The ideal way to see the backwaters in Kerala is by houseboat – however, there are a few important things you should know before taking the plunge. To help you, we are sharing top tips for cruising in a houseboat in Kerala that can help make your experience of staying on a houseboat more enjoyable. Read on!

Book in Advance

Pick the correct houseboat that will suit your needs. Get the pricing right based on the quality and amenities offered by the houseboat. Check on the menu and ensure you inform well in advance of your preferences – especially if you are a vegetarian.


Cruising and living on a houseboat is an excellent opportunity for bird watchers, as the houseboat drifts silently over the water without making too much noise. So make sure to carry a pair of good binoculars that will help you observe rare birds from the comfort of your floating home.


With low internet connectivity, there will be nothing much you can do. So, in the evening, you can relax and spend some fun time with your loved ones. Carry board games like scrabble, Uno, cards or chess for some play time as you cruise. You can also carry a speaker and a laptop. Pre-download a movie and enjoy watching it over a hearty meal of freshly caught fish and some delicious Kerala delights.


Unlike any other hotel stays, you will need to be well prepared with a well packed toilet bag for this stay. Do not forget to carry all your daily toiletries that you need. Also, don’t forget to carry an ample amount of mosquito repellent, sunglasses, and sunscreen that will keep you protected from the harsh UV rays.

Shop on the go

Stop at the local shops and convenience stores along the banks of the waterway. They sell prawns, crabs, snappers, fish etc. You can ask your houseboat chef to prepare it for dinner. You can also visit the neighbouring shopping markers to shop for souvenirs for your loved ones.


Try your hand at catching a fish! The captain of the boat would generally try his luck with catching a fish or two for your dinner. If you are interested and would like to try, here’s a perfect opportunity for that!

Do keep a note of these top tips for cruising in a houseboat in Kerala in mind to ensure a memorable experience. You can also book your hotel in Kerala with Akbar Travels to avail exciting discounts.

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