While 2022 saw travellers bouncing back and going all out on adventures, in 2023 travellers were on a mission to satiate their inner wanderlusts’ by ticking off experiences from their bucket-lists. Just like every year, there will be a change in the top travel trends of 2024. As per the 2024 travel trends forecast, travellers will be looking for more soul-filling and centring particular experiences on a trip rather than plain old sightseeing and adventure activities. 

In simple words, ‘the biggest trends in travel in 2024 will be about choosing destinations to tick off experiences instead of just ticking off destinations’.  

This guide will take you through 10 of the top travel trends of 2024 that you should be looking forward to.

1. Gig Tripping

Gig-tripping: top travel trends of 2024
Biggest gigs ever- Taylor Swift concerts
Image Credit: Times Of India

For many of this generation, musical concerts and gigs are no less than ardent escapes. Plus, these modern day musical artists know how to pull a crowd with their World Tours around the globe. The biggest artists like Taylor Swift and Drake have been selling millions of tickets worth thousands of dollars each, making it impossible for fans to get their hands on their tickets at their home shows. Fans are willing to take a trip to nearby cities or even countries to pay less for tickets with an added vacation experience. It is going to be one of the biggest travel trends of 2024 as even tour operators are hopping in planning itineraries including these shows plus added experiences like backstage experiences or meet and greets. 

For example, you can catch a Coldplay concert on a trip to Italy and also explore 25+ other countries on a Schengen Visa from India. 

2. Set Jetting

Set Jetting
‘Emily in Paris’ inspired Pairs vacation
Image Credit: Anele Nova

Movies and shows have the biggest impacts on people nowadays. From their clothes to their accents and the shooting locations, people want to try it all for some ‘main character energy’. Another one of the top trends for travel in 2024 will be people taking vacations to visit iconic movie or TV filming locations worldwide. For example, there was a rise in search for flights to Paris after the launch of ‘Emily in Paris’ or South Korea Tour Packages are getting extremely popular just like BTS. 

Curious to catch a fancy break like Tanya McQuoid in ‘The White Lotus’ or a magical escape at Platform 9¾ like Harry Potter? Plan your international holidays for 2024 as soon as possible. 

3. Astrotourism

Benital is one of places in India that hosts Astro Camp
Benital is one of the places in India that hosts Astro Camp
Image Credit: fogcatcher

Astrotourism is one of the experience-based travel trends for travellers who are interested in astronomy or are simply interested in gazing at the night sky. Disappearing into a far-off land, where the night skies are crystal clear, Astrotourism is one of the top travel trends of 2024. People are going far and off, to focus on the starry skies for hours in eerie silence admiring the beautiful display of stars, planets and constellations. 

For Indians, many tourist destinations within the country are being developed as Astro-sites. However, you will be most impressed by this celestial paradise with our Uttarakhand Tour Packages– the Astro Village of Benital. This quaint gem will impress you with its pristine natural beauty in the day and astronomical bliss in the night. 

4. Home Swapping

Home Swapping is making its place as one of the popular top travel trends of 2024 for several reasons. With the popularity of work-from-home jobs, travellers are at an ease of spending more time away from home in foreign countries. But how to do it without the burden of hefty hotel fees and also mixing with the local life? The answer is Home Swapping. With several home swapping websites online you can easily get a free home to stay abroad. At a minimal annual subscription fee and offering your home to other travellers in exchange. 

5. Coolcationing

Coolcationing in snowy Alps
Take a ‘cool’ vacation in the Snowy Alps
Image Credit: Nataliya Nazarova

Say vacation and you think of summer days by the beach, however, for a change, the travel trends to look out for in 2024 include ‘Coolcationing’. With temperatures soaring year after year, people are looking towards cooler destinations to escape the record-high temperatures. Cooler temperatures are well suited as well as great spots for adventure lovers. 

This means there will be an increase in holiday travel further up North. Get your visa online for the beautiful Scandinavian and Baltic countries and book your international tour packages, so you are ready with a vacation plan as soon as the new year sets in. 

6. Off-Season Travel

For avid travellers, peak season travel with the crowds and soaring prices is no fun. Shoulder season is the new holiday ‘it’ season, making new trends for the travel industry in 2024. Even in 2023, shoulder season travel to popular locations around the world saw increased bookings. Off-season travel is gaining popularity for more authentic, crowd-free and tranquil escapes. Plus, you also get to book cheap flight tickets online to destinations around the world. 

7. Destination Dupes

Destination dupes
Destination dupes- Santorini or Paros?

In these economically challenging times, GenZs are looking for dupes of almost everything. From dupes of clothes and accessories, even travel destinations are getting dupes now. One of the top travel trends of 2024- ‘Destination dupes’ are locations that look, feel and have the same vibes as more popular tourist destinations. It is just that they are less crowded, comparatively cheaper but still provide a similar experience. 

For example, visiting Australia on an Australia Visa? Pick Perth to add to your Australia Tour Packages rather than Sydney, which is both costlier and busier. Similarly, choose to visit Paros instead of Santorini with our Greece Tour Packages.  

8. Food-Hopping But Make It Global

Variety of chaat - a famous street food in India
Variety of chaat – a famous street food in India

Ever seen people excited enough to fly out to a foreign country just to try out a particular restaurant or dish? The top travel trends of 2024 will include people hopping to another country not for the tourist attractions or activities but for the local cuisine or some renowned restaurant. 

Get a UK Visa to try the internet viral strawberry chocolate in Camden Market or the Milk Cake from L’etto in London. For the foodies coming in for holidays in India, are in for a treat. Each state offers such distinct and lip-smacking varieties of Indian cuisine, that you will be spoilt for choices. 

9. Plan-Free Travel

It is the age of being carefree and spontaneous and according to 2024 travel trends forecast more travellers will be opting for ‘plan-free travel’. Following in-detail itineraries are now out of the window. Some avid travellers are simply packing their bags, booking flights and making last-minute hotel reservations and jet-setting to their desired destinations. Some travel countries have taken a step further by providing experiences where the tourists won’t even know their travel destination until arrival.

10. AI Is Your Best Friend

AI is going to be responsible for the biggest trends in travel in 2024. While in 2023, AI chatbots were helping people plan their vacations, in 2024 you will be using AI-powered features and tools to actually help you navigate when on vacation. Don’t understand the language, use AI tools, need to book your transport, let UBER use your personalised AI algorithm and many such similar ideas.

Concluding these travel trends, it looks like 2024 is going to be a year full of experimental yet laid-back travel. Apart from these above-mentioned top travel trends of 2024 some other popular trends to look out for are:

  • Eco Diving
  • Sports Tourism
  • Biohack Resorts for your health
  • Private Group Travel
  • Skip-gen Travel
  • Glamorous Train Travel
  • Silent Travel

Tell us in the comments below what your travel vibe in 2024 will be like!

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