UAE, is a well-known nation which serves as a beautiful travel spot for most. Whether it is shopping, modern architecture or history and culture that is your liking when it comes to travel, Dubai has it all. This is the reason why it has a soaring tourism industry as well. Making things even better for travellers is this ground-breaking news”.

UAE has always been a country of inventors who believe in turning dreams into reality. After introducing the ‘Smart Tunnel’ and flying cars, they have always been forward-looking and planning for the future with innovation and technology. Further to this, UAE is now all ready to set a benchmark by constructing a high-speed underwater train from Mumbai to UAE.

Like London to Paris undersea high-speed rail network, Indians may also soon enjoy an underwater ‘floating rail’ journey from UAE’s Fujairah to Mumbai.

Welcome to the world of under-sea high-speed rail network!

Underwater high speed rail

Undersea High-Speed Rail: The Concept

In a recent UAE- India Conclave, happened in Abu Dhabi, a UAE based company named National Advisor Bureau Limited proposed a ‘floating underwater network’ project that will run between Mumbai to UAE.
The undersea network between the two countries will work for transporting passengers as well as to exchange oil and other goods. This has been conceptualized with an aim to improve travel between UAE and India, and also facilitate trade easily.

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How will it work?

The plan is to develop a 2000 kms undersea rail network, which will connect Fujairah to Mumbai. The project is proposed to increase the bilateral trade between India and UAE. The passenger coaches would enable comfortable undersea travel, most probably cruising at 300 km/hr speed. As per the initial plan, Fujairah port will enable transfer of oil from UAE to Mumbai; Narmada’s water can be transported from Mumbai to UAE using the same rail network.

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UAE is not the only country working on an underwater rail network. This form of rail travel is already enabled in Japan, Korea, Canada and countries like Australia, UK, Israel, China and US are planning to launch this very soon.

Excited to enjoy a floating train ride? All globetrotters looking for a thrilling start to their UAE vacation, this undersea train ride is a must try! Ditch the mainstream travel option and hop on to this train to reach your destination in no time.

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