Despite the fact that Dana White was chosen as president in 2001, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) had already been founded in 1993. This is due to the fact that the UFC presently has the title of most popular combat sport, which was formerly held by boxing. In addition, there was a lot of hype around Jon Jones’ successful return to the Octagon.

These UFC legends have inspired generations of fans and viewers alike. Thus, like their passion transcended just the cage, their fights transformed them to cultural icons around the world. So def, more like global UFC legends! And don’t forget to witness the upcoming tournament with our UFC Packages.

In this blog, we shall look back at 5 such UFC legends whose names have gone down in history.

UFC legends make moves

UFC Legends: Royce Gracie: 

Without Royce Gracie, no discussion of UFC legends is complete. Gracie, one of the MMA’s early innovators, was essential in popularizing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on a global scale. He participated in early UFC events. Here, he made opponents tap out who were frequently bigger and seemed to have more strength. Although, this was due to his remarkable grappling abilities. 

Gracie’s triumphs revolutionized the sport by highlighting the value of technique and strategy over sheer power. He demonstrated the efficiency of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His influence goes beyond the octagon, influencing the core strategy of contemporary mixed martial arts. He has motivated many competitors to develop their skills in grappling.

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UFC Icon: Chuck Liddell 

Chuck Liddell

Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell, a real legend of the UFC’s heyday, personified the knockout artist’s ideals. Liddell has always been known for his devastating punches and a granite chin. These moves tremendously helped popularise the phrase “stand and bang.” Chuck held the Light Heavyweight Championship during his tenure. Later, he also defended it with a series of spectacular knockout wins. 

Due to his aggressive fighting style and engaging personality, Liddell became popular with fans and well-known outside of the MMA scene. His fights with other legendary fighters like Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture are indelible in UFC legends history and still have an impact on fight fans everywhere.

UFC Legends: Anderson Silva

UFC legends - Anderson Silva

One of the best fighters in MMA history, Anderson “The Spider” Silva is famous for his unmatched striking and amazing ability to avoid injury. With the longest title reign in UFC history, Silva’s tyranny over the middleweight class was a display of his deft hitting and cutting-edge methods. 

Rich Franklin’s, Vitor Belfort’s, and Chael Sonnen’s spectacular victories against them cemented his reputation as a genuine UFC legend. New generations of fighters, like the ones at the upcoming tournament in Yas Island, continuously draw motivation from Silva’s fluid striking, dynamic mobility, and unmatched charisma. Don’t forget to catch them in action with our Abu Dhabi Tour Packages.

UFC Icon: Georges St-Pierre

Georges "Rush" St-Pierre,

In the UFC, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre, sometimes known as GSP, is a model of athleticism and agility. GSP, a welterweight and middleweight champion in both divisions, set a new bar for MMA excellence with his all-around skill set and unmatched work ethic. He was a powerful force in the octagon thanks to his ability in wrestling, precise hitting, and astute game planning. Beyond his ring prowess, GSP’s professionalism, humility, and sportsmanship won the respect of both opponents and spectators. His legacy serves as a monument to the characteristics of commitment and tenacity.

UFC Legends: Ronda Rousey

UFC legends - Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey started establishing a reputation as one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC even before there was a Women’s Revolution in combat sports. In her MMA career, former Olympic judoka Ronda Rousey has displayed remarkable armbar submissions and thrilling performances thanks to her judo abilities. 

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She became a crossover celebrity, attracting the interest of viewers in the general public, thanks to her alluring charm and ferocious competition. Rousey’s successes both inside and beyond the octagon were crucial in popularizing women’s MMA and laying the foundation for today’s thriving female fighters.

These famous warriors have painted their legends of success, struggle, and excellence on the canvas that the UFC has supplied. To watch even more cool moves in action, book our UFC Packages! Each UFC legend has left an enduring legacy. From the ground-breaking grappling of Royce Gracie to the mesmerizing artistry of Anderson Silva. And from the dominance of Chuck Liddell to the athleticism of Georges St-Pierre. Lastly, from the trailblazing Ronda Rousey to innumerable others who have helped shape the sport. 

Their efforts have transformed MMA from a niche sport to a worldwide phenomenon. This is sheer motivation for competitors and spectators to value hard work, sportsmanship, and competitiveness.

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