Singaporeans appear a pretty reserved group to strangers. But you just need a faint mention of something delicious to light up their hearts. The love for mouth-watering Singapore food delights is very apparent in the city-state. In fact, the crowded, hot, muggy hawker centre in this island country is nothing less than a food paradise.

The divine taste of food prepared in gigantic black woks of hot fire and calloused by experienced hands will mesmerize your soul and leave it a craving for more. It is a delightful site to watch the local chefs on Singapore roads play with their hands to give a perfect flavour to every dish. Scalding of heat seems to have no effect on their hands. In fact, they are pretty encouraging to your suggestions as well. So you can ask either for lesser oil and more chilli in your food.

The delight of hawker food

The delightful food served on Singapore roads doesn’t have much distinction between breakfast, dinner or lunch. You pretty much get the same menu served. But with such a variety, even a ten-day escapade to try out the deliciousness served on hawker streets of the island country won’t suffice. Apart from its picturesque beauty, food is another aspect of Singapore tours that attract tourists from across the globe.

We’ve listed down the best places to gorge on the amazing Singapore food and enjoy a gastronomical experience in Singapore.

1. Laksa

Do not ever leave Singapore without trying a bowl of Laksa! It is a peculiar Singapore food which will make you fall in love with its taste and leave you licking the bowl for sure. Laksa is nothing but a spicy soup found in almost all the Southeast Asian countries, especially Singapore. This spicy soup is made up of rice noodles or vermicelli noodles and usually accompanied with shrimp, chicken or fish. You can find a variety of Laksa, from the curry like Sarawak Laksa to the tamarind-tang Laksa but the most popular and authentic one is made with curry and coconut milk.

2. Chili Crab

The most recommended dish to try while in Singapore!

Usually referred as one of the signature dishes of Singapore, this is one dish in Singapore food the tourist shouldn’t miss while visiting the Lion city. The star of this Singapore food is the sauce served with the salted yoghurt crab. The delectable sauce served with the crab is made up of tangy tomatoes, chilli paste and eggs to make it a thick sauce like gravy.
To enjoy this dish have it with mantou, a mini bun served along with the dish that you could dip into the tangy sauce.

3. Chai Tow Kuay

Popular as Singapore carrot cake, surprisingly the Chai Tow Kuay doesn’t have a carrot in it at all. This is possibly the weirdest and different carrot cake you would ever have tasted in your life. This carrot cake is not really a dessert in Singapore food menu but it is a wok-fried made with rice flour, eggs, seasonings and radishes, and then cut into pieces and loaded with soy sauce and noodles. And the star of the dish is the daikon radishes which makes this peppy dish little tweaked.

P.S. don’t forget this Carrot Cake in Singapore is NOT a dessert.

4. Wantan Mee

Now, this Singapore food is our personal favourite. This Singapore hawker dish of Chinese origin combines our two favourite things – dumpling and noodles, combined in one steaming bowl topped with leafy vegetables and dry red juicy meat. To enhance its beauty and taste it should be best combined with pork, which tastes heavenly.

You can have your Wantan Mee spicy or less spicy depending on your taste. If you’re on a Singapore tour with your family and have kids along, you can ask for a non-spicy kids version where they replace the chilli mixed sauce with tomato sauce.

5. Hainanese Chicken Rice

There’s no better comfort food than having a simple plate of rice, and this dish in Singapore food cuisine satiate that craving with a twist. Hainanese chicken rice is one of the most popular Singapore dishes that you could find it in almost everywhere in the country, be it a food stall, hawker centre, or a high-end dining restaurant in Singapore.

Quite aptly termed as fast food, the Hainanese Chicken rice is not like any regular chicken rice but it comes with a twist with chicken laden with oil, dipped in warm pork and chicken broth until cooked. It is then sliced and served with rice along with a chilli dip, which is typically made with dark soy sauce, garlic, ginger and chilis. Voted as the tastiest dish in the whole world, the chicken rice has become an unofficial national dish of Singapore.

6. Sambal Stingray

Popular as Ikan Bakar (‘barbequed fish’) in Malay, Sambal Stingray is a popular dish with its Malaysian influences. Looked down upon for years, stingray fish used to be unpopular and poor tasting fish, but it slowly gained popularity and has risen in price after Singaporean Malays figured out a way to smear it with spicy sambal (chilli paste) sauce.

The stingray meat is marinated in sambal paste and after being marinated, it is traditionally wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled. The sambal paste is a mixture of chilli peppers, shrimp paste, tamarind shallots and different spices which is spread on top of the stingray meat.

7. Rojak

The locals favourite, Rojak is a fruit and vegetable salad which is a must try dish in Singapore food cuisine for every tourist who wants to try the best of Singaporean delicacies. Rojak means an ‘ecletic mix’ of fruits, salads and spices and the dish truly live up to its name.

A sign of a perfect Rojak is its sauce made of a perfect blend of cocktails of spicy, sweet and salty flavours, along with fermented prawn paste. With a variety of fruits like pineapple, mango, apple and other ingredients like cucumber, peanuts and sprouts, your taste buds will fail to judge whether it’s salty, sour or sweet.

8. Fish Head Curry

Another ambiguous dish in Singapore food cuisine is the Fish head curry, which probably has a South Indian origin. In layman’s language, this dish is just a ‘fish head dipped in the soup’. If you’re an Indian travelling to Singapore, then you should definitely try this dish and we bet you would love it!
The fish is dipped in chilli curry giving it a flavoursome taste and is eaten with bread or rice.

9. Char Kway Teow

Noodles and eggs are as popular in Singapore as Biryani and Butter Chicken in India. Being one of the staple foods in Asian food, you could find a variety of noodles in Singapore, but one of the scrumptious Singapore dishes is Char Kway Teow. This exotic Singapore dish is a stir-fried noodle which is cooked with eggs and dark soy sauce. The food becomes heavenly when fried with pork giving it a dark roasted colour to this popular Singapore dish.
Char Kway Teow should definitely be in your list of dishes to try in Singapore!

10. Ice Kachang

After all, these spicy, tangy and sour dishes, make sure you have a room left for the popular dessert. Ice Kachang is a dessert which has a place near and dear to many Singaporean hearts. The dessert not only fills your tummy but is nirvana for a foodie’s wandering soul. It is a mountain of shaved ice on top of a bowl with fruits, beans and creamed corns. One full bowl consists of only 10 calories, which is a treat for those health conscious people out there!

It comes in several variations which include drizzling with palm sugar, ice cream and other toppings like chocolate syrup or durian.

When exploring the flavour of the country, do not forget to try our above mentioned exotic dishes. These are a few of the most popular foods served on street side appetite junctions that you should definitely try during your Singapore tours. Few of the most popular joints here are Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Ghim Moh Food Center, etc. If you want to try a platter of the most authentic and delicious Singapore food, then do visit Commonwealth Crest Market and Food Center. Other popular places to visit include China Town Food Center and Adam Road Food Center.

So what are you waiting for? If Singapore is on your mind but the planning and preparation woes are bothering you, do not worry, your reliable Travel Partner is here to help you! Contact and leave your Singapore holiday package and visa worries behind and get ready for the Singapore food adventure that awaits you.

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