Nothing sounds more fun than deciding on the spur to head for a vacation!. All you need is a good place with ample of relief from the daily routine, lots of entertainment options and the last minute flight to make this beautiful dream a reality. But unfortunately, not all that we decide turns out the way we want it to, and last minute flights mean one way trip to your dream destination paid with, maybe your whole month’s salary!

You only need your how, when and where sorted to get a good deal, and we are here to help you with just that. Here is our list of top hacks to help you catch that cheap last minute flight! Read on.

Wait till the last minute

To get a really cheap last minute flight, you need to be daring enough to wait until it is really the last minute! i.e. to say take a chance and wait until the last minute (by the book of airline rules) to book. By the time most people have booked a seat on a plane and it is just within booking time prior departure, airlines try to fill the leftover seats at a reasonable price. This is when they slash their prices really hard giving you an opportunity to bag in that extra lucrative deal. However, generally the rule is, the closer you book towards departure the costlier the ticket but then we are trying out the last minute option to take that chance.

Compare prices online

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Although it is too tempting to straight away go to an agent or a website and book your flight, a word of advice here; if you want to book a cheap last minute flight, compare prices! Make use of popular sites and compare various options available to get the cheapest deal on flights.

Keep Dates Flexible

Try to be flexible with your dates to take off for the vacation. It is relatively cheaper to fly midweek than at the weekends Timing of flight booking is an extremely important factor. Hence it is a great deal to have two mini weeks and a weekend in between for the trip along with cheap flights to and fro!

Be Flexible about Your Choice of Destination

Although it does seem a tough ask if you are truly a wandering soul who only wants a break, then the sky is your canvass. Take a week off from work but instead of being fixed in a place, choose one that is the offbeat or offseason but at the same time caters to your dream plans. That way you won’t just get your hands on a dirt cheap last-minute flights but also a highly discounted hotel deal.

Take into Account the Added Extras

As a rule, a 4 am flight will always be much cheaper than 8 am or 5 pm flight. That said, to travel by the former, you will also have to consider your mode of commutation to the airport. Consider the overall cost of the flight including the cost of baggage transportation etc before you start congratulating yourself on nailing the cheapest last minute flight possible. Please also note that not every destination would have these early morning flights

Don’t Book When Others Generally Would Do

The thumb rule is, the more the clicks on an airline website the more the price of its flight rises. Rule of economy – demand drives prices. So, prevent your browsing history from costing you cash and try to refrain from looking at an expected rush time. Take a look at how the flights are scheduled and accordingly book the flight a few hours prior to departure. This way the airline’s website doesn’t catch too many IP addresses clicking on their flight and thus the price will not shoot up.

Make Use of Any and All Discounts

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You may not be aware but airlines do offer student discounts on their flights. Travel agents and airline websites will help you out here. In addition to this, certain credit cards with a tie-up with airlines can get you the extra bit of discount. This can mean a whole lot of difference when out to get a cheap last minute flight!




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