The knowledge of multiple fighting techniques is the foundation of the sport known as mixed martial arts (MMA). The UFC has displayed some of the most astounding and technically brilliant techniques throughout the years, leaving spectators in amazement. The octagon has witnessed a wide range of tactics over the years. This year, it will showcase even more cool moves at the upcoming showdown, that you can be a spectator at with our UFC Packages. Thus, these legendary tactics have majorly influenced the growth and development of MMA history, from brutal knockouts to complex submissions. 

Let’s examine some of the greatest MMA maneuvers in UFC history that have shaped the development of the sport and sparked passion among fans everywhere.

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The Knockout Punch:

KO Punch - MMA move

The knockout punch is an essential component of any list of the best MMA techniques. When Josh Koscheck and Georges St-Pierre squared off at UFC 129, it produced one of the sport’s most memorable moments. The skilled grappler St-Pierre stunned everyone by delivering a devastating head kick that resulted in a knockout victory. St-Pierre made a smooth transition from his grappling base to execute a knockout punch that will go down in UFC history, demonstrating the wide range of skills that MMA competitors possess.

The Rear-Naked Choke: 

MMA - rear naked choke

A skilled move from ages ago which is still a very important one used to make your opponent submit defeat is the rear naked choke. This famous won has won several UFC battles for the esteemed MMA fighters. One of the most memorable moments was the showdown between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin at the UFC 116. The Heavyweight figure Carwin outclassed Lesnar in the first round, but Lesnar’s tenacity and skill turned things around for him. The next round witnessed Lesnar parading to his victory as he demonstrated how a well-executed submission can change the course of a fight. This marked his signature move when he locked Crawin in a rear-naked choke that made him submit and tap out.

Flying Knee:

The flying knee is an intricate maneuver that calls for perfect timing and accuracy. Ben Askren was defeated by Jorge Masvidal using a flying knee at UFC 239. This is the epitome of how destructive this technique is. The bout ended in the quickest knockout in UFC history after only five seconds. As the battle got underway, Masvidal made the bold choice to throw a flying knee that caught Askren off surprise and left the crowd in shock. It’s a maneuver that perfectly captures the unpredictable essence of MMA.

Spinning Backfist:

The spinning backfist is an intricate maneuver that requires ingenuity and foresight. Anderson Silva faced Chael Sonnen to defend his middleweight championship at UFC 148. The bout was stopped in the second round when Silva landed a wonderfully timed spinning backfist. This move connected with Sonnen’s jaw. Sonnen had been pushing forward relentlessly. This maneuver cemented Silva’s reputation as one of the best fighters in UFC history. Silva successfully showcased his aptitude for analyzing his opponent’s motions and seizing opportunities. What’s interesting is that you can witness this move at the upcoming UFC tournament with our Abu Dhabi tour packages

Triangle Choke:

MMA moves - triangle choke

While submissions are undoubtedly one the most important components of MMA, it is undisputedly also a very adaptable and strong move. And taking this crown is none other than the triangle choke. At UFC 117, the extremely exciting and anticipated rematch between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen took place. With his skilled wrestling, Sonnen took the lead during the showdown with Silva. However, things turned around when Silva forced Sonnen to submit with a triangle choke. He demonstrated a great comeback victory in the last few seconds of the fifth round. Thus, Silva’s ability to take advantage of his opponent’s misses and finish the fight from a disadvantageous position was truly commendable and applauded.

The Spinning Wheel Kick: 

The spinning wheel kick calls for excellent timing and suppleness and is a high-risk, high-reward technique. Gabriel Gonzaga and Shawn Jordan squared off at UFC 166. Jordan had a quick KO with a spinning wheel kick from Gonzaga. This occured in the opening round where it hit squarely on his head. This maneuver emphasized how unpredictable and dynamic MMA is. Especially, as competitors continually looking for new strategies to take the upper hand.

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The ground and pound: 

While the spotlight always follows impressive eye-catching moves, the ground-and-pound MMA move is a key component in mixed martial arts. At UFC 116, an adrenaline-pumping and exciting rematch took place between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. The second round witnessed Lesnar’s overwhelming ground and pound, which obviously resulted in his TKO win. This maneuver till today is a good example of how to make use of the smallest of gaps in your opponent’s defense. It is also very important to learn how to keep your opponent under control while using his attacks to your advantage.
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