If you are curious about visiting the natural Hot Springs in Georgia, you are on the right page, as you can get all the details here.

natural hot springs in georgia

You can also get some idea about the thermal pools and sulphur geysers besides mineral water pools.

Natural Hot Springs in Georgia have been part of life and culture since the fifth century, and the bath houses gained prominence in the 13th century. They were mostly for everything, not just beating. Georgians would love to socialise and debate the day’s issues, and mothers would even use these to assess the bride’s suitability for their son. Workers from the different unions would travel to Georgia to visit the thermal bath during the Soviet era. They are exercising their rights to rest as afforded by the constitution.

Thermal waters have been typically known to treat different ailments, including skin conditions and joint pains, besides digestive complaints. Doctors can also prescribe a course of balenological treatment lasting at least 14 to 21 days. It would be best if you made the most of the best natural Hot Springs in Georgia while you are there. Even though there are hundreds of natural Hot Springs in Georgia, nothing beats the one mentioned in this guide.

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Natural Hot Springs in Georgia you must know about

Tbilisi sulphur bath

Natural Hot Springs form a major part of Tbilisi’s culture and history. This name also comes from the Georgian for a warm place. King Vakhtang gave it after he discovered the springs while hunting. This place is your best bet for natural Hot Springs, as there are more than sixty bathhouses operating in the district. Waters in the sulphur sit at a comfortable, warm temperature of 38 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius. The part of the town is especially photogenic tilled facades and amazing brick domes that rise from the rooftop of the bathhouse. The majority of the bathhouses offer public and private options and kissy scrubs besides massages.

Borjomi sulfur pools 

They are nestled at the end of Borjomi Central Park. You can come across three poles, including one for the children. There are different changing rooms and toilets available out there besides a cafe bar which makes it extremely easy for you to have most of the best natural Hot Springs in Georgia. The visitor reviews might vary as these facilities are completely open. The water is not extremely hot. The average temperature includes 32 degrees to 38 degrees, and there are no treatments also available, but the scenery and freshness make the bath a completely unmissable experience while visiting this place. The pools are open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day. The places are easily accessible by public transport, either by train or even by minibus. You can find the historic town of Akhundzada, which also has great natural springs.

Vani sulfur pool

These sulfur pools are opposite to the comfortable spa experiences mentioned on the list. The experience here is completely different. The two small pools are fed by around 40 degrees Celsius sulfur spring which is completely natural and located quite literally in the middle of a field. The pools are uncovered, and the facilities are considered basic. There is a basic board in a cubicle to change, and there is no toilet or spa treatment. If you are up for a rough experience, then this is a unique natural Hot Spring in Georgia that you must visit. The best is that the sulphur pool is open 24/7, and you are free to enter. One of the best ways to visit this sulphur pool is by car, or you can even get there by minibus.

Novak sulphur hot springs 

It is one of the best natural Hot Springs in Georgia. When you visit here, you can witness the water trickling down the hill to the riverbed, creating a great white capture from mineral deposits and painting the ground with rust shades. You can stand under the waterfall, or submerge yourself in the shallow pool which collects on the ground, and the best of all is that the water is scorching hot, which is around 37 to 38 degrees Celsius. Luckily, you can jump in the river to cool off. But the most unfortunate part is that there are no changing or toilet facilities but the water cascades down the travertine formation.

Abastumani sulphur hot springs

It was made back in the 1890s when the brother of Nicholas 2 received treatment for tuberculosis in this region. This is one of the best natural Hot Springs in Georgia, where the elite of the Russian emperor spent their summers.

Several sanatoria were built in the town, and it became one of the most prominent health resorts during the Soviet era. It was especially for the treatment of respiratory diseases because of the exceptionally clean air. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the town lost popularity. The royal bath, once used by Georgy Romanov himself, is currently renovating. The public pools are getting the same benefits as the water. One of the best ways to reach this sulphur bath is to take a minibus from Akhaltsikhe. You need to know that spark town is just a few kilometres outside the village, so you must walk or take a taxi for the last part of your journey.

Same thermal spa

The legends tell that Sarime was discovered by at least two hunting brothers who named it deer’s place after witnessing deer drinking and eating salt from that spring. Geologists in the 1920s discovered the mineral waters, and in 1913 this became a sanatorium town of the Soviet Union. Currently, visitors reap the benefits of healing waters by visiting one of the largest thermal resorts built on the top of four springs. The different springs feature mineral compositions and are prescribed to treat different ailments. The resort also features a spa with a pool filled with thermal water salts and, dry and wet saunas, making it one of the best natural Hot Springs in Georgia.

Torghva sulphur bath

It is nestled on the stunning Abeno pass and is named after a legendary hero who is fabled to have a bath in the healing waters after a challenging battle. It is one of the natural Hot Springs in Georgia. Thirteen natural springs are a study at 36.5 degree Celsius and have been used for several years for weight loss and other treatments, so why not include them in your Georgia tour package?

The bath house is a couple of tide pools in a tin-roofed house, and there are incredible views of Tusheti if you are heading this way while not taking a great detour and going for a detox.

If you are looking forward to visiting natural Hot Springs in Georgia, then you should follow the list above, and you can make the most of your trip. Georgia tour packages should include Hot Springs, so remember to include some of them at least.

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