There is nothing more disappointing than getting your Italy visa rejected. There are some unfortunate times when your visa might get rejected. However, an Italy visa rejection isn’t the end of the world! It just means you haven’t shown them enough for them to know you are worthy of your travel.

Rejections can occur for a number of reasons, often involving simple mistakes made by the applicant in the visa application form or submission of incomplete documents. It will be relatively easier if the applicant pays attention to details and gathers enough information before proceeding to apply. Once you are through with the points, you can take preventive measures accordingly.

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So, what are the probable reasons why the Italy embassy may possibly turn down your application? Read on…..

• Submission of incomplete or fake documents

Every visa application involves a set of requirements that must be submitted by the applicant. The problem arises when applicants don’t have some of these documents. Desperate to obtain a visa to enter Italy, some applicants even resort to submitting fake documents. If found out, the applicant is normally banned for entry into Italy for a few years or banned in Italy forever. Some docs like birth certificates are hard to fake. Things like Certificate of Employment, pay slips, and bank statements can easily be produced. But DON’T DO IT.

Tip: Submit a complete set of Documents. If you can’t, don’t fake anything. Specify the reason for not submitting the document in the cover letter. Ensure to include a detailed itinerary of your travel plans across the Schengen area and suffice it with as many shreds of evidence as you can. For e.g. provide internal flight tickets, train bookings, hotel bookings etc.

• Intention to return to your home country is not clear

You have failed to prove that your trip is temporary, and you will return back to your country. The Embassy is forced to believe that the applicant has weak social and economic ties. Officials want to avoid people overstaying their visa and/or working without authorization.

Tip: Provide proof of professional status such as leave letter from Employee or letter from the school, family ties or property documents that will guarantee your return.

• Incorrect or unjustified visa type can lead to Italy visa rejection

Applying for the wrong visa category is one of the main reasons behind Italy visa rejection. There are different types of Italy visas; tourist, business, student, work, transit etc. Most of the times, a visa is denied stating that the “purpose of visit not clear”. Mention it exactly why you want to visit the place; for e.g. for study or recreational purpose. One purpose shouldn’t overlap with some other intentions.

Tip: If you are going for the purpose of tourism, make sure you show them enough proofs. Show them your accommodation details and an itinerary that justifies things well. Write everything in the cover letter in a personalized way for the embassy to understand your intention well. If you are visiting family, then provide Invitation letter and and the address and ID proof of the person inviting.

• Previous record of overstay

If you have any history of previous overstays in Schengen territories, it will be a straightforward rejection and worse if your previous records are dug further.

Tip: If you overstayed on your last trip for a genuine or serious reason, provide a suitable explanation in your cover letter. Try to equip your justification with strong evidence in case you have one. That might save your day, though your case remains weak. Overstays at any circumstances can have a negative impact on your application and can result in future Italy visa rejection.

• Means of financial subsistence

One of the major reasons the Embassy rejects your Italy visa application is missing or insufficient proof of means of existence for the duration of stay in Italy, nor for the return to home country. You must be able to prove that you have enough savings or access to funds to finance your trip—in its entirety—and for your return home.

Tip: Keeping sufficient means of subsistence, offering a stable financial statement and possessing enough funds (fixed deposits, property investments etc) to meet your expenses while you stay in Italy. It gives you an edge and ensures higher chances for your visa acceptance and to avoid an Italy visa rejection.

• Invalid travel insurance

Italy Visa application is rejected due to the inability of the applicant to present appropriate travel insurance as per the guidelines stated by the Embassy coverage for the duration of stay in Italy. If you take insurance from any random company and your travel dates mentioned in the insurance does not conform to your actual travel. In all probability your visa may be denied.

Tip: It is very important to have a valid travel insurance that covers your entire Europe trip from the journey date till you are back in India and the insurance must be taken from an authorized insurance company with sufficient coverage of hospital treatment and repatriation as mentioned in the document checklist of the Embassy.

• Criminal history

If you have violated immigration rules and regulation in the past, then the consular officer will reject your visa application right away. The consular officer will also reject or refuse your Italy visa if they see you as a threat to the internal security, public policy or public wealth of Italy and other Schengen countries.

Tip: We recommend you avoid applying for an Italy visa until an applicant is clear of all criminal investigations. The Embassy will thoroughly investigate all the information provided. This may eventually be discovered even if such person has tried to cover up the information.

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Do you fear a visa rejection? Are you confused about how to go about with your visa application? If yes, Akbar Travels can help you. We provide friendly, comprehensive, up-to-date visa services that cater to our clients’ individual needs and have helped a significant number of individuals who initially received a visa refusal decision to overturn that outcome of an Italy visa rejection.

Since Italy is part of the Schengen agreement, getting an Italy visa will give you access to visit all the other 25 Schengen countries. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for your visa now and get one step closer to fulfilling your dream of visiting some of the most beautiful European countries.

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