Laws are an essential part of any well-functioning society. They not only prevent crimes but also help in maintaining the balance in society. From giving power to the powerless to making sure the powerful don’t exploit their power, the laws play a big part in our lives. Some of the laws may come off as pretty strict and others as stringent, and then there are laws that may seem utterly weird and ridiculous that fall under the category of strange laws.

Many countries in the world have some really strange laws which don’t really make sense to the rest of the world but are crucial to the country that enforced them. Irrespective of the reason behind enforcing these laws or whether or not are these laws still followed by the citizens, these strange laws are surely an interesting conversation starter that can help you impress your friends when touring these places.

So without further ado, let’s discuss some of the strange laws from around the world!

• Always keep smiling in Milan, Italy

Always keep smiling in Milan
Always keep smiling in Milan
Image Credit: Khurasan

Remember reading “Smile OK Please” on the back of many vehicles on the road? Well, the historical city of Milan known for its fashion worldwide, has taken this quote quite to heart! Citizens are legally required to smile at all times and are forbidden from frowning unless they are at a funeral or visiting a sick and ailing person. So remind yourself to keep smiling as soon as you get your Italy visa and land in Milan to explore our Italy tour package.

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• No water guns for New Year’s celebration in Cambodia

No water guns allowed for New Years Celebrations in Cambodia
No water guns allowed for New Years Celebrations in Cambodia
Image Credit:

If you are planning your Cambodia holiday during the New Years’ season, keep in mind the Cambodian Government bans all imports and sale of water guns in the country to avoid social unrest and conflicts which may dampen the celebrations. Guess, we can say the New Year’s celebration in Cambodia is pretty dry.

• It is Illegal to forget your wife’s birthday in Samoa

Dont forget to set a reminder for your wife's birthday
Don’t forget to set a reminder for your wife’s birthday
Image Credit:

Forgetful Husbands beware! In the Polynesian island nation of Samoa, if a husband forgets his wife’s birthday he could very easily find himself behind bars as it is not only considered hurtful towards the wife’s sentiments but is also very much illegal. Indeed strange! Isn’t it?

• In Scotland, you can’t ride a Cow when drunk

Highland Cow of Scotland
Highland Cow of Scotland
Image Credit:

If you are visiting Scotland during your UK holidays, do make a note of this strange law. As per the Licensing Act of 1872, it is illegal to ride a cow or a horse and drive a carriage or a steam engine after downing a few glasses of fine Scottish Whiskey. If you consider the dangers of drinking and driving, it really is not a moo-t point.

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• Avoid shirtless driving in Thailand

Shirtless driving is a big no no in Thailand
Shirtless driving is a big no no in Thailand
Image Credit: MSPhotographic

You’ve got your Thailand visa and are all set to visit the Land of Smiles to enjoy your Thailand holiday. Before you step into the country, make note that just like other countries, Thailand too has a strange law! It is strictly illegal to drive shirtless in Thailand. Doesn’t matter if it’s hot or you simply want to show off your body; you have to be modestly dressed whenever driving a vehicle. Losing your shirt may also cost you to lose upto 1,000 Baht as a fine.

• Do not flush after 10 PM in Switzerland

No flushing after 10 pm in Switzerland
No flushing after 10 pm in Switzerland
Image Credit:
Kolomiiets Iryna

Landlords in Switzerland want you to attend to all your business before 10 pm and after 7 am. Yes, you read that right! This strange law was implemented by the landlords so as to not to disturb the other tenants of the apartment complex while they are sleeping. So, in case you plan to visit Switzerland soon, awaken your inner Sheldon Cooper before applying for your Switzerland visa and planning your Switzerland holidays.

• Cops can bite dogs in Ohio, USA

Police officer with a K-9 dog
A police officer with a K-9 dog
Image Credit:

Heard about dog bites? It is time to see cop bites on your US holiday! Police officers in Ohio are legally allowed to bite their canine team mates, if they feel it will help an aggressive dog calm down. Time for dogs to finally get a taste of their own medicine!

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• Book a burial spot before dying in France

A grave marker in a cemetery
A grave marker in a cemetery
Image Credit: Alexey Fedorenko

Sarpourenx in France has implemented this strange law for all its residents where it is mandatory to have a burial spot before breathing your last or else you will be punished! Punished how? Well, we are yet to figure it out!

• Chickens cannot cross roads in Georgia

Chickens cannot cross road in Georgia
Chickens cannot cross roads in Georgia
Image Credit: Cartoon Resource

Ever heard the joke, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Well, this joke doesn’t apply to Georgia as you won’t find any chickens crossing the roads in Georgia. Maybe, the residents of Quitman, Georgia were fed up with this joke and implemented this strange law that forbids the chickens from crossing the road. In reality, it was done to ensure the breeders took care of chickens, which are considered sacred in the nation. So on your Georgia holiday, try spotting a chicken crossing the road.

• Metabo Law of Japan

Japan implemented Metabo Law to control obesity in the country
Japan implemented Metabo Law to control obesity in the country
Image Credit: Maya Kruchankova

In order to fight obesity in the country, Japan came up with Metabo Law for locals between the age of 40 – 70 years to undergo medical checkups yearly to get their waist measured. Considering how physical health impacts mental health, getting your waist measured isn’t a total waste of time.

• Walk your dog 3 times in a day in Italy

Italy takes regular dog walking pretty seriously
Italy takes regular dog walking pretty seriously
Image Credit:
a katz

If you own a dog in Turin, Italy and are a fitness enthusiast then you do not need to make separate plans in your daily schedule for exercising. It is mandatory for pet owners to take their dogs on a walk at least 3 times a day to ensure their physical and mental well-being. This is one law that benefits both the parties, the master, as well as, its pet.

• No high heels in Greece

Wearing high heels is prohibited in Greece
Wearing high heels is prohibited in Greece
Image Credit:

High heels add more oomph factor to your outfit but on your Greece holiday, it is advisable to leave your heels behind in your hotel room before visiting the archeological sites. Yes, the European gem has banned wearing high heels to its archeological sites as they cause unrepairable damage to the ancient relics. So, stick to soft comfy shoes not for the sake of your feet but for preserving history.

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• No hats for pregnant women in Madagascar

Wearing a hat while being pregnant in Madagascar is not a good idea
Wearing a hat while being pregnant in Madagascar is not a good idea
Image Credit: Model Republique

Pregnant women are not allowed to wear hats in Madagascar and we really can’t wrap our heads around it! It is highly unknown why this strange law came into place but all we know is that it is strictly followed. They are also not allowed to eat eels.

• Flying kites is strictly prohibited in Australia & Argentina

Flying kites is not allowed in Australia and Argentina
Flying kites is not allowed in Australia and Argentina
Image Credit:
Cheng Wei

What is common between Australia and Argentina? They share a common law: Victoria in Australia and Buenos Aires in Argentina may be thousands of kilometers away from each other but both of these cities have a strange law in place which robs the children of the pleasure of flying kites. Yes, flying a kite is strictly prohibited! Honestly speaking, this law flew by our heads.

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• No skirts in Italy

A ban on skirts in Italy?
A ban on skirts in Italy?
Image Credit:
kaiwut niponkaew

Wait a minute! Before your mind boggles any further, please note that this strange law is only applicable to men and not women. If you are a man and like to cross-dress or are simply a fan of Ranveer Singh, Italy is not the right place for you to dress like your idol!

• No Cactus cutting in Arizona, USA

Saguaro Cactus and Four Peaks near Phoenix, Arizona.
Saguaro Cactus and Four Peaks near Phoenix, Arizona
Image Credit: LHBLLC

Not exactly one of the strange laws but it still requires a special mention and is good-to-know information before visiting the United States. Cactuses are the preferred plants for people claiming to have a black thumb due to their low upkeep. In Arizona, if you are found taking cuttings of the Saguaro Cactus, which can live up to 200 years, you may land up in a prickly situation and be sentenced to 25 years of prison time.

• No empty gas tank on Autobahn in Germany

Seeing this on your fuel indicator while cruising through the Autobahn is not a good sign
Seeing this on your fuel indicator while cruising through the Autobahn is not a good sign
Image Credit: No-longer-here

It is illegal to run out of gas on the Autobahn in Germany. Imagine cruising on the Autobahn during your Germany holiday with the speed of the wind and suddenly having to stop because you ran out of gas. Puts a break on your Fast-N-Furious fantasy, doesn’t it? And considering the other speeding vehicles, it can be quite dangerous too!  Maybe it’s not a strange law after all.

We bet, learning about these strange laws must have given you the itch to visit these places. If yes, then head over to for all your travel needs, from visa to flight tickets, holiday packages, accommodations and much more!

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