If you are a history buff, you are on the right page, as you can get all the details about the historical sites in Georgia. A trip to Georgia is nothing but a walk through history. The southern state witnessed the civil war, a gold rush, and another epic event.

historical sites in georgia

You can read history books and learn everything about the historical places in Georgia. It is very meaningful to see the places where the battles were generally fought in legendary figures rather than simply imagining them from book chapters. And is the only reason Georgia is such a great place to visit for history lovers, families with little kids and anybody who wants to learn about the places they travel. So ensure you include the historical sites in your Georgia tour packages and learn everything about these amazing places.

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Some of the must-visit historical sites in Georgia are mentioned here

Old Fort Jackson Savannah

Savannah is one of the best historic places in Georgia that you can ever visit. It is such a wonderful place to start your historical tour of Georgia. The old Fort Jackson is a National Historic Landmark, one of the oldest brick fortifications in the state, which is even standing today. The Fort is nestled along the Savannah River and served to protect the city during the War of 1812. It was also the headquarters for the local defence during the civil war. If you want to learn everything about civil war defence, you should not think twice before checking the guided tour available. The best is that the guide will be dressed in traditional historical wear to hear the stories of the soldiers that fought here and then explore one of the best historic sites and museums of  Fort Jackson Savannah.

Dahlonega Gold museum state historic site 

when it comes to historical sites in Georgia, people think about only California, especially for the gold rush movement. Still, Georgia had a gold rush, which you should know about. The national gold rush began in Georgia, in fact, and death letter the displacement of Native American tribes, which called this the regional house. Today you can visit this amazing gold museum state historic sites in the former Lumpkin County Courthouse to learn more about the story.

Fort McAllister State Park Richmond hill

You can visit Richmond Hill State Park, which has some of the most well-preserved earthwork fortifications from the civil wartime. It is one of the best historical sites in Georgia that you can visit, as there were some fortifications of the confederacy, and the area is beautiful with great oak trees. Furthermore, you need to know that the site is located on the Ogeechee river South of Savannah, and it is prominent for its salt March surroundings with Spanish Moss hanging from various trees. Daily programs generally offer topics including soldier life, wildlife habitats and crafts. But this is one of the best places to camp a fish boat and picnic. There are several boat ramps for fishing dogs here, and the campground is shaded near red bird Creek. You will find at least 4.3 miles of hiking trails and kayaks besides SUP and a lot more.

Jefferson Davis Memorial historical sites Fitzgerald

Jefferson Davis, Once Upon a time, was the president of the confederacy and one of the most prominent figures in the American Civil War. Visitors can visit the monuments and museums where Davis was captured by the union army back in 1865. If you are looking for historical places in Georgia, you can surely not miss out on this one, as this is a 13-acre site featuring everything, including museum picnic tables, a small trail and a gift shop. Nearby attractions mainly include the aquarium in Albany, the grey museum, the crime and punishment museums, and the general coffee state park.

Etowah Indian mounds state historic park, Cartersville

The historical park is very important in the history of Georgia, and Native Americans played a crucial role in it. This historic site is one of the must-visit when it comes to looking out for historical places in Georgia. The place is nestled in a caterers village today, but it was home to 2000s Native Americans back in 1080 and 1580.

There are at least six earthen mounds on this 54-acre site. The Plaza borrow defensive death beside of village area. It is worth visiting because it is one of the most preserved Mississippi and cultural sites. This is only in the southern and eastern USA. Its features reveal artefacts about how the civilization was left today. You can learn everything about Georgian history when you visit this historical site. It is one of the best historical sites in Georgia because when you visit the museum, it exhibits and learns everything about the ancient people who decorated themselves with jewellery and tattoo, which is unique.

Little White House state historic site

Because of the healing nature of the waters in Georgia, Franklin Delano Roosevelt fell in love with Warm Springs. Visitors can see the little White House historical sites today to learn more about the past president. One can also see what the town stood back in the 1930s.

Today it is one of the best historical sites in Georgia that you can come across. This house is still perfectly standing. Rosewood built this house in the 1930s while he was the governor of New York. This is before becoming president in search of relief and a cure for polio. He swam in the 88 degrees spring water, which did not cure his disease but brought him comfort and health improvements. The best things you can do in one of the best historical places in Georgia are see the unfinished portrait, the walk of flags and stone memorial fountain and, of course, the guest and servant quarters. You can also check out the nearby city of Columbus if you want to make the most of your weekend.

Fort Morris state historic site

Fort Morris is located on the Medway river. It served to protect the troops against the British armies back in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. It is one of the best historical sites in Georgia to learn about Sunbury of colonial part. Also, one can enjoy nature’s beauty while on The Walking trail. You can also organise a picnic. Actors have often dressed up in traditional wear and host children’s programs. The site is nestled in the Georgia town of midway and is typically open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and of course, the guided tours help you make the most of this site. If you are looking forward to your weekend, consider checking out the best historical sites in Georgia. Thus, making the most of your vacation. While planning your Georgia Tour Packages, remember to add these amazing historical sites. You can also organise a picnic!

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