Planning a US Trip? You will have to wait till 2024 for your American dream to come true, if you don’t act right now!

The US visa appointment date is a topic of much debate and concern. According to the U.S Department of State, as of September, 2022 over 4 Lakh Indian visa applicants are waiting for US interview appointment slot. This is due to the lack of US visa appointments available dates at the U.S Embassies and Consulates. Interview slots are completely booked till 2024 in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad with the exception of qualifying emergency requests only.

So, if you have plans, don’t wait. Apply for your US visa online today.

Travel to the USA has increased due to easing of Covid-19 restrictions and resumption of regular flights from India to the US, with people eager to travel again. So, the added difficulty in obtaining the USA visas is due to a backlog of application requests, caused by the sudden rise in people wanting to visit the United States of America for leisure, business, family visits etc.

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As per the U.S Department of State, the estimate waiting time for the US Visa interview appointment is:

  • New Delhi – 629 calendar days for US Visitor Visa and 458 calendar days for a US Student Visa.
  • Mumbai – 596 calendar days for a US Visitor visa and 459 days for a US Student Visa.
  • Hyderabad – 609 calendar days for a US Visitor visa and 458 calendar days for a US Student Visa.  
  • Kolkata – 592 calendar days for a US Visitor visa and 465 calendar days for a US Student Visa.  

Depending on the volume of cases waiting for interview availability, this could take a long period of time. The wait time to get a US visa appointment at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate can change due to staffing and workload. According to recent estimates, it will take the U.S Embassies and Consulates about a year and a half to reduce these backlogs. We request you to check with the particular US Embassy before confirming plans.

Some relieving news for travellers!
In order to facilitate more appointment slots and smoother visa processing, the US Embassy has directed consular officers to waive in-person interview requirements for certain categories of visa applicants till December 31, 2022. This US visa interview waiver is only applicable for travelers applying for F, H-1, H-3, H-4, non-blanket L, M, O, P, Q, and academic J visas.

Normal US Visa Processing Time

The regular turnaround time for the complete US visa process is 2-3 weeks. Generally, applicants are required to wait for at least 10 to 15 days to get the U.S visa appointment and another 3 to 5 days post interview to receive the passport if the US visa gets approved. If there are additional requirements, the process may take longer.

How to get US Visa appointment faster?

If you want to travel to the US, we advise that you start planning your early visa application right now. As a matter of fact, you can get the best chance of earlier appointment by submitting your visa application on at your earliest best. After you have submitted all of your required documentation, paid the visa fee online, our Visa Experts will try to secure the fastest interview date for you. How? You may ask! With over 40 years of experience in the travel industry, we are well versed with the visa laws, rules and regulations, tips and tricks, thus having an upper edge over other competitors in processing successful visa applications for most countries.

Steps to apply for a US Visa through Akbar Travels:

Step 1 : Visit and determine your visa type.

Step 2 : Pay your US visa fee online and share your documents with our Visa Expert.

Step 3 : Our Visa Expert will thoroughly verify and scrutinize your US visa documents and will notify you of any pending documents or additional requirements.

Step 4 : After your final go-ahead, our Visa Expert will complete your DS 160 visa application online, pay the US visa processing fee and schedule 2 appointments as part of the USA Visa process. The two-part appointment process consists of an appointment with one of the five Offsite Facilitation Centers (OFC) to give Biometrics information that includes fingerprinting and photograph, and second appointment with the US Consulate or Embassy for a personal USA Visa interview. Personal Appearance is mandatory at the Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) and the Embassy/Consulate for biometrics and the US Visa Interview.

Step 5 : On the first appointment date, you are required to visit the Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) / Visa Application Center (VAC) to submit your biometrics and digital photograph.

Step 6 : On the second appointment date, you must attend the USA Visa interview. Take the following documents to your appointment: confirmation of appointment, completed application form and all relevant supporting documents.

You will be informed of your USA Visa application status immediately. If your US visa is approved, your passport will be held for visa stamping and returned via courier in 4 to 5 working days. If your US visa application gets rejected, you will be informed on the spot and passport returned along with a letter stating the reason for rejection.

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Make sure you have all necessary documents at-hand:

  • DS-160 online application form: Duly filled
  • Travel passport: Valid for at least three (3) months after returning from the US and 2 blank pages (for visa stamp and entry/exit stamps)
  • Photographs: Two recently clicked coloured photos
  • Financial proof: You must show proof that you are able to pay for all costs relating to the trip and have the financial means to fund your living expenses as well as any dependents while in the US. Include bank statements, Income tax returns, pay slips, property documents etc.
  • Itinerary for your trip: Submit a detailed travel plan of the places you plan to visit and what you intend to do. Include travel dates, destinations, scheduled tours, tourist attractions, meeting agendas and so on
  • Employment proof: Leave letter from the company, pay slips
  • Business proof: Business license, partnership deed, company bank statements
  • Freelancer: Documents pertaining to profession. Include certificate/badge, business card
  • Retirement proof: Pension book
  • Education proof: School/college/institution ID card, bonafide certificate
  • Minor traveler: Birth certificate, NOC, ID proof of parents
  • Invitation letter: If visiting family or friends in the US, you must provide Invitation letter and passport copy of the inviter
  • Sponsorship letter: If being sponsored, along with passport ID and financial documents of the sponsor
  • US Business Visa: You have to show proof of the business activities you will be undertaking in the US. Include Invitation letter from the host company in US, meeting agendas etc.


Applying for a US visa can be complicated, but taking help of a reliable travel agent can make things easier for you. While the US authorities have assured applicants of faster visa processing, lakhs and lakhs of Indians are desperately waiting for US Visa appointments slots. Though, this situation cannot be avoided, what is possible is that you can expedite and have an edge over other US visa applicants by starting your US visa application process right away with us. Our Visa Experts will take care of your complete visa process; from visa form filling, verifying documents to securing the fastest US visa appointment, thereby increasing your chances of visiting the US sooner.

Do you have questions about US Visa for Indians. Contact our Visa Experts for free visa consultation today and see how we can make your American dream come true!

Also, visit our blog and YouTube channel for answers to all your travel queries.

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    • The current wait time for US Tourist Visa at New Delhi Embassy is approximately 535 days. For more information feel free to get in touch with our Visa Experts at: +912240666444 or WhatsApp them at +919967090706.

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