So, you’ve got your mind made up! You’re planning to head to the UK on a holiday! Now, time to tackle your UK visa application. When it comes to UK Visa applications, you’ll want to make sure yours is 100% mistake free to avoid the potential for processing delays, or worse yet, UK Visa rejection. The UK Border Agency isn’t forgiving, and if your application is not complete and correct, you will be rejected, and your application fees will not be refunded!

Rejections can occur for a number of reasons, often involving simple mistakes made by the applicant. These might include an error in your application or failure to provide all the necessary documents. The reasons for the refusal are always specific to your individual circumstances. 

Steps to get UK Visa

Before you apply, here are the most common mistakes that travelers make when applying for their UK visa:

• Intention to return home:

When making an application to visit the UK, an individual must satisfy the High Commission that they “will leave the UK at the end of their visit” or in other words, that they intend to return home. Insufficient information and/or evidence being presented for assessment by the visa authorities also end-up in UK visa rejection.

Tip: When applying, the duration of the visit must be specified and must be for no more than six months’ duration. Be clear about your reasons for visiting the UK, outlining the duration and place of stay. In addition, you must be able to demonstrate that you can afford your accommodation, maintenance and return travel costs.

• Insufficient funds for the trip

When deciding an application, the High Commission will require evidence to show that the applicant has “sufficient funds to cover all reasonable costs in relation to their visit”. You’ll be surprised how often folks make this mistake. Sufficient funds is not just about your bank balance, it is equally about affordability, it really has to add up.

Tip: Submit financial documents such as bank statements (balance should be equivalent to trip cost), Income tax papers, pay slips, fixed deposits, property documents and any other investments.

• Unexplained “Money Lodgement”

There is a general perception that you’re required to have plenty of money which is demonstrated by your Bank account balance, isn’t that why they ask for your bank statement? Many think a huge balance will be impressive. Terrible mistake!! Lots of applications get denied based on this particular reason.

Tip: Yes, they need to know that you have a good bank balance, but these guys aren’t easily fooled, they need to know that you earned it so they’re more interested in the transaction flow, they’re interested in your salary, how much it is and how steady it is. A big bank balance is good only if it builds up over time not when an unexplained lump sum is deposited. Such deposits look fishy, if for whatever reason you have an unexplained money lodgement, you need to add an explanatory note to your application providing a reason for the lump sum amount.

• Incomplete/Low Quality Documentation

After completing the online portion of your UK visa application, you will book and attend your in-person Bio-metrics appointment (the details of this appointment will vary with the country you apply from). The most important preparation point for this appointment is to ensure, without a doubt, that you have all the necessary supporting documentation with you. All documents must be originals – and it’s best to include a photocopy as well (but never a photocopy in place of an original)! Failure to supply all the necessary documentation will result into a UK visa rejection.

Tip: It is important that you present original documents wherever possible. From your invitation letter, thorough accommodation documents to proof of income documents (employment contract, payslips, bank statements etc)

• Waiting until the last minute to submit your application

Visa applications take time, particularly as the festive and holiday seasons approach. There are hundreds of applicants each day, and your file is just a number in a queue. Waiting till the very last-minute leaves no room for error, so if you’re declined because of missing paperwork, for example, you won’t have to time to rectify the situation or reapply.

Tip: You can apply for your UK visa up to three months in advance. This will ensure you have enough time at hand to prepare your application.

• Leaving blanks on your forms

Not sure how to answer a particular question? Do you think it’s a bit silly to sign two times on every single page? Missing just one signature or leaving a blank space is yet another reason for your UK visa rejection.

Tip: Don’t leave blank space, answer every segment and make sure you sign everywhere you’re supposed to sign. Even if the question is not applicable to you, write N/A, do not leave it blank.

• Unclear or Unjustified purpose of travel

Why do you want to travel to that country? It’s one of the most basic things asked when applying for a visa. It’s in every visa application form. Are you traveling simply for sightseeing? Will you be visiting friends or family, attending a seminar or will you be meeting a client?

Tip: Whatever your reason is, it must be clear and honest. If you’re going to visit a friend or relative, specify that. If for business, specify that too.

• Violated visa conditions on previous visit

This includes minor or major breaches of immigration law, such as overstaying your visa or working when your visa did not permit you to. If an individual has not been compliant with immigration requirements, the UK High Commission will normally refuse that person’s application.”

Tip: Make you sure are aware of the visa conditions carefully before your travel. Check its validity, stay period etc.

Did you know that every year thousands of UK Visas get rejected. Not because the applicants are unsuitable, but because of inadvertent mistakes that can be avoided. With increasing prices on all visa applications and no guarantee that you won’t have to reapply, it is crucial for many individuals and families to get the visa application right the first time. If you have any concerns about UK Visa rejection while applying on your own. We suggest you contact us with your questions FIRST! Akbar Travels offers a full-service visa application solution to ensure that your application is completed correctly the first time through. No delays. No rejections!

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