So, you have had the wait for the decision on your France visa application only to be informed the application has been refused! After the initial emotional outrage and then trying to comprehend the reasons for your refusal. You are now at a crossroads and seemingly just don’t know which way to turn. This happens with a lot of people! We understand how disappointing a France visa rejection can be. Many visa applications get rejected due to certain errors committed during the application process such as filling of forms, incomplete documentation etc.

This article is intended to highlight the common mistakes that may pose as a threat to the approval of your France visa, thereby providing tips that will increase the chances of your France visa approval.

Let’s look at the common mistakes that could jeopardize your France visa application:

• Weak Documentation

The information mentioned in the forms and proofs submitted as supporting documents has a very close relationship. You need to make sure that all documents needed are attached. Be it a letter from the school or a letter from employer, travel insurance etc. Even the photograph submitted must be as per the specification stated by the Embassy. If there is a lack of documentation, then the visa officer may assume that the information mentioned in the form is misleading and may reject your application right away.

Tip: Create a checklist and ensure that all of them are ticked before submitting the application file. Make sure you submit all the supporting documents along with your application form. For e.g.: For tourism activities, ensure to include your travel plan in detail across the Schengen area and suffice it with as many shreds of evidence as you can for example travel tickets, hotel bookings, internal bookings etc. If you are travelling for business, mention your business agenda on a daily basis precisely and include an invitation letter from your business counterpart. In case of a family visit, a formal invitation letter from invitee is essential to explain the purpose of the visit alongside the cover letter.

• Incomplete Application Form

Unfinished or blank forms are another common form related error for a France visa rejection. Applicants tend to leave a few segments unanswered if they do not understand the question or if the question is not applicable to them. Always remember, every detail counts!

Tip: When filling, make certain that you leave no empty space in your visa application form. In the case where you have no response to a question or the question is not applicable to you, simply fill the space with an ‘NA’ (not applicable). Do not leave a blank space.

Steps to get France Visa

• Unequal Signature

Many times the applicant’s signature on the application form does not match with his/her signature on the passport. This is a major reason for your visa rejection. On all cost, you must avoid this!

Tip: On no condition, should you change signatures or alter existing ones. Also, ensure that the signature is the same on all the documents that you will be attaching with your application form. The signature on your passport must match with the ones on your supporting documents.

• Lack of funds

The lack of funds to cover your accommodation and travelling expenses is a major reason leading to your France visa rejection. The Embassy wants to see that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay in France including the flights and accommodation for the days you’ll be travelling. Usually, you need to provide a bank statement with a balance equivalent to your trip cost. It is therefore pertinent that you have enough funds in your account to cater for your living expenses in France.

Tip: You should be able to show at least fifty dollars (US$50) per day for the duration of your trip and an additional amount to cover your flight and accommodation expenses. This is especially important for people travelling as tourists.

• Reason to return back to the home country is not strong enough

If you’re going to visit, you have to prove that you are definitely going to return to your home country. Inability to convince the Embassy of your return will most likely lead to your France visa rejection.

Tip: Let the Embassy know that you have a job, a family and maybe some estate and properties that you manage and require your attention back in the country.

• Your travel document (Passport) is not in accordance with the Embassy requirements

Your passport must fulfil certain conditions while applying for France visa. Make sure your passport –

  • is valid for the next six months of your return from France
  • has two empty pages
  • should not be older than 10 years old.

Failing to fulfil any of the above-mentioned rules could be a reason for your France visa rejection.

• Failure in submitting valid Travel Insurance

Anyone travelling to Europe and applying for a France visa should submit an adequate travel medical insurance policy that follows certain requirements. Many applicants submit travel Insurances that do not fulfil the requirement i.e. the Insurance is either not from the list of authorized travel Insurance companies, the coverage amount is less or it does not cover the entire trip duration.

Tip: Applicants should prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel insurance. Which is to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death, during their stay(s) on the territory of France including the Schengen Member States. The insurance should be valid throughout the territory of the Member States. It should cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage must be EUR 30000.

• Past Immigration Violations can lead to France visa rejection

If you have experienced some legal and immigration issues on your previous stay in the Schengen country, then the consular can reject your visa this time. Overstaying the limit of visa or not following the designated itinerary or spending periods of time in France without authorization are few reasons for France visa rejection.

Tip: Always check the visa rules, validity and stay period to make sure you are not violating any of these.

• Criminal Background of an applicant

The criminal background may pose a threat to the security of Schengen country and security is the priority for any country, so the immigration officer in keeping public policies in mind can reject your visa.

Tip: We recommend you avoid applying for a France visa until an applicant is clear of all criminal investigations. The Embassy will thoroughly investigate all the information provided. This may eventually be discovered even if such person has tried to cover up the information.

• Forged Documents

Forging documents for obtaining a visa is another major reason for France visa rejection. If caught with the false documents will not only lead to the rejection of the visa but you are inviting serious repercussion for that.

Tip: Make certain you are honest about the Documents you submit. If you do not have a particular document, mention the reason in the cover letter. Under no circumstances should you forge a document just because it will increase your chances of getting the visa. 

We would also advise you to gather information on the Canada visa eligibility for Indians as it can also be a reason for visa rejection.

There are a certain set of visa rules and regulations that every country has for any foreigner wanting to come to their country for travel, business, work or study.

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From the above, it is clear that simply filling the forms or having sufficient funds to travel is not enough to be granted a France visa. All other factors must be put into consideration and suitable precautions should be taken during the whole visa application process. Overall, the good news is that you can influence your chances by simply hiring the right travel agent, who will make sure your France Visa is successful in the first attempt itself. Trust to take you closer to your dream trip!

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