A wonderful entertainment and leisure paradise located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Yas Island is a world-class destination that blends innovation and elegance. Our yas island packages feature incredible attractions such as Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld. Thus, the  island even weaves together an incredible tapestry of experiences, that range from adventurous treks to peaceful beaches.

Check-out the latest new attractions that are a must do with our yas island packages at Yas Island Abu Dhabi! 


Yas Island Attractions - beach

A tranquil refuge for both sunbathers and water sports aficionados is Yas Beach. Thus, one can feel the soothing warmth of the sun as the smooth sands encourage barefoot strolls and relaxation. While the excitement of water sports that dance on the azure canvas appeals to the more adventurous, the rhythmic caress of the waves surely call for peaceful and serene swims. 

Yas Beach is a treasure trove on our yas island hotel stay with theme park tickets where you may unwind and reconnect with the natural rhythms of the sea. As a result, the harmonic interplay of the ocean’s whispers, golden beaches, and energizing activities creates a coastal haven where time appears to flow with the tides.


A homage to automotive excellence, the world’s first Ferrari-themed amusement park is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. This place transports visitors into the world of the world famous horse logo and is a popular destination. Mainly, for both horse fans and thrill seekers on our yas island Abu Dhabi package. One can witness exciting rides created with passion that recreate the brand’s history, from its conception to the present.  This tourist attraction is more than just a park; it takes visitors on a trip through the legendary Italian carmaker’s history. 

With its exhilarating roller coasters, cutting-edge racing simulations, and interesting exhibitions, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, on our yas island tour packages, provides an unequaled blend of fun and admiration for automotive perfection.

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Awe-inspiring indoor sanctuary CLYMB Abu Dhabi is an incredible location where unending adventure exceeds every expectation. Leaping for an ascent into vertical wonders that demands skill and bravery, its soaring heights house the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall.

The dream of human flight is made feasible in the presence of regulated winds. This is done in the world’s largest indoor skydiving flight chamber. This is located next to a vertical realm where CLYMB is more than just a destination to visit. Today, on our yas island Abu Dhabi package, it is an embodiment of taking to the sky and reaching previously unfathomable heights. As a result, CLYMB combines the excitement of flight with the hardship of climbing under a single roof. 

Dreams soar and boundaries are breached in this cosmos where human ambition bends gravity.


Yas Island Attractions - Mall

A major mall located on Yas Island, Yas Mall is the epitome of contemporary shopping and leisure. Inviting travelers to immerse themselves in a world of style and lifestyle, on our yas island packages, it houses a large area . This among the new tourist attractions, is a treasure trove of stores ranging from current brands to haute couture.

A gourmet mosaic develops beyond the allure of shopping. It delivers a symphony of distinct world flavors in its many eating options. The mall’s ambiance is a seamless blend of high-end boutiques and unassuming hangouts. Evolving into a holistic destination, Yas Mall is embracing the island’s culture of luxury and pleasure. Additionally, it offers a variety of entertainment options on our yas island Abu Dhabi package, ranging from theaters to interactive zones.


An underwater paradise, among the new tourist attractions, where exhilarating adventures meet Emirati culture is Yas Waterworld. More than a water park; it is an exciting journey through a unique Emirati tale, which is a compelling combination of entertainment and culture. With an all-ages playground featuring a variety of water slides and activities, it honors the UAE culture. Thus, it is truly a hidden gem within its meandering slides and cascading waterfalls. 

The park creates a gorgeous tapestry where tourists can dig into a unique Emirati tale by brilliantly mixing thrilling activities with an embracing of regional mythology. Thus, they can do all this while enjoying the cooling splendor of the place, among the new tourist attractions .


Warner Bros. world Abu Dhabi calls with its fantastic realm that comes to life beneath one roof. An indoor theme park unlike any other, it draws inspiration from the Warner Bros and all their creations. From the epic storylines of DC Comics to the funny antics of Looney Tunes and the timeless charm of Hanna-Barbera, this immersive fantasy weaves together the threads of iconic characters and companies.

Moreover, visitors play the parts of their favorite characters in this environment, where fiction and reality blend seamlessly. As a result, it unites generations in a shared experience of the enchantment of storytelling at Yas Island.


The prestigious location for the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, The Yas Marina Circuit embodies grace and speed. Aside from its role as a well-known racetrack, it welcomes tourists on our yas island hotel stay with theme park tickets, to a world of exciting fast-pace delights. One can feel the adrenaline no matter if they are professionals or beginners, or both, since it provides a variety of driving sensations that go beyond conventional spectator sports. The circuit transforms into a playground for those who desire to master its bends and twists, from racing down its legendary straights to maneuvering through its challenging turns. As a result, the Yas Marina Circuit exemplifies how racing grandeur and approachable delight may coexist.


Yas Links Abu Dhabi is truly a hidden gem by the sparkling sea. It is enough proof of the sport’s greatness. Well-known as a championship course that mixes the sport’s precision with the allure of its coastal location, it appeals to both seasoned and aspiring golfers. What’s so interesting is the course’s difficult fairways and tricky greens  on our yas island packages. The course’s strategic layout provides an unrivaled background for a round of golf, that snakes between rocky dunes and tranquil seaside views.

Yas Links Abu Dhabi is more than just a golf course for enthusiasts; it embodies the essence of the game, enticing players with its combination of scenic beauty and tactical action.

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The bustling heart of Yas Island, Etihad Arena, is a multifunctional marvel that hosts a wide range of entertainment. It is an adaptable indoor stadium that serves as a huge canvas for a symphony of culturally charged events. 

Adapting well to the fervor of athletic events, the arena’s atmosphere unites fans. Thus, they come together in ecstasy and the exhilarating intensity of concerts that resound through its walls. It’s a stage where the spotlight shines brightly and cheers fill the air. Each occurrence in the tale told by the Etihad Arena becomes a stroke in the colorful tapestry that is Yas Island’s charm.


Yas Island Attractions - Marina

Yas Marina is a lovely waterfront village buried away in the heart of Yas Island. This serene island tells a story of coastal beauty and relaxation. As the boats and yachts bob softly in the azure waters, dancing in the sun, their reflections are mirrored. Thus, this is reflected onto the waters of this vibrant marina. With a diverse array of diners, cafés, and stores beckoning with gourmet delights and shopping discoveries, it’s a symphony of flavors and styles.

Yas Marina, among the new tourist attractions, emerges as a recreational destination on our yas island hotel stay with theme park tickets, surrounded by sea breezes. With gorgeous sunsets as a backdrop, its tranquil setting fosters introspection, laughter, and group talks. Time seems to move more slowly, and the serenity of living by the river appears to have perfectly distilled the universe.


A thrilling outdoor sanctuary on Yas Island, Yas Kartzone, has a racecourse for both rookie and experienced racers. Watch as the engines roar in excitement as drivers traverse exhilarating bends and straights within this dynamic karting heaven. 

Whether you’re a newbie looking for your first taste of speed or an experienced enthusiast looking for a challenge, the course caters to all skill levels. The wind in your hair and the smell of tyres on the tarmac create a thrilling mood at this attraction. A symphony of motion and control, Yas Kartzone, served as a canvas for personal successes and the search of the perfect lap with every curve.

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