With a rich history, futuristic approach, mesmerizing scenic beauty and a city full of adventure and entertainment, Dubai offers all the visitors a trip full of memories. It is renowned today for its fascinating combination of deserts, beaches and gorgeous man-made accomplishments. And wouldn’t it be even easier for you, if we suggest the top beaches in Dubai, that should definitely be part of your Dubai tour package?

Dubai is known for its dazzling skyscrapers and barren desert sand dunes, but in recent years, the emirate city has grown its popularity as a seashore destination.The Middle Eastern emirate city may be known for its lavish lifestyle, but it is also home to miles of snow-white and sandy beaches. Due to the high summer temperatures in Dubai, many visitors head to the beach at night to enjoy the chilled and windy weather. Although many beaches in Dubai are private and lead to luxury residential areas and resorts, the government has made sure to provide a large number of public beaches for the visitors.

If you wish to read a book in a secluded cove, throw a Frisbee with friends, enjoy delicious food and drinks on the beach, lounge on a sun lounger, or want to go fishing, you can enjoy everything on the beaches in Dubai. They are well known for their cleanliness, well maintained, safety, as well as the fun activities. Many of Dubai’s beaches have undergone major infrastructure upgrades in recent years and are now equipped with changing rooms, toilets, showers, sun loungers and umbrella rentals and jogging tracks. Some beaches even offer free public Wi-Fi hotspots, and some with charging stations for solar-powered devices.

To make your Dubai trip exciting, here are the top 8 beaches in Dubai you need to visit, while exploring the emirate city.

1. Jumeirah Beach Residence  

Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah Beach
Image Credit: Life and My Lens

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai is a white sandy beach at an exotic location with utmost beauty. It is a clean and beautiful beach with many facilities like showers, changing rooms, play area for kids, cafes and restaurants, shopping zones and the list goes on. Jumeirah beach is about 3 km long, divided into two areas one for swimming and other one for water sports. The access to the beach is free and it is open from 7:00 in the morning till 11:30 in the night. Evening is the perfect time to visit this wonderful place. It is one of the oldest and best public beaches in Dubai.

2. Kite Beach

A view of colorful kite belonging to Kite surfers flying over Kite beach
A view of colorful kite belonging to Kite surfers flying over Kite beach
Image Credit:
Ashraf Hamdan

The Kite Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Dubai for adventure enthusiasts and also for the ones who love water sports. This Dubai beach has many exciting activities to indulge in water sports like kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and paddleboarding. All the foodies are going to love this amazing place because it has many food trucks and ice cream stalls with all the delicious food.  

The kite beach gives the remarkable view of Burj Al Arab in the background. Visitors can swim after sunset along the southwest area of Kite Beach, which is lit by 40-foot-tall and solar-powered flood lights and protected by lifeguards. The beach is 14 kms long which makes the morning and evening walk beautiful with its ever-lasting beauty.

3. Sunset Beach

 Umm Suqeim beach
Umm Suqeim beach
Image Credit:
Sarath maroli

Sunset Beach, also known as Umm Suqeim beach is the perfect spot to witness the sunset and relieve all your stress with the setting sun, white sand, turquoise water and calmness all around the place. It is the best place for all the nature lovers to capture the beautiful photographs and make  the most of their Dubai trip. Sunset Beach has great infrastructure, including toilets, showers, changing compartments and free Wi-Fi. Lifeguards are also assigned for added safety.  

Sunset Beach is a family beach where visitors enjoy their private family time. The speciality about this beach is that it has a special free beach library where visitors can borrow and read the books.

4. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park
Image Credit:

 Located along the west coast of Deira and one of the most picturesque beaches of Dubai, the Al Mamzar Beach Park, covers the five pristine beaches. The beach park is one of the smart parks with all the smart and tech activities around. It is very well designated for ladies and children (boys under the age of 6) on Mondays and Wednesdays. And the rest of the days all the public can enjoy together. The beach is open from 8 A.M to 10 P.M from Sunday to Wednesday and it closes at 11 P.M on other days.

It is one of the largest parks and is surrounded on both sides of the sea. The park has great friendly amenities including a swimming pool, playground, picnic area with barbecue, water sports and bike rentals, and so on.

Excited to mark your visit on this beautiful beach?

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5. Black Palace Beach

Burj Al Arab, One of the most famous landmarks of United Arab Emirates seen from Black Palace public beach
Burj Al Arab, One of the most famous landmarks of United Arab Emirates seen from Black Palace public beach
Image Credit: Melinda Nagy

Black Palace Beach, also known as the Al Sufouh Beach or the Hidden Gems, is rightly called so, because most people are unaware of its existence. Located in the heart of Dubai, it is a pure bliss and famous among couples who get to spend  some private  time on the beach with the beautiful view of Burj Al Arab.

The beach is hidden behind the rows of palm trees, so anyone can miss it easily, but it is perfect for relaxing and peaceful time. The pure water at Al Sufouh Beach makes it ideal for all the children to explore underwater life. As the waves crash towards the seashell-covered shoreline, witnessing its serenity at its most is the best feeling.

This discreet destination is slipped away between Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah, not far from Madinat Jumeirah.

6. La Mer

La Mer Beach
La Mer Beach
Image Credit: AY Amazefoto

La Mer is one of the newest and artistic beach areas created in 2018, away from the constant hustle and bustle of the dazzling city, Dubai. It’s free to sunbathe and chill around the beach, kids will love the inflatable playground called ‘Hawa Hawa’. The speciality about this beach is its colourful and attractive architecture.

 La Mer offers an amazing beach experience with exciting water sports, shopping zones and dining among other activities . It gives you a mini break from the hectic schedule of daily life. It is a magnificent beach destination to unwind with the entire family. La Mer Beach is easily accessible via Jumeirah Street.

7. Marina Beach

Marina Beach
Image Credit: frantic00

Marina Beach is constructed along the Persian Gulf shoreline, a stretch of three kms. It is famous for a lot of activities like swimming, jet skiing, snorkelling, picnicking, jogging, sunbathing and the list continues. It gives you pleasant scenery and a suiting atmosphere. Marina Beach also faces Dubai’s newest artificial island, the Blue Water.

8. Mercato Beach

Mercato Beach
Image Credit: JOAT

Mercato beach is again one of the hidden gems of Dubai which is only known by the locals. It ensures peace and calmness around the beach. The Mercato mall is near the beach so visitors can divide their time between the mall and the beach.  Library is also available at the beach so the one who needs peace and enjoys book reading would love this magnificent beach. Mercato Beach is located exactly opposite Mercato Mall.

Dubai has it all, you name it and Dubai will amaze you with its beauty. Unleashing your soul, seeking peace, enjoying surfing, banana boats, and strolling on the beach with your loved ones is all we need on a perfect Dubai holiday. Well, an advance booking of your Dubai flight tickets can save you money and an online Dubai visa procedure will save you time.

Isn’t it all worth it to visit this magical and stunning emirate city?

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