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1. Heading to Dubai? ‘Don’t Travel Unless Absolutely Necessary’  Dubai Airport Announces Caution Advisory Amid Heavy Rainfall

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Excessive rainfall in Dubai
Image Credit: AP/ Times Now

In light of heavy rains and thunderstorms in Dubai, the Dubai Airport has issued a travel advisory to passengers flying to and around the city. The initial advisory suggests passengers avoid travelling to Dubai airport ‘unless absolutely necessary’. They are also urging travellers to come to the airport only if they have confirmed tickets. 

DXB has been regularly updating travellers via X. With several flights from Dubai to India and other destinations being cancelled or diverted, travellers might consider rebooking flights or making arrangements for accommodation in Dubai

2. Bali, Portugal, Amsterdam – Tourist Places that are charging a Daily Tourist Tax in 2024

Following problems like overcrowding, many prominent tourist cities are now charging a Daily Tourist Tax in 2024 for their visitors. 18 years and above individuals need to pay a tourist tax of 100 rubles per day in Russia’s St. Petersburg. Indonesia’s Bali levies a $10 tourist tax upon entry. Portugal charges nearly $2 per night as Tourist Tax in 13 cities, including Lisbon and Porto. Amsterdam has decided to raise the hotel room tax to 12.5%. For the upcoming France Olympics 2024, the government has proposed an increase between 0.75 to 15 Euros per night. 

3. Travel Advisory issued for travel to Himachal’s Lahaul and Spiti, citing Avalanche threat

For those eager to travel to Lahaul and Spiti, popular places on any Himachal tour packages, the Lahaul and Spiti police have issued a cautionary advisory, urging people to steer clear of the Chandra River due to recent adverse weather conditions along with an avalanche threat. Tourists and even locals have been advised to be vigilant while accessing snowy areas. 

With an orange alert issued for Himachal Pradesh from April 18-21. Travellers need to exercise caution and adhere to safety advisories, particularly in mountainous regions prone to avalanches and adverse weather phenomena.

4. Turkey to mandate e-ATV requirement for Indian Travellers to South America via Istanbul

The Turkish Embassy in New Delhi has announced a significant update regarding travel procedures for Indian and Nepalese passport holders transiting through Istanbul Airport to Mexico, Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela. Starting April 15th, Indian and Nepalese travellers will be required to carry an Electronic Airport Transit Visa (e-ATV). Turkiye Embassy’s official post on X mentioned the initiation of this requirement, emphasising its applicability to Indian and Nepalese nationals. To obtain the e-ATV, one can visit the website ‘’ with the service offered at no cost, aligning with existing protocols.

5. ‘Vande Bharat won’t solve the common man’s problem,’ say passengers. Overcrowded Trains a menace across India

With the problem of overcrowded trains along with delayed and cancelled trains, the state of general trains is now a ‘sorry state of affair’. With reduced general trains, even reservation ticket holders have to fight for their seats which has become an extreme safety risk. Common Railway passengers commented that their problems won’t be solved by allowing a few Vande Bharat trains.

Friends on Rail Secretary, J Leons said, “The common railway passengers have just one thing to say to the Prime Minister who is busy flagging off Vande Bharat trains, seeing the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the Railway Minister who boasts of Indian Railways glory on social media. We do not want premium trains! Common people like us cannot afford the luxurious travelling experience that is offered on such trains. Please ensure a decent journey, for the ticket that we purchase, at least in the general compartment.” 

6. Deserts around Mecca and Medina in Saudi turning green due to heavy Rainfall

If you plan to visit the Middle East anytime soon with Saudi Arabia Tour Packages, expect a vibrant green oasis in the otherwise arid desert. The stunning spectacle of the lush haven, notably in the area between the revered cities of Mecca and Medina has attracted foreign and local tourists alike. Many visitors have taken to social media to show livestock like camels grazing on lush green grass. This is your once-in-a-while opportunity to experience the vitality of lush greenery with striking golden sand dunes in the background, with cheap flights to Saudi Arabia

7. Skytrax crowns Doha’s Hamad International Airport as ‘The Best Airport in the World’

London-based research firm Skytrax, in its recent research, has named Doha’s ‘Hamad International Airport’ as the ‘Best Airport in the World’, with the prestigious Changi Airport knocked off to 2nd spot. Following feedback from travellers on various aspects, the Hamad International Airport won the World Airport Awards held in Germany on April 17 for the third time (previously in 2021 and 2022). 

8. As Summer looms, Indian Travellers turn to Himalayan Hill Stations for respite 

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
A snowy morning in Tawang.

With temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees, Indian tourists are flocking up North to Himalayan hill stations. There has been an increase in demand for cheap flights and cheap hotels online in popular tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Leh Ladakh, etc. The Himalayas being an ideal summer retreat with a variety of options, this time of the year is peak travel season providing a significant economic boost in the region. 

9. Google Maps and Search: Now make your travel more sustainable with Google’s New Features

Google on Wednesday announced that it will be rolling out several features to its Maps, Search, Flights, and Hotels products to make travel more environment-friendly, along with its Gemini generative AI technology. It plans to expand the features to show train schedules and ticket prices directly in Search for 38 countries and for long-distance buses in 15 countries. It is also working to help electric vehicle drivers locate charging stations on the built-in Maps App. 

11. WTTC & Microsoft hint at AI’s role in shaping the Future of Travel & Tourism

In recent news, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and Microsoft have highlighted the transformative power of artificial intelligence and its role in shaping the future of travel and tourism. Several reports presented by WTTC have presented missions and visions ‘to promote innovation and excellence in customer experiences through the safe and trustworthy integration of AI’.  

12. Planning Umrah? Saudi Arabia changes Umrah Visa rule, ‘will be valid for only 3 months’.

With the Umrah pilgrimage season approaching, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah have announced that the Umrah Visa now remains valid for three months (90 days) with a single entry from the month of its issuance. Instead of starting the validity from the date of entry into Saudi Arabia now, the Umrah visa begins from the day of issuance. It is advised to not misuse the visa and use it only for pilgrimage purposes and not business and other unrelated activities. 

12. UP’s Chitrakoot to get first-ever sky glass walk, will resemble Lord Rama’s bow and arrow

Set against a picturesque backdrop of Tulsi Waterfalls, Uttar Pradesh is all set to get its first-ever sky glass walk. It will be an engineering marvel in the form of Lord Ram’s revered bow and arrow, thereby symbolising strength and valour. The bridge has an earmarked budget of Rs. 370 crore and is to be built from a fusion of glass and steel. With this project, the government aims to position Chitrakoot as a premiere tourist destination among Uttar Pradesh Tour Packages

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