Udi Udi Jaaye,
Dil ki Patang Dekho Udi Udi Jaaye.!!

Boy flying kite with his father
Boy flying kite with his father
Image Credit:
Ben Lei

Isn’t the excitement higher for everyone? It must be because the first auspicious festival of the Gregorian calendar is here and is celebrated with the utmost fervor and enthusiasm across India.

Let‘s find out more about the Spring Festival! Below is the overview of everything you want to know about Makar Sankranti 2023 and how it is celebrated across India.

What is Makar Sankranti?

Makar Sankranti in India describes the shift of the movement of the sun in Capricorn (the Zodiac Sign) since Makar means Capricorn and Sankranti means transformation. Hindus view Makar Sankranti as a day of peace, happiness and prosperity. On this day, taking a bath in the Ganges or Yamuna is considered to be lucky. This Indian festival symbolizes the arrival of sunny days and the end of the winter season. Additionally, devotees honour and thank the Sun God for providing them with his radiant and warm rays.

According to the Gregorian calendar, Makar Sankranti falls on January 14 each year. On some occasions, it falls on the 15th due to the revolution of the earth and this year the festival is on the 15th of January 2023. It is believed that day and night are almost equal on this day. Since it coincides with the equinox, it is assumed that spring has officially arrived in India. After this day, the nights get shorter and the days get longer. Unlike other Indian festivals which follow the Lunar calendar, this festival follows the solar calendar.  

Significance of Makar Sankranti 2023

‘Makara’ means ‘Capricorn’. The movement of the sun into ‘Makara Raashi’ or the ‘zodiac of Capricorn’ is called Makar Sankranti. The festival of Makara Sankranti is significant for spiritual rituals. People bathe in holy rivers including the Ganges, Yamuna, Godavari, Krishna, and Kaveri on this day to cleanse themselves of sins. Many individuals also pray to the sun in gratitude for their good fortune and achievements.

Image Credit: Prchi Palwe

“Tilgul ghya ani god god bola.” in English means “Eat sesame, jaggery and speak sweet and polite words”. This kind of delicacy represents coming together in harmony and delight, leaving all the grudges and quarrels behind and starting afresh. In short, it is just a simple act of forgiveness.

Makar Sankranti in India has both religious and cultural importance. According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Krishna defeated the terror wreaked by Ashura by burying their heads beneath the Mandara Parvata (mountain). The festival also marks the beginning of the harvest season when new crops are worshipped and shared with delight. The harvest festival symbolizes the end of negativities and the beginning of righteousness and good aspirations to live a peaceful life.

How to Celebrate Makar Sankranti 2023?

Flying kites. Image Credit: Sholmaster
Image Credit: Sholmaster

Makar Sankranti in India is celebrated to honour the harvest season and will be celebrated this year on January 15. There are several different ways people celebrate this festival with joy, happiness and excitement. Some of them are as follows: –

  • Prepare special delicacies such as Puran poli, til ke ladoo, Undiyon, til chikki, peanut chikki, coconut ladoo, rice kheer, murmura laddu, sweet pongal and much more.
  • The traditional yellow black Indian sari or the luxurious Silk drapes for women and traditional kurtas for men are the most popular outfits you can wear while celebrating the festival.
  • Make some of the traditional candies out of sesame and jaggery throughout the festival. Consuming sesame is also said to the aid in the cleansing of the soul.
  • In many states, people often visit their relatives and exchange plates containing a piece of sugarcane, a mixture of sesame seeds and jaggery and candy made out of caramelised sugar. This tradition symbolizes the virtues of sharing and spreading happiness.
  • People clean their houses, tie mango leaves to the entrances of their homes, wear new clothes and pray to God. The prayers are not only offered at home but also in temples.
  • Some of the best activities of the Makar Sankranti festival in India are colourful decorations, singing and dancing, kite flying, bonfires, rangoli making competitions and many more.

Makar Sankranti Celebrated in Different States

The harvest festival is celebrated across different Indian States with full excitement but with different names like Lohri in Punjab, Uttarayan in Gujarat, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Maghi Saaji in Himachal Pradesh and Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra.

 International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad, India
International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad, India
Image Credit:
Sonika Agarwal

In Gujarat, Uttarayan is the most awaited festival. People celebrate this festival with utmost fun and enjoyment by participating in the International kite festival and competing with their friends and family in the Kite flying competing.

In Punjab, bathing in the holy river on the day of Makar Sankranti is considered to be auspicious and Lohri is celebrated the night before the Sankranti. People fondly sing folk songs and perform ‘Giddha’ and ‘Bhangra’.

Pongal also known as the harvest festival is celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu to thank the Sun God and Mother Nature for helping farmers in growing higher yielding crops. People celebrate it by exchanging gifts, getting together and decorating their houses and animals.

An India tour package is all you need to witness the magical celebration of Makar Sankranti in India!

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The Famous Kite Flying Festival 2023

“Kai Po Che”

Colorful kites hanging on wall
Colorful kites hanging on wall
Image Credit:
VD Photography

Kite flying is the most popular activity of the Makar Sankranti 2023 festival. Thousands of kites can be seen dotting the skies in the country as the festival manifests itself in many ways around the nation. When one thinks about Makar Sankranti, a picture of the lip-smacking sweets spread out on the terrace against the music of “Kai Po Che” immediately comes to mind. The tradition of flying kites is thought to have originated as a means of maintaining good health. The goal was to soak up the benefits of Vitamin D by exposing oneself to the first rays of the early morning summer sun.

The string of the kites are created because it frequently incorporates abrasives to chop down the kites of other people. Kites are constructed of very lightweight paper and bamboo. People enjoy kite flying, filling the skies with thousands of kites. Being the final kite still flying and destroying the other kites are the game’s objectives. It is exciting to visit and take part in the kite festival especially in Gujarat.

Amazing, right? How do you plan to celebrate the harvest festival? Let us guess! By gorging on sweet til ladoos, puran polis or by flying kites higher and higher in the sky with your family and friends.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Makar Sankranti 2023!

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