For those who love to travel, Vietnam has to be on your list of ‘places you want to travel in the world’. The undulating natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and fascinating history draws travellers from all around the world. Additionally, Vietnam is also a cheap international travel destination making it ideal for those travelling on a budget. The country has so much to offer for tourists, that it can be overwhelming to pick up spots to add to your Vietnam itinerary. It is best to choose from our Vietnam Tour Packages that include the unmissable & best cities to visit in Vietnam. 

Whether you want to rewind time and explore some heritage buildings or ancient temples, taste some unique and delicious Vietnamese food, refresh yourself amidst some lush green scenery, indulge in adventure sports and soak under the sun on a beach, Vietnam offers it all. 

Ready to discover the charm of Vietnam? Here is a list of the best 10 cities to visit in Vietnam:

1. Hanoi

cities to visit in Vietnam- Hanoi
Street Train, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Image Credit: Nuttachai Wantanaboon

The capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi, has to be the most visited city in Vietnam. Stepping into the city feels like being in the past and present, at once. In Hanoi, you will see the hustle and bustle of city life with traffic and streets filled with people enjoying food and drinks. With all this happening in the forefront, in the backdrop, you can still see traditional Vietnamese buildings with French architecture. 

The Old Quarters are going to transcend you back in time. Want to enjoy the nightlife? Grab a beer and hit Ta Hien Street. Visit the suburban areas like Duong Lam Village, Bat Trang Pottery Village and Van Phuc Silk Village for a local experience. For lovers of history and culture, Hanoi has several museums, citadels, pagodas, etc. like Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Hoa Lo Prison, Hanoi Opera House, etc. Hanoi also has an incredible street food scene. 

While booking your flights to Vietnam, land in Hanoi and start your Vietnam journey from the capital city itself. 

2. Sapa

cities to visit in Vietnam- Sapa
Terraced rice fields of Sapa
Image Credit: anek.soowannaphoom

For those who love to spend time in the middle of lush natural beauty, Sapa is one of the best cities to visit in Vietnam. Sapa is a picturesque Vietnamese city which is surrounded by majestic mountains, evergreen forests and lush terraced rice fields. The scenery of Sapa is secluded and unique making it an authentic experience. 

Visitors get to walk on the famous terraced rice fields in the Muong Hoa Valley, which resemble staircases to heaven. Visitors have options to visit several villages including Cat Cat, Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai, Ta Van or Supa. You can trek or hike around these villages and then spend a day observing the daily lives of ethnic minorities.

Enjoy the traditional food, visit the ethnic markets and explore the range of activities that Sapa presents. 

3. Hue

cities to visit in Vietnam- Hue
Gates to the Imperial City, Vietnam
Image Credit: Chris Howey

Located in Central Vietnam, Hue is another one of the best cities to visit in Vietnam, also known as Imperial City, it was the former capital of Vietnam and since holds a lot of history and culture. 

Out of the best places to visit in Vietnam, Hue has the Thien Mu Pagoda. It is the oldest and most beautiful pagoda in Vietnam with fantastic views. You can take a stroll across the Truong Tien Bridge and view the city’s stunning skyline. For nature lovers, check out Bach Ma National Park. Don’t leave Hue without getting a taste of the city’s royal cuisine. 

4. Da Nang

cities to visit in Vietnam- Da Nang
Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam
Image Credit: Tang Trung Kien

Da Nang has some of the best landscapes and beautiful beaches out of all the cities to visit in Vietnam. Enjoy swimming, sunbathing or other water sports along the stunning My Khe Beach. After that relish on scrumptious seafood at beachside restaurants. Climb the limestone hills of the Marble Mountains and be pleased by the panoramic views. 

From Da Nang, you can book a river cruise with several activities. Lately. Visit Vietnam’s most famous attraction, the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills. There are some amazing luxury hotel options all around Da Nang. 

5. Hoi An

cities to visit in Vietnam- Hoi An
Streets of the Ancient town of Hoi An
image Credit: Tang Trung Kien

The ancient town of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is another one of the beautiful cities in Vietnam. Explore the historic streets and buildings of Hoi An on a motorbike for the best adventure. Visit historical places like the Japanese Covered Bridge and Phuc Kien Assembly Hall or just walk around the old streets of Hoi An. 

Hoi An also has several scenic beaches like Cua Dai Beach and Aa Bang Beach where you can try out water sports like surfing and paddleboarding or just lounge on the beach. Hoi An also hosts the lantern festival every month and it is a gorgeous sight to behold.

6. Da Lat

cities to visit in Vietnam-Da Lat
Surreal views of Da Lat City
image Credit: Nguyen Quang Ngoc Tonkin

Da Lat is another one of the best cities to visit in Vietnam. Since it is located in the Central Highlands, Da Lat has a scenic view and a cool climate year-round. Famous spots around the city include Xuan Huong Lake. From there, you can also take a cable car ride to the top of Lang Biang Mountain for some surreal views. 

Do not miss the several pagodas of Da Lat. Even the food scene of Da Lat is a must-try. 

7. Nha Trang

cities to visit in Vietnam- Nha Trang
Nha Trang’s gorgeous coastline
Image Credit: Huy Thoai

The coastal city of Nha Trang is quite popular with domestic as well as international tourists. The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of Nha Trang are alluring. The main beach here has a 6-km long coastline, where visitors can relax, swim and indulge in water sports. Go island hopping and explore nearby islands and you can also explore the underwater world. Do not miss the special seafood of Nha Trang. 

8. Can Tho

cities to visit in Vietnam- Can Tho
Floating Markets of Can Tho
Image Credit: Huy Thoai

Located in the Mekong Delta, the most important region of Vietnam, the city of Can Tho has to be one of the best cities to visit in Vietnam for tourists. It gives an insight into the traditional Vietnamese lifestyle. 

The numerous floating markets here are the main highlight of Can Tho. Book a private boat or hop on a group tour boat and ride along the river. You will get to experience a bustling and unique way of shopping. Vendors on their boots here sell everything from fresh farm produce to handicrafts and electronics. Visit here early in the morning. Also, rent a bike to ride through the small villages of Can Tho and interact with the locals. 

9. Ho Chi Minh City

cities to visit in Vietnam- Ho Chi Minh city.
Ho Chi Minh City Hall
Image Credit: Chansak Joe

Also known as Saigon, this is one of the important cities to visit in Vietnam if you want to learn about the culture, history and commerce here. The main attractions of the city are The War Remnants Museum, The Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Museum of Vietnamese History and the Central Post Office. All of these are perfect examples of Vietnam’s history and French colonial architecture. 

Spend time in HCMC visiting markets, buying souvenirs or simply catching a glimpse of Vietnam’s urban nightlife. 

10. Phu Quoc

cities to visit in Vietnam- Phu Quoc
The tranquil island of May Rut, Phu Quoc
Image Credit: CravenA

Phu Quoc feels like a piece of paradise in Vietnam. With its clean beaches, pristine-blue waters and soothing lush forests. Long Beach on the west coast is a tourist favourite spot making Phu Quoc one of the most visited city in Vietnam. Swim in the warm waters or go kayaking and snorkelling, but make sure to add Phu Quoc to your Vietnam itinerary. 

These are some of the best cities to visit in Vietnam and the best attractions in those cities. Whether you want to learn about history or culture, whether you are a mountain person or a beach person or whether you want to have a luxurious vacation or a backpacking trip, Vietnam has it all. So get your Vietnam Visa for Indians and plan your Vietnam trip in just a week and be ready to be amazed by the wonderful country that it is. 

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