Like a lot of people if you also hate queuing up at the airport and hate the thought of losing your luggage, hate crowded airports and boring long layovers with nothing much to do at the airport. Then, we have good news for you! All your worries will vanish away into thin air the moment you will step into the airport with assorted well-thought-of products, thoughtful features and an all-new Automated check-in service. Any guesses, which airport are we talking about…? Yes, we are talking about Singapore’s Changi Airport!

The new Terminal 4 of the sixth busiest international airport, Changi Airport, unveiled a fully automated check-in system to ease your travel stress. This super futuristic technology was introduced with a mission to build a user-friendly system that abides by all airport and airline security requirements whilst being fast and efficient. Singapore’s Changi Airport, which is frequently getting awards, with the installation of this technology, it might cement this reputation into place.

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This is clearly by no means the beginning or end: the automated check-in system is a new addition to the upcoming various other automated technologies making their way to the airport and taking over other sectors as well.

Features of the Automated Self Check-in at Singapore Airport

1. Automation is everywhere

T4 has automation everywhere. Unlike check-in areas at different airports, where the counters have the human personnel for assistance, T4 has humans out of sight. Though you could find few human personnel working behind the counters to provide assistance especially for elderly people, big groups and families with children. But, one can clearly see that the airport encourages passengers to use the automated self-check-in through kiosks.

2. Even baggage-drop is automated

T4 is the first airport to integrate facial recognition technology with end-to-end self-service options – from check-in, bag drop to immigration and boarding, which means that travellers no need to wait for counters to open and they can check-in at their own convenience. The design also allows passengers to drop their luggage easily in the conveyor belt without having to lift them high.

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3. Getting the wi-fi password is not so easy

Usually, at some airports, one can simply log-in by entering their name and contact details, but at Changi’s T4, it’s not difficult but different. The passengers will need to scan their passport into a kiosk and then they’ll receive a code that entitles them to 1 hr of wi-fi.

4. Taking off from the airport is easy and of course, automated

Changi’s Terminal 4 has made leaving the city-state a simple easy breezy process by scanning your passport and boarding pass into a kiosk, providing your fingerprints and you are good to go. In the whole process, we bet you don’t need to interact with a human personnel and that’s the beauty of the automated self-check-in.

Fast and Curious Facts

Let’s sneak into some FAST (fast and seamless travel) and curious facts of the Automated Self Check-in at Changi Airport:

  1. The two-storey building is 25 meter high and cost S$985 million to construct, which began in early 2014.
  2. Terminal 4 has a capacity of handling 16 million passengers per year.
  3. T4 has 42 conventional check-in counters, 65 automated check-in kiosks, and 50 automated bag drop machines equipped with facial recognition system.
  4. It will also use 3D screening technology, where you don’t need to take out your electronic gadgets, you just keep put your bag in the tray. Also, the tray is automated as well which doesn’t require a screening officer to check it.
  5. For immigration, the terminal has 26 manual and 18 automated departure gates, 44 manual and 16 automated arrival gates.
  6. As of now, 9 airlines are operating at Terminal 4: Four airlines of Air Asia Group, Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Cebu Pacific, and Spring Airlines.

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Okay, so what’s showing at Terminal 4?

The all new Automated Changi Airport Terminal 4 has a huge wall across the central departure security area with an LED displaying immersive content. The content is produced by Montreal-based Moment Factory and showcasing Singapore’s Skyline, ASEAN landmarks and whimsical animated short clips which is screened before a flight.

And, the fun doesn’t end there! When you walk towards the departure gate you will be welcomed with a surprise. There’s a Heritage Zone representing Singapore’s Peranakan heritage. Here you can experience a bit of Singapore culture as you watch a 6 min of Peranakan Love Story video featuring two young lovers in the 1930’s.

We all know the small quaint city of Singapore has caught the eyes of visitors for many years. The city-state with a sheen of luxury has made it more irresistible to the world. One can enjoy a memorable experience not just outside but inside the airport as well. If you are planning to visit Singapore any time soon, then don’t forget to check-out the world-class features at the Changi airport and give it a Thumbs Up. Just make sure while enjoying the plethora of activities at the airport you don’t lose track of the time and forget to catch your flight!

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