So, you’re all set to travel to a new country; Singapore, exciting place overseas. Got your flights and hotels booked, airport transfers done, itinerary planed and holiday package customized. What about your Singapore Visa? All your planning and efforts can come crashing down, if there happens to be even a little error in your application, leading to a Singapore Visa rejection. What’s worse, the concerned authorities can exploit any excuse to turn down your visa without even providing any elucidation for the same.
You don’t want to be all done with the groundwork only to realize at the last moment that your Singapore visa application has been rejected. Do you? So, it is important that you follow the right process.

Steps to get Singapore Visa

Here are some of the most common reasons for Singapore visa rejection:

• Invalid and Damaged Passport

Your Passport is the most crucial thing you should be extremely careful with before your visa application. If you submit a passport which is in bad shape or damaged, there is a high probability of your Singapore visa rejection by the Embassy. Even if you submit your passport which is no longer valid, your visa will be refused.

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• Incomplete Application Form

You are undoubtedly in a grave situation if you have submitted an incomplete visa application form, made mistakes and have not signed on it. A single mistake in the application form can lead to a refusal. Always fill in the form correctly and double-check all the information mentioned. Make sure you are consistent when providing information in your personal statements

• Current Singapore Visa still valid

If you already have a Singapore visa but did not travel and nor has it expired, you would not be given another visa. There are times when people already possess a Singapore visa. They have either forgotten about it or unable to find their Singapore eVisa copy. So, they end up applying for another visa. In such cases, you need to wait till your current visa expires to apply again. The Singapore visa is only issued if you do not have a visa.

• Incomplete Documents submitted

Another reason for Singapore Visa rejection is that people often fail to submit their supporting documents. Certain guidelines are provided by the Singapore Embassy in respect of documents that should be presented. Some fail to submit the bank statements, some fail to submit their relationship documents, etc. So, at the time of your application pay utmost attention to what all documents you are including and what documents you are submitting. Different visas require different documentary evidence, so it is important to make sure your application is specific to you, and that nothing is missed out.

• No intention of returning to your home country

If the visa officer/s have a slightest inkling that you do not have any intention of returning to your home country, it becomes a very strong ground for visa rejection. You must be prepared to prove your strong roots in India in the way of strong family ties, businesses or immovable property, and you will leave Singapore at the end of the visit or in other words, that you intend
to return home.

• Insufficient bank balance

The Singapore Immigration wants applicants to prove they have enough funds for all their Singapore trip. The exact amount of funds which an applicant needs to demonstrate is not specified. It’s advisable to provide evidence such as bank statement and pay slips. An applicant can receive support by a sponsor too and in this case, similar evidence from the sponsor must be included in the application along with information regarding the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor.

• Too brief Invitation letter

For applicants visiting friends and relatives it is important to get an invitation letter from your relatives (or friends) residing in Singapore to support your application. However, the letter should not be too short. It must be detailed and surely state that this individual will provide free food and lodging (if that is the case) to you during your entire stay in Singapore.

• Criminal History

Any applicant with a history of criminal record or drug abuse has a strong chance of the visa getting rejected. The refusal might occur because the applicant is considered a threat to the public policy, internal security or public wealth of Singapore. Few examples are terrorism, drug abuse, child abuse, addiction, other serious crimes.

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Of course, there are many other reasons for a Singapore visa rejection. It is always worth remembering that each case is unique. The final decision of your Singapore visa application lies in the hands of the Singapore High Commission. You can avoid rejection just by doing the right things. To start with, it is suggested to take advice from an experienced Visa Expert, who can advise you on the outcomes so that chances of visa rejection can be avoided. For more information on the various reasons of Singapore visa rejection, appeal or review feel free to contact us.

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