Are you ready to inject some adrenaline into your life? This upcoming long weekend in August, get your heart racing and your spirits soaring with thrilling foreign escapades.

Everyone is eyeing the August Long Weekend to take a break and enjoy a vacation with friends and family. Moreover, monsoon is the best time to witness nature at its majestic best. One can easily plan a 5-day long trip in the middle of August. Start your vacation on the night of 11th August, Friday and end it on 15th August, Tuesday. All you need to do is simply take a leave on Monday. This would be the best opportunity to take a short vacation to one of the cheap foreign trips from India. There are several options for International trips under 50k from India

Want to take an international vacation? Start planning your long weekend trips from India with the help of our Travel Food Recipe

Here are some cheap foreign trips from India to plan right away:

1. Dubai

cheap foreign trips from India- Dubai
A splendid aerial view of Dubai
Image Credit: shutterlk

Dubai is a top favourite tourist destination for cheap foreign trips from India. Despite being a land of riches, a Dubai trip can be quite budget-friendly. Full of high-rises, state-of-the-art architecture, high-end malls, a wide range of shopping options for all budgets, glorious beach resorts and Emirati culture. Do not miss out on staying at the best-class hotels while in Dubai. Get your Dubai hotel bookings done online in advance for amazing deals and discounts. 

Dubai skydiving
Skydiving over Dubai Palm
Image Credit: ViktorKozlov

Furthermore, planning a Dubai trip is a breeze. You can apply for a Dubai Visa online and get the eVisa in less than 48 hours with just 2 to 3 documents. There are also several options for cheap flight bookings for India to Dubai flights and you can reach Dubai from India in just 3 hours. See the best of Dubai and Abu Dhabi with our 3 nights 4 days Dubai Tour Packages

Things to see: Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Frame, etc.        

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2. Singapore

cheap foreign trips from India- Singapore
Singapore city skyline
Image Credit: Noppasin Wongchum

Singapore is one of the best destinations for short international trips from India. This place boasts about having the best tourism industry for its visitors. The vibrant land of Singapore truly transports you to a magical world and displays adventure and culture at the same time. Do not miss out on soul-filling food and amazing shopping. 

Garden by the Bay at Night
Image Credit: Shadow of Light

Book a flight from India to Singapore on Friday night, reach the next morning to start your adventures. The online process for the Singapore Visa gets you the visa in just 4 days and you can see the best of Singapore with our affordable 3 nights 4 days Singapore Tour Packages

Things to see: Sentosa Island, Gardens By the Bay, Little India, Universal Studios, China Town, Merlion Park, etc. 

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3. Thailand

cheap foreign trips from India- Thailand
Grand Palace at Sunset, Bangkok, Thailand
Image Credit: SOUTHERNTraveller

Thailand doesn’t need any introduction! This country is not only one of the cheap foreign trips from India but also one of the best places for a 4 days trip. The picturesque beauty of Thailand is unmatched. The tropical beaches, crystal blue waters and ancient ruins along with the adventure activities and vibrant nightlife of Thailand attract many tourists from around the world. This is the best destination for partying and shopping and is ideal for either couples, friends or solo travellers. 

Blue beaches of Krabi, Thailand
Image Credit: Preto Perola

You can get a Thailand Visa online in just 48 hours. Also, Thailand being a budget destination, there are several cheap and affordable Thailand Tour Packages available. Several airlines such as Thai Airways, Indigo etc. provide the best flight options from India to Thailand. 

Things to see: Pattaya Floating Market, Chiang Mai beaches, Bangkok, Krabi and Phuket. 

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4. Malaysia

cheap foreign trips from India- Malaysia
Malaysia skyline with the Twin Towers
Image Credit: Lifestyle Travel Photo

Malaysia can be one of the perfect options for your International solo trips from India. From afar, Malaysia looks like a modern town full of tall skyscrapers, colonial buildings and shopping malls but you will also find many picturesque beaches and tea plantations. The climate here is also pleasant all year round and even the food is great here. 

Malaysia travel
The colourful stairs of Batu Caves
Image Credit: Khoroshunova Olga

Affordable 3 nights 4 days Malaysia Tour Packages are enough to see the best of Malaysia. Plus the flying distance is just 7 hours between India and Malaysia. Get a Malaysia Visa in just 3 days with the easy online application process. 

Things to see: Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Kota Kinabalu, Langkawi, Batu Caves, Penang Island, etc. 

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5. Sri Lanka

cheap foreign trips from 
India- Sri Lanka
The Golden Temple in Dambulla, Sri Lanka
Image Credit: Nila Newsom

The stunning island country of Sri Lanka is another one of the cheap foreign trips from India for the August long weekend. The natural beauty of the country is adorned by dense forests and azure blue seas. Once you are done admiring the historical charm of Sri Lanka, relish the authentic Sri Lankan cuisine full of seafood delicacies. You are also going to love the adrenaline-inducing watersports here. This country would truly feel like a home away from home, as there is not much difference between India and Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lankan National Parks
Elephant Safari in Sri Lanka
Image Credit: Thomas Dekiere

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka is super easy!  You can get a Sri Lanka Visa in just 6 hours and that too with just 2 documents. Flights from India to Sri Lanka take only up to 3 hours of flying time. Additionally, there are numerous Sri Lanka Tour Packages that help you see the country at your own pace. 

Things to see: Colombo, Kandy, Sigiriya, Galle Dutch Fort, Yala National Park, Polonnaruwa, etc. 

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6. Vietnam

If you are looking for low-budget foreign trips from India, the South East Asian countries of Vietnam and Cambodia have proven to be great insights into the culture of the same region. 

cheap foreign trips from India- Vietnam
Floating village in Vietnam
Image Credit: Nguyen Quang Ngoc Tonkin

The most trending destination at the moment! Vietnam is known for its stunning scenery with its pristine beaches, rice terraces, sprawling spiagges and much more natural beauty. However, metropolitan cities of Vietnam have grown to attract tourists with street-side cafes, restaurants, towering skyscrapers and good public transport. But while in Vietnam you cannot miss but acknowledge Vietnam’s war history. Also, Vietnam puts forward a great display of Buddhist culture. Vietnam is not only one of the cheap international destinations from India but it is also packed with a lot of fun and learning. 

Golden Bridge, Vietnam
Image Credit: Hien Phung Thu

This South East Asian destination is trending right now as it is budget-friendly as well as a backpackers’ paradise. Get your Vietnam Visa online and scour through our Vietnam Tour Packages

Things to see: Cu Chi Tunnel, Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, My Son, War Remnants Museum, etc. 

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7. Cambodia

cheap foreign trips from India- Cambodia
Wat Preah Prom Rath, Siem Reap
Image Credit: Pelik Alexey

Just like Vietnam, the ‘Kingdom of Cambodia’ is a historical insight. The story of Cambodia can be well defined with several still-standing structures of Cambodia’s past like Angkor Wat and the current age places like the sprawling Mekong Delta. 

Swiftly apply for your Cambodia Visa online while you choose from our Cambodia Tour Packages

Things to see: Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, etc. 

The August Long Weekend isn’t too far:
12th Aug Saturday – Chutti
13th Aug Sunday – Chutti
14th Aug Monday – Take Leave
15th Aug Tuesday – Independence Day

So, break free from the ordinary, and set forth on this journey from wanderlust to wonderland.
Remember, the essence of a long weekend trip is to take a break from the routine and immerse yourself in new experiences. Whether it’s a spontaneous road trip, journey to distant lands or a tranquil retreat closer to home, let this adventure be a source of joy, laughter and cherished memories. Happy travels!

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