With its great historical aura, stunning sites and diverse landscapes, Italy offers international students an enriching cultural experience. The country has a wide variety of fields to offer to students from architecture, fashion to design and applied sciences. Italy offers great education opportunities, exciting campuses and quality education to students preparing for their future careers.

If you are one of those planning to study in Italy then you must remember the fact that visa will not be issued the same day.  From applying for visa to finally getting it takes a lot of time and sometimes 2 months to complete the visa process. Hence, to make sure that you receive your visa on time, it is advisable to submit your Italy student visa application along with all the essential documents as early as possible.

If you are not sure about the visa process then fret not, we has compiled a list of all the essential information you need to apply for your visa.

Types of Italy Student Visa

There are two types of student visas in Italy, depending on the duration of the study program.

  • Visa type C: This visa is valid for one or more entries and for a period not more than 90 days.
  • Visa type D: This visa is issued to students who plan to study in Italy for a period more than 90 days.
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You must start your visa application procedure well in advance of the intended date as the processing time can be lengthy.

Required documents for Italy Student Visa

To apply for an Italy Student Visa, you will be required to submit a set of documents to support your visa application. Here’s a document checklist for you:

  • An official letter of acceptance by an Italian University
  • Valid passport with at least 2 blank visa pages
  • Proof of adequate financial ability to support yourself financially including the tuition fee and the cost of living
  • Copy of your Bank statement
  • Proof of health and medical insurance that covers your entire stay duration in Italy
  • Proof of your accommodation

Steps to apply for an Italy Student Visa

In order to apply for an Italy Student Visa, you will have to apply at the Italian Embassy/Consulate for the student visa. Follow the below mentioned procedure to obtain your Italy student visa in the most effortless way:

Step 1: Fill out the visa application form

The first step towards getting your Italy visa is to obtain a student visa application form. Once you have downloaded the form online fill out the form carefully with all your details.

Step 2: Collect all the documents

Make a checklist of all the essential documents that you need along with the submission of your visa. Gather all documents in place and keep them ready for submission.

Step 3: Schedule an appointment

In order to submit your visa application you will need to schedule an appointment at the Italian Embassy/Consulate as a part of the application process. Remember you carry all the required documents on the day of your appointment.

Step 4: Collect your visa

Applicants can opt to have their student visa delivered through courier or else they can personally collect from the Embassy/Consulate. If you are visiting the Embassy then you will be required to show the acknowledgment receipt issued to you. In case someone else is going to collect the visa on your behalf, he/she will have to carry the following documents:

  • Acknowledgement Receipt
  • Letter of authority mentioning the name of the person collecting it on your behalf along with your signature
  •  ID Proof of the representative 

Work while studying in Italy

International students are allowed to work while studying in Italy, but they need to obtain a work permit. However, processing time may vary between regions and on an average it takes around 2 months. Therefore, it’s better if international students traveling to Italy do not rely on getting a job within a few months of their arrival.

Processing Time

You must apply for your Italy student visa at least 3 months before your study program starts. It is advisable to start with your visa application process immediately after you have received an acceptance letter from the university of your choice. Once you have applied for the visa, you can expect to wait for about 90 days for the decision.

So, now that you have all the necessary information, are you all set to start the visa application process? All the best.

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