Waterpark! The place where we are extremely excited to visit, the place where participating in adventurous activities is always fun and how much more fun it would be if we get to enjoy all this with other sporting activities, shopping and delicious food? Well, a Dubai tour package offers you this wonderful experience by exploring the Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai, where you can be part of exciting rides, have delicious food and buy gifts.

Wild Wadi Waterpark
Wild Wadi Waterpark
Image Credit: Marieke Kra

The Middle East is famous for its sizzling hot summers, and you might have only a few options to escape the heat. One of these options is the Wild Wadi Waterpark, the best thrilling waterpark in Dubai. It offers innovative rides for all the age groups and exhilarating activities for all the thrill seekers.

Wild Wadi Waterpark is themed around the very popular Arabian Nights folktale character “Juha” and his seafaring friend, Sinbad. It offers a selection of the craziest, exciting and best rides in the country. For children, there are various activities and a swimming pool and a bunch of adrenaline rides for those who love thrills and water roller coasters. Besides the long list of thrilling rides, Wild Wadi offers the ultimate surfing experience.

Can’t wait to explore this unmissable adventure? Well, let us assist you with your Dubai Visa and affordable flight tickets to make your trip comfortable and exciting.

Let’s dive deep into the waterpark to know every detail before you make your visit!

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Thrilling Rides at Wild Wadi Waterpark:

Wild Wadi Waterpark
Wild Wadi Waterpark

The amusement park offers some exciting and thrilling rides. The wild wadi waterpark has a total of 3 pools, 30+ rides and slides. Some of the most adventurous rides of the park are as follows:

Juha’s Journey

Juha's Journey
Juha’s Journey
Image Credit: Dubai Marina

You will have a blast at this ride as you glide along the 360-metre-long lazy river that meanders through the park while sitting on a one- or two-seater ring tube. People of all age groups can enjoy this relaxing ride with a gentle current around the river.

Breaker’s Bay

A giant wave pool breaker’s bay is also the largest pool in the Middle East. It is the most thrilling ride in the waterpark with unlimited fun. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ups and downs as this ride takes you in the spectacular views. It also produces collateral and crosses 1.5 metre waves in five different arrangements.

Jumeirah Sceirah

Jumeirah Sceirah
Image Credit: Dubai Marina

You will have a mind-blowing experience at the 32m Jumeirah Sceirah, the tallest and fastest free fall slide in this waterpark. This thrilling ride is one of the main reasons many visitors are attracted to Wild Wadi waterpark. You need to climb the 32m high tower and when you slide down the 80 km/h speed of a 120 m high slide, it offers you a surreal experience of your life.

Master Blaster

Master Blaster
Master Blaster
Image Credit: Dubai Marina

Master Blaster is one of the fastest “aquatic roller coasters”, which are gravity-defying rides that lift you up to 15 metres into the air. The excitement only gets better when the Master Blaster ride gives you the perfect taste of thrill. You can choose from a wide range of blaster master rides such as Falaj Fury, Jebel Lookout, Falcon Fury, Wadi Basher among many others.

The Surfing Experience

Image Credit: Dubai Marina

Craving for surfing? Wild Wadi waterpark is the place to be! ‘Wipeout’ and ‘Riptide’ are one of the only four rides of their kind in the world, giving you not only the ultimate surfing experience, but also a unique experience. Designed by American Surf Enthusiast Thomas Lochtefeld, Wipeout works by shooting more than seven tons of water per second onto a thin, foam-like sheet structure, creating a realistic wave.

Delicious Restaurants and Cafes

Although the park does not allow outside food on the premises, it does allow you to bring your own water bottle. After having fun at the exciting rides at the waterpark, you can enjoy a refreshing meal at one of the five restaurants and snack bars in the park. There are a variety of options such as pizzas, burgers, French fries, fruit juices, flavoured milk and more. Some of the fine dining options are as follows. Juha’s Family Kitchen, Smoke House, Riptide Pizza, Shah Bandar’s Café. They all serve you delicious and tasty food which will definitely satisfy all your hunger.

What to Buy?

Souk Al Wadi, Shahbandar Souk, Air Tattoo, Sinbad’s Car are the four retail outlets and gift shops available in the Wild Wadi waterpark in Dubai where you can buy swimwear, T-shirts, swimming diapers, towels, and souvenirs. They offer you the best of everything you are looking for.

Some Tips before you enter the Waterpark

  • Always carry an appropriate swimsuit, especially on the rides. You won’t be allowed to enjoy the rides without the swimsuit. 
  • Some of the rides allow people only above 1.1 metres in height.
  • Opening hours may vary depending on the time of the year.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each and every one upon arrival.
  • You should always follow the lifeguard’s instructions, especially if you are asked to wait before starting the slide tub.
  • Lifeguards must be allowed to make the seating arrangement before the start of any ride. Parents must accompany their children under the age of 13 years old.
  • Several rides might be very adventurous and thus are not advisable for pregnant women, the disabled people, and people with heart or back problems.
  • Spectacles or sunglasses are not allowed while you are on the rides. As an alternative, lanyards can be bought from their store for INR 110/-.

Location: Opp. Burj Al Arab – Jumeirah St – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 3 – Dubai.

How to get there:
By Metro: From Airport Terminal 3 station, you can travel to Sharaf DG station by metro. After that you need to book a cab to reach the waterpark.
By Bus: You can take a bus from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station to Wild Wadi Water Park.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Cost: The ticket cost is decided upon the height of the person. Tickets cost INR 6,500/- for visitors who are 1.1 metres tall (3’7) or more, and INR 5,600/- for all visitors under 1.1 metres tall. If you book the online tickets earlier, discounts are available, also for UAE residents. Children aged two years and under are allowed in for free.

FYI: Guests of Jumeirah hotels in Dubai can enter free of charge. You can also rent the towels here for the price of INR 850/- per towel.

Best Time to visit: The perfect time to visit the Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai is during the months of November to March as the extreme hot temperature of Dubai is not easily bearable during summers.

If you are looking for thrills and excitement in adventurous activities, then Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai is the perfect place to enjoy this amazing experience. So, plan your Dubai holiday and take your excitement to another level in this themed fun-filled amusement park.

Thrill seekers, Wild Wadi waterpark is waiting for you to get your truck loaded with entertainment and adventure.

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