Secure your wanderlust flair by adding as many countries as possible to your list of ‘visited countries’. If you are planning a trip to some of the popular countries around the world, they might have some neighbouring countries you can visit in a day. This way you will be successful in visiting multiple countries in one trip. Some of these smallest countries in the world are small enough that you can easily explore them in just one day. 

Here are 8 smallest countries in the world, small enough to see in a day

1. Vatican City

Saint Peters Square Vatican City
View from the Cupola of St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican
Image Credit: Nakasaku

Officially topping the list of the world’s smallest countries, the Vatican City is 1/8th the size of New York’s Central Park. The 110-acre land is a tourism trove as it is one of the countries that is small enough to see in a day. The iconic Vatican and Roman art and architecture will leave you stunned. If you plan correctly, it is really possible to cover all the major tourist attractions in Vatican City. Tourist attractions include the Vatican museums, St. Peter’s Basilica and Square and a tour of the Scivas. If you are planning a trip to Italy or any other Schengen country, add a one-day Vatican City tour making it one of the best multi-country trips. Surprisingly, you do not need a separate Vatican City Visa. Since the only way to enter the Vatican is through Italy, you must apply for an Italy Visa (Schengen Visa online). 

2. Monaco

smallest countries to visit in one day- Monaco
Evening view of the Monaco Port
Image Credit: tichr

Monaco has been famous for a lot of things including Grace Kelly, the Monaco Grand Prix and the Monegasque millionaires. However, it is also known to be the world’s second-smallest but extremely glamorous country with its casinos and yacht-filled harbours. The country barely covers 2 sq. kms. in size but it makes up for it in entertainment and breathtaking scenery. Unless it is the F1 race weekend, you can easily take a tour of Monaco in just one day. Monaco’s top tourist attractions include the Monte Carlo Casino, Royal Palace, Larvotto Beach and the Oceanographic Museum. 

To be able to visit Monaco, book cheap flights online in advance to Nice Airport (NCE) in France. Monaco is a de-facto member of the Schengen Zone, so you will require a France Visa, i.e. Schengen Visa. Enjoy a serene road trip or take a train from Nice to reach Monaco. Take advantage of the Schengen Visa by visiting many countries in one trip with one single visa. 

3. Grenada

Island of Grenada
Beautiful View Of Grand Anse In Grenada
Image Credit: Peter Krocka

The Spice of the Caribbean, the island of Grenada with its untamed natural beauty is one of the international countries you can visit in one day. This hidden gem will surprise you with its untouched stretches of white sand beaches, spectacular waterfalls, mystic rainforests and a refreshing whiff of nutmeg in the air. Some of the best places to explore Grenada in one day are the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park, the trifecta of forts (Fort Frederick, Fort Matthew and Fort George) and Levera National Park. 

For Indians, a Grenada Visa is not required if you are visiting for tourism purposes. Stay at some of the best beachfront and boutique resorts in Grenada by making cheap hotel bookings in advance. 

4. St. Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis
Basseterre town skyline, Saint Kitts and Nevis
Image Credit: Sean Pavone

Another one of the visa-free countries for Indians, Saint Kitts and Nevis is a luxurious romantic paradise. The exotic tropical dual-island is also one of the smallest countries where you can spend a relaxing day. Saint Kitts and Nevis is an excellent rejuvenating spot with its plethora of natural landscapes and water activities. Do explore Mount Liamuiga, Brimstone Hill Fortress, Sugar Train and the relaxed beaches and rainforests. 

Don’t forget to add this piece of paradise for your holidays in the Caribbean and treat yourself to a stay in a luxury beachfront resort in Saint Kitts and Nevis by making hotel bookings in advance.    

5. Liechtenstein

Balzers town in Liechtenstein
Gutenberg Castle, Balzers town in Liechtenstein
Image Credit: BearFotos

Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries you can visit in one day. You must add this beautiful country to your Europe travel itinerary. With only about 37,000 residents, the small country is no less than a fairytale with the majestic Gutenberg Castle overlooking the town below. The country’s minuscule size is great for adding it as a one-day stop. Explore tourist attractions like the Liechtenstein National Museum and Art Museum or wine-tasting at Hofkellerei des Fürsten von Liechtenstein. 

The Liechtenstein Visa, i.e. the Schengen Visa online allows you to access 26 countries of the Schengen Zone. To visit Liechtenstein, book your flights to Switzerland and you can either take a train or drive to Liechtenstein.

6. San Marino

smallest countries- San Marino
View of the historical Citta di San Marino
Image Credit: trabantos

San Marino is another one of the world’s smallest countries confused to be a part of Italy. The beautiful landscape and stunning historical monuments of San Marino are inviting to a number of tourists, especially those visiting Italy. San Marino has the same visa requirements as an Italy Visa for Indians, so a Schengen Visa is all you need. A day trip to San Marino will take you to Maranello Rosso Ferrari Museum, Museo delle Cere and Torre Guaita.

7. Tuvalu

smallest countries- Tuvalu
Tuvalu under the wing of the airplane
Image Credit: maloff

Despite being difficult to access, the exotic country of Tuvalu is on the list of international countries you can visit in one day. Go island hopping, take a stroll on the beach, discover coral beds and reefs or spend time learning the Tuvalan culture with the locals. 

8. Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands
Ashore Stanley, Falkland Islands
Image Credit: Vintagepix

With a population of about 3,000 people, the Falkland Islands or Island Malvinas is one of the smallest countries in the world. This island-country is all set to welcome you with stunning vistas and teeming wildlife. The Falkland Islands are your gateway to Antarctica for your Southern hemisphere’s summer trip, so you easily spend your first day here. Get ready to be encountered by the iconic king penguins, go sailing in the turquoise sea, take a walk on the beaches or hike the mountainous trek of Falkland Islands. 

You can get to the Falkland Islands via air or sea. Book your flights from the UK or Chile in advance or book an Antarctica-bound cruise making a stopover at the Falkland Islands. Also, book your accommodation in advance, due to limited availability on this small island. 

These are the 8 smallest countries in the world you can probably tour in just one day. Add these small countries you can visit in a day to your travel itineraries and make the most out of your vacation by visiting multiple countries in one trip. 

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