After a long day of exploring historical quarters, cafes and earthy souks, you find a seat. Your feet feel relieved. You look up to find a marvellous sight. Behold, a dazzling fountain shooting towards the sky. For, you’re on a travel experience like no other because Jeddah ghair is different.

Jeddah cityline at nighttime

Jeddah has been influenced by various cultures for millennia due to its location by the sea and proximity to Makkah. This influx has been responsible for shaping the city’s overall persona. As this persona pays tribute to its history while also raising a glass to the years ahead. There is plenty to explore in this seaside city, that it keeps the globetrotter in you satisfied for days.

antique old houses in Jeddah

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Wander through the historical quarters of Jeddah, Al Balad.

Historical significance of buildings in Jeddah

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a live, interactive open-air museum. However, Al Balad’s architecture, bazaars, lanes, and street-food are likely to charm all visitors. While the mornings brim with chatter from bazaars, the nights swing gently to the architecture of alleyways, and roshans (windows). You must sample the kebabs and freshly baked rusks at Al Balad to make your taste sing.

Immerse in the Souk experience and a memorable shopping spree

Woman in Burqa in Jeddah at the souk

While in Al Balad, you should not miss visiting the Souk Al Alawi, Saudi Arabia’s largest souk. Discover high-quality local textiles and outfits, as well as Arabian jewellery, incense, spices, Islamic art, and more! However, if you are a shopper who appreciates keeping up with the current trends, Jeddah’s concept stores are for you. You should also visit the massive Mall of Arabia, which is popular among visitors. One could commend its food court and high street – “The Boulevard.”

decorative plates at the souk in Jeddah

Experience Jeddah’s rich culture

Naseef House in Al Balad, jeddah

Begin your cultural journey in the Naseef House in Al Balad. This is a restored coral house that served as King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud’s royal home in 1925. There, one will be astounded to find gigantic ramps created within the home to allow camels to access the terrace!

mesmerising glimpse of art and architecture in Al Balad

You can also visit a number of art galleries that dot the city. Or the sculptures on the corniche, or the open air cultural extravaganza of Al Balad and the souks. The statues on the corniche by Joan Miro and Henry Moore will leave you stunned with their beauty and stories.

Indulge in a gastronomic adventure like no other

Arabian Teapot in Jeddah

When you visit Jeddah, you get the best of both worlds. Street cuisine enthusiasts should visit Al Balad’s alleyways and souks. There are several possibilities for people looking for traditional Hejazi food. Maqadeer delivers some of the greatest comfort food with a modern twist. Whereas Twina is known for its aquatic Hejazi cuisine. It is the centrepiece of which is the plentiful fish from the Red Sea. The Hejazi breakfast selections at Taibat Al Hijaz are a terrific way to start your day off right. In cosmopolitan Jeddah, you can also get Asian bao buns, Mexican tacos, Lebanese falafels, and Italian lattes.

brown and white moorish style old buildings in Jeddah

Dive into the Red Sea

colourful alleyways in Jeddah

Those that brave the depths of the Red Sea will have the most incredible experience. That’s correct! Adventurers can visit Sharm Obhur, a prominent scuba diving location in Jeddah. Or the shipwrecks at Abu Tair and Abu Faramish. These diving locations will leave you in awe of the Red Sea’s incredible marine diversity.

World's Tallest Fountain shooting water in the sky, Jeddah

Other attractions include an aquarium, workout arenas, and the Central Fish Market, where you may locate Red Sea treasures. The King Fahd Fountain, however, remains the corniche’s major attraction. This is the world’s tallest fountain, shooting water up to 30 metres!

So, when is a good time to travel to Jeddah?

green palm trees and the blue sky lined up with moorish style aesthetic buildings on both sides

The greatest time to visit Jeddah, like many desert cities and locations, is during the winter and early spring. As a result, the months of September through April are great for a visit.

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So pack your bags, as we wish you Memorable Holidays!

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