Blessed with the sun and sea, Australia has its fair share of both a wide array of scrumptious, locally grown and ‘caught’ food (read seafood), and a splendid sunny weather to enjoy it. But when it’s the question of food and that too yummy Australian food, it is bad (table) manners to keep talking and not already dig in! So, here is a list of top Australian foods that the world should be feasting on.

1. Barbecued Shrimp

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Though a cliché, but Australians know their food and they know how to barbecue shrimps like a pro. Perfectly cooked, with heaven in every morsel, barbecued shrimps sure ranks at the top of the list of great Australian seafood. Accompanied by beer, these fantastic ingredients, and with the lucky weather always on the side of great tasting Australian food, who would not want to go Down Under.

2. Pie

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Flaky and buttery on the outside and soft- ‘melt in the mouth’ on the insides, Australia pies have no match indeed. Go ask an Australian what’s their ‘go to’ comfort food and if it is anything other than a big chunk o’ pie, they are probably lying. Taste this Australian food with a cheesy pastry crust that’s filled with local beef and beer, and it would be your favorite comfort food too; for all times happy or sad (and the ones in between)!

3. Lamington


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Can’t have enough of sponge cakes or jams? So, can’t the Aussies either. Lamington is an Australian food that’s a mouthwatering combination of the two and is essentially sponges filled with jam, coated with gooey chocolate, and sprinkled with a hearty dose of coconut flakes on the top. Named after Lord Lamington, the sweet indulgence even has a national day dedicated to it, such as the name, fame and well, taste of the dish.

4. Burger

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If you ever walk into a restaurant or a burger bar in the land of Kangaroos, and ask for a burger, be ready to be pleasantly surprised and delighted at their generous offering. You will find on your plate everything that’s in their kitchen, and by everything, we actually mean everything- because from what we can make out, the burger here is an all encompassingAustralian food that has cheese, buns, bacon, lettuce, beef tomato, pineapple, and beetroot too! And that’s that if you aren’t counting the many sauces that go on top.

5. Sausage Rolls


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And while we are on the wild run to flush our diets and healthy eating pledges down the drain, you can of course not miss out on this super delicious Australian food – Sausage rolls. The locals are in absolute love with this pork-stuffed sausage rolls and we cannot help but totally agree with their obsession once we taste these calorie- rich but oh so yummy rolls. Make sure you eat them and eat them warm and plenty.

6. Anzac Biscuits

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If you thought great tasting and equally amazing smelling biscuits are the highlights of Britain, it is time to think again. Take a single bite of Anzac biscuits and feel the crispness giving way to melting sweetness in your mouth. Made with oats for wholesome goodness and minus eggs for long-lived freshness, this Australian food was invented as a carry on food for the sea voyagers and is still a loved baked goodie, for obvious reasons.

7. Dim Sums

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With the South-East Asia a flight away, it is not a surprise to find Aussies develop a taste for the sticky, steamed and healthy dim sums or ‘dimmies’ as the locals call them. Get yourself a takeaway from one of the many restaurants in Australia serving this Australian food to experience the unique taste of this soy sauce-drenched steamed or fried, small balls of meat and cabbage.

8. Fried Potato Cake

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Who doesn’t love fried potato cakes? Well, while we do not have an answer to that, we certainly know who does. Australians adore them. And what makes this Australian food so wanted, other than the obvious facts that it is made with potatoes and is fried, is that they are versatile enough to be topped with anything! From sour cream topping to smoked salmon or eggs on the side, you can choose to enjoy these small savory cakes as you please.

9. Pavlova

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While it is debated as to which country does the origination of this sweet treat belongs- Australia or New Zealand, one thing is clear- we do not care. All we care about is to get lost in this giant meringue with a soft center and a top with whipped cream, passion fruit, kiwis and fresh berries; yum. Although other than the passionate thoughts about the desert, one does wonder, why is such a fattening sweetmeat named after a svelte dancer- Anna Pavlova?

Bon Appetit!

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