From “Madam, chutta nahi hai!”, “Bhaiya, yeh note nahi chalega phata hua hai” To “Uncle PayTM hai naa?”, “Yaar abhi tu pay karde, I’ll GPay you later.”

Since ancient times, India has given the world many things that have essentially added value to life and made it easier. And guess what, we haven’t stopped yet! The latest gift to the world from India is our own revolutionary UPI Payment technology!

Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is an instant real-time payment system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to be used on mobile to transfer funds from one account to another without having to go through the traditional time-consuming ways. A UPI Payment can be easily done across the country using apps like Gpay, PhonePe or PayTM.

UPI Payment has proven to be a boon during the demonetization and the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic when contactless payment was encouraged. Since then using UPI has become a norm and our go-to way of making payments.

So what’s new with UPI? Well, due to NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL) a subsidiary of NPCI, UPI Payment has gone international! Meaning, you can now transfer funds and make payments through the very same UPI abroad too! Isn’t that interesting? Simply scan and pay no need for a credit card, forex, or carrying cash around!

Let’s check out the list of countries that currently accept UPI Payment:


Merlion Statue, Singapore
Merlion Statue, Singapore
Image Credit:
Richie Chan

The prosperous land of Singapore is among the first choice of Indians for a vacation due to the quick Singapore visa process and affordable Singapore tour packages. Add to it the ease of making payments using the BHIM UPI app without carrying cash around and your holidays become completely hassle-free! Due to NIPL and Liquid Group’s collaboration and both the central banks of India and Singapore working to interconnect Singapore’s PayNow and India’s UPI, your transactions will get much smoother in the upcoming days.

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Taktshang Goemba (Tiger's Nest Monastery), Bhutan
Taktshang Goemba (Tiger’s Nest Monastery), Bhutan
Image Credits: MC_Noppadol

In July 2022, Bhutan became the first country to use UPI Payment with the launch of the BHIM UPI app in partnership with the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) of Bhutan. With Bhutan being visa free for Indians and just a scenic drive away, all you need to do is pick a Bhutan tour package and simply have the time of your life.

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Prayer flags and Mt. Annapurna, Nepal
Prayer flags and Mt. Annapurna, Nepal
Image Credits: Pisit Rapitpunt

One of the earliest countries that have started accepting UPI Payments. NIPL has collaborated with Gateway Payment Service (GPS) and Manam Infotech to launch UPI in Nepal. So, when you are enjoying your Nepal tour package amidst the Himalayas and are ready to go on your Everest trek, don’t worry about carrying cash, use UPI instead.

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Smelling aromatic spices & herbs on display at the famous Spice Souk market in Baniyas Street, in locality of Al Ras, Deira, Dubai
Buying aromatic spices & herbs on display at the famous Spice Souk market in Baniyas Street, in the locality of Al Ras, Deira, Dubai
Image credits: PhotographerIncognito

The UAE is on the bucket list of every traveler from across the globe, thanks to its glamour, lavishness, and grandness. Moreover, Dubai is a preferred destination among travellers for its ample shopping scene. From budget to luxury shopping, you can shop till you drop for anything and everything. The emirate city becomes busier during the Dubai Shopping Festival. To ease the shopping experience, the UAE too has adopted the UPI payment facility to provide a simpler shopping experience for travellers. NIPL has partnered with Mashreq Bank of the UAE which allows Indians to make UPI Payments at NEOPAY enabled merchants, stores, and retail shops. So, if you are looking to apply for Dubai visa online and eyeing our exciting Dubai tour packages then your timing couldn’t be better.

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Golden Bridge in Vietnam
Golden Bridge in Vietnam
Image Credit: Hien Phung Thu

One of the best places you can visit on a tight budget, and still make the most of it! Don’t believe us? Check out Vietnam’s untouched tropical beauty, crystal clear waters, and emerald green forests, included in our Vietnam tour packages. And if they don’t entice you enough to apply for a Vietnam visa and visit the country soon, then the next bit will. You don’t have to convert your currency to explore this heaven on earth! Liquid Group and NIPL have teamed up to enable UPI Payment in Vietnam.

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Eiffel Tower and Trocadero Garden in Paris, France.
Eiffel Tower and Trocadero Garden in Paris, France.
Image Credit: Neirfy

One of the top stars of any European tour packages, France attracts travelers from all over the world. Visiting Eiffel Tower, relishing French Cuisine, and indulging in the latest fashion is what a French holiday is all about. Will it make you apply for a France visa and book a France tour package right now if we said that UPI Payments are now accepted in France? Yes! NPCI International and Lyra Network of France have made it possible to use RuPay Cards and UPI in France as well. So, leave the Euro behind for this trip.

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Customers buy fruits and vegetables from street vendors in an open-air market near Psar Orussey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Image Credit: Nelson Antoine

The land of Angkor Wat, where tourists visit to see a glimpse of the days gone by. Many travelers are now applying for Cambodia visa to visit and explore one of the least explored countries on earth. And the good news is that you can use your UPI app in Cambodia too! Liquid Group and NIPL have enabled Indians to utilize their UPI Payment apps to make digital payments and ditch their cash while enjoying their Cambodia tour packages.

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E wallet, digital, cashless, UPI Payment method in Malaysia, Grab pay, Boost, Touch n Go and Maybank QrPay accept at local restaurant
E-wallet, digital, cashless, UPI Payment method in Malaysia, Grab pay, Boost, Touch n Go and Maybank QrPay accept at local restaurant
Image Credit: YnetteT

Malaysia attracts many Indians due to the easy Malaysia visa process and interesting Malaysia tour packages. Many Indians who work, or study in Malaysia usually send their remittances to their family back home. In 2021, Merchantrade Asia and NIPL teamed up to provide real-time remittances to India with UPI Payment and Liquid Group enabled UPI payments in Malaysia.

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Customers pay for purchases by scanning QR code.
Customers pay for purchases by scanning QR code in Thailand
Image Credits: rurgrit

One of the most loved places for Indians to travel, Thailand also accepts UPI Payment for fund transfers. Thailand is worth spending your money on all sorts of activities from sightseeing, partying, island hopping, eating, and shopping. And what better way to enjoy your Thailand tour package without worrying about carrying cash? Liquid Group with NIPL has enabled QR and UPI Payments in Thailand. Applying for a Thailand visa now sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

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And soon many other countries like Australia, Russia, the UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines among others will also go the cashless way with the UPI Payment option!

Surprising! Isn’t it? How, UPI Payments have revolutionized the way we pay for everything be it goods, products, or services. The advancement of technology and the availability of mobile phones have made it possible to leave your cash behind in the banks and use digital payments for every purchase we make.

And with this revolutionary method now going global, the next time you travel abroad, cash skip karo aur PayTM karo!

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