at the Dubai Airport, even more, faster and hassle-free.

Smart Tunnel at Dubai airport

All you need to do is walk through the tunnel for facial recognition without the need for passport stamping or any human intervention. The passenger after arriving at the Dubai airport has to directly proceed to the smart tunnel, while the luggage automatically goes through a smart system without the need to carry it through.

It is open to all Emirates first and business class passengers who are able to use the airport’s existing smart gates, which are available to certain registered passport holders and UAE citizens and residents, but users will need to have their passport verified the first time they go through.

Who is eligible?

If you’re travelling through Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3 on an Emirates business class or first-class ticket, you can now go through passport control without your passport.

Smart gate users are automatically eligible to use the Smart Tunnel as their information is already registered. However, passengers, who haven’t used the smart gates will have to register their information at one of the two dedicated kiosks or the registration counter beside the passport control section.

Passengers who currently use the tunnel for the first time need to get their passport verified after they walk through for now since the project is still in the testing phase. They do not need to repeat this step the second time they walk through the tunnel.

Features of the Smart Tunnel at the Dubai Airport

  • It is a biometric system enabling passengers to simply walk through the tunnel without having to stamp their passports.
  • The Smart tunnel system uses Iris recognition technology, and passengers will have to first stand in front of the tunnel, before walking through for facial recognition.
  • Only Emirates first and business class passengers can avail this technology.
  • Passengers can finish the entire immigration procedure within 15 seconds.
  • This innovation also has Tesla electric cars to ferry passengers to the airport; the car will collect passengers’ information, including the weight of the luggage, on the way to the airport and will deliver boarding pass in the car itself. It is all done by the smartphone.
  • The white tunnel includes a green-tinged digital floorboard that changes colour to red as a passenger walks through to finish the procedure.

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Advantages of the Smart Tunnel

  • Help passengers speed up travel procedures at Dubai Airport.
  • Replace security lines and e-gates.
  • Zero Human intervention.
  • You don’t even need to show your passport or any other documentation.
  • Save time and hassle from passport control queues.
  • No more queuing in line.

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Steps to use this technology

  1. Register your information at the counter or through the registration kiosks placed before the passport control section.
  2. Once eligible and registered, passengers will receive a smart board on their boarding pass.
  3. Approach the Smart Tunnel.
  4. As you walk inside the tunnel, look into the camera.
  5. Exit the Smart Tunnel.
  6. You will get your passport verified after you leave the tunnel (Only the first time)
  7. Once cleared, you’re ready to go.

The launch of the Smart Tunnel system is a great achievement and clearly demonstrates the unique and collaborative nature of innovation at Dubai Airport. All systems will eventually be linked with each other resulting in better service to the passengers and a happier journey whether arriving, departing or transiting in Dubai.”

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