You’ve found the ideal partner, bought the ring and even made a head start on your vows. All that’s missing is the perfect place to tie the knot. Yes, a hometown wedding might be easier to plan, but who hasn’t dreamt of getting married abroad, say on a castle in France or a remote beach in the tropics? For years celebrities have been going all-out, throwing destination wedding in the most romantic, far-flung locations around the world. Whether you and your partner have decided to elope, or you want to celebrate with your nearest and dearest somewhere a little different, a destination wedding can open you up to an endless list of incredible locations to host your big day. While you may not be able to rent out an entire castle or resort for your nuptials, you can still pay a visit to some of the most famous wedding sites of the rich and famous.

Want to have a destination wedding but don’t know where to start? There are so many gorgeous locations in the world to hold your nuptials, which is why we’ve rounded up our favorite top 10 destination wedding locations below:

1. Italy

10 of the World’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations
Rome, Italy

It’s no surprise that Italy, one of the most romantic countries in the world, is a popular choice for destination weddings. Italy is the only country in Europe that offers the widest range of locations to suit all budgets. It really has something for everyone. Whether you consider yourself a closet Kardashian or more of an Amal Clooney, tying the knot in Italy is definitely one for the wedding bucket list. You can celebrate your wedding on amazing beaches, near the river, the mountain, city or countryside. You name it, Italy has it all. Marvelous landscapes, unparalleled lifestyle, and a unique heritage of culture and traditions are just some of the reasons why Italy is always one of the first destination wedding choices every year. The most popular luxury wedding destinations in Italy are predictably Tuscany, Venice, Lake Como and Capri, but for something truly breathtaking, try Sardinia, or as it’s better known, the Maldives of the Mediterranean. And don’t forget the cigar bar. It’s Italy’s hottest post-coffee-and-cake touch.

Legal requirement: Before jetting off for your big day in Italy, it is important that you have all the documents needed to prevent any problems along the way. Your key to getting married in Italy is obtaining a a Nulla Osta, a document certifying the couple is free to marry. This is a certificate of No Impediment which is issued by the Embassy or Consulate of your country of origin in Italy. Without this piece of paper, you won’t be legally married when you get back home. This document which is valid for 6 months should be submitted to the town hall along with your Passport, Birth certificates & other necessary documents such as Passports, Birth Certificates, Valid Italy visas and so on depending upon your nationality. And they’ll register the marriage. All you have to do when you get home is register your marriage with the marriage bureau and it’s happily ever after!

Visa: If you are planning a trip to Italy for getting married, you will need to apply for an Italy Visa. We are here to assist and help you through the entire visa application. 

2. Thailand

10 of the World’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations
Wat Non Kum,Thailand

Great times and great value await in Thailand. It’s no surprise why Thailand is deemed the ‘Land of Smiles’. With its undeniably stunning beaches, breath-taking nature, and inimitable charm, this tropical paradise is clearly made for a dreamy destination wedding abroad. With a range of romantic island locations to vow everlasting love, Thailand has become a leading destination for unique wedding experiences that presents value for money. From major international resorts in Phuket or Koh Samui, to tiny, stunning island paradises such as Koh Phi Phi where aquamarine waters, swaying coconut palms and porcelain sandy beaches beckon. Marriage is sacred and highly respected in Thailand and so this friendly country is ideal for those important vows! Your guests will also love you for picking Thailand. Cheap and convenient to visit, with reasonable accommodation from a few dollars a night, no one will have an excuse not to attend.

Legal Requirement: Apart from his/her passport certified by the embassy, another important document which is required from a foreigner who wants to marry in Thailand is his/her Affidavit of Freedom to Marry. This Affirmation Affidavit must be acquired from his/her Embassy in Thailand after arriving in the country. Once an Affidavit is obtained, he/she should have it translated to Thai and certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After doing so, then proceed to the local district office for the marriage registration. Both spouses are each given a Certificate of Marriage after the unification is officially registered at the district office. Since the certificate is in Thai, the foreign spouse will need to have it translated into English before the Certificate can be used for filing to his home country. After the translation, the document should be brought to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Certification. It is necessary for some nationalities to report their marriage at their country’s Embassy in Thailand. Ask your Embassy regarding this when applying for the Affidavit of Freedom to Marry. If you are required to report your marriage, just present the certified translation of your marriage certificate for this purpose. If you have previously been married, documents attesting to the legal termination of that marriage may also be required.

Visa: All Indians require a Thailand Visa to travel to Thailand. The visa is issued for a period of up to 60 days. Click here to know more about the documentation and Thailand visa application.

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3. France

10 of the World’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations
Bordeaux, France

Are you thinking about getting married in France? Heaps of love is what France is made of! Forgive us for getting a little cheesy here, but we think there’s a reason why ‘France’ rhymes with ‘romance’. Yes, we said it. France is one of the most romantic countries in the world for a wedding. The language, the food, and the gorgeous landscape all exude love, making France the ideal place to tie the knot with your partner. From Burgundy to Provence, Avignon to Bordeaux and more, there is a range of options for your French provincial wedding. Paris offers you an unbeatable setting for your wedding photo shoot. Think of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, or Montmartre… Is there any other city in the world that can offer something similar? Hollywood couples are no stranger to destination weddings in France. The most famous couple to tie the knot here are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie-Pitt, who married in the south of France in 2014. Actors Bradley Cooper and Salma Hayek join their ranks, along with singers Alicia Keys and Avril Lavigne. Be ready to fall in love and say ‘I do’ in one of the most romantic places in the world.

Legal Requirement: Getting legally married in France is only possible through a civil ceremony which takes place at the council offices (mairie). All couples have to have a civil service to become legally married at a mairie before they host religious or other symbolic weddings at another venue. For this you must reside in France for 40 days before the ceremony. In general, the marriage application must be made and received by the local mairie at least 10 days before the wedding date. Original foreign documents may need to be translated into French and be authenticated with an Apostille stamp. After your wedding, you’ll be issued a Livret de Famille (official book) that will have your marriage recorded in it. French people often use these books to record other family events later on, such as births and deaths. Apply to the mairie where your ceremony took place to receive your official marriage certificate. Most Mairies in France require some or all of the following documentation: Passport, Birth Certificate, Justificatifs de Domicile – Proof of Domicile, Certificat du Notaire – Prenupital agreement, Divorce Certificate if divorcee, Death Certificate if widowed. This is just a basic list and there may be additional documents depending upon your nationality.

Visa: A France Short stay visa is required to plan your trip to France. The France visa is a Schengen visa which authorizes foreign nationals to enter France and other 25 European countries for a stay of up to 3 months. 

4. Fiji

10 of the World’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations

Walk down an aisle of soft white sand to the rhythm of cascading crystal blue waves with a tropical Fijian wedding. With more than 3000 islands making up this archipelago in the South Pacific, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the perfect island for your special day. With sandy beaches, resorts to suit a variety of budgets and short flights, it’s easy to see why couples are tying the knot in this South Pacific paradise. Fiji is a well-known destination for romantic couples from around the world. In fact, thousands of couples tie the knot in Fiji each year. The tropical climate, the Fijian culture and the destination itself are just some of the many reasons why getting married in Fiji appeals to the bride and groom planning their ‘biggest day’. Be it an intimate beach wedding ceremony or a resort ceremony with your nearest and dearest, Fiji has you covered with many options on offer. If you and your future Mr. or Mrs. dream of an exotic, beachside wedding, this is one destination that the two of you will love.

Legal requirements: Firstly, your marriage in Fiji is recognised legally worldwide. You do not have to get married again in your home country to make it official. All overseas marriage applicants are required by law to obtain and sign a Marriage License from a marriage registry or district office prior to the marriage ceremony. Submit scanned copies of all your paperwork well in advance to one of the BDM offices In Fiji. Upon arriving in Fiji, you and your spouse will need to visit the office in person, bringing all original documents with you for completion of your marriage license. Documents required are your birth certificates, valid passports, Certificate of Single status or Certificate of No Legal Impediment and Divorce and Death Certificate if applicable. Once issued, the marriage license is valid for 28 days effective from the date of issue and within this period the marriage must be officiated. The Marriage Officer/Celebrant must satisfy that the license is still valid on the day of your ceremony.

Visa: Indian nationals along with other eligible countries are not required to obtain a Visa before entering Fiji and are granted a visitor permit valid for up to 4 months on arrival.

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5. Greece

10 of the World’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations
Santorini, Greece

To begin with, Greece comes with a bonus: Not only is it a great choice for your wedding, but it also serves as an amazing honeymoon destination. You and your partner can experience the ancient city of Athens, in a ceremony surrounded by culture, historical monuments and authentic Greek ambiance, or take to the dreamy setting of Santorini for a luxurious wedding amongst some of Greece’s prettiest beaches. Greece has countless spots which are ideal for a memorable wedding celebration, and it also offers your guests the opportunity to double up your big day as a holiday and explore what this wonderful country has to offer post-wedding. These are the places where true paradise, clear seas and perfect weather all come together – and with so many incredible countries nearby, you can go straight on a travelling honeymoon once the wedding day is over! If you want a fairy-tale ending to your real-life love story, we couldn’t think of a better place to do so.

Legal Requirement: Foreign nationals in Greece may be married either in a civil ceremony by a mayor, in a religious ceremony by a priest, or other. Although there is no residency requirement for foreign national wishing to marry in Greece, the bureaucratic procedure may take several weeks to complete before a marriage certificate may be obtained. In order to marry in Greece, you will need to acquire a Certificate of No Impediment. This is a legal document that basically states that it is legal for you and your partner to wed. Other document requirement are valid passports, Greece visa, Birth Certificates, Where applicable a Decree Absolute divorce certificate to show that a previous marriage has been dissolved, In the case that a previous spouse has died, a copy of the Death Certificate will be required. All documents – originals or certified copies – must be translated into Greek and be certified with an Apostille stamp affixed. Contact the Greek consulate in your home country for an official translation or your embassy in Greece. If your documents are translated, be prepared to submit the original copies in your native language as well as the translated version. If everything is in order, the Marriage License will be issued eight days later and is valid for six months for all locations throughout Greece.

The couple must then submit a joint application to the Mayor or President of the community where they would like to marry.

Visa: If you’re planning of having a destination wedding in Greece, then the first thing you need to do is apply for a Greece Schengen Visa online. Our Visa Expert team at will be able to assist you and help you through the entire visa application process.

6. Turkey

10 of the World’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations

Overseas weddings are becoming very popular and Turkey is considered one of the best wedding destinations and one that is sought after by many people. This is due to its stunning beaches, friendly culture and warm tropical climate. It is also the destination that is reasonably priced in the Mediterranean region. Straddling two continents, Turkey is a unique blend of European and Asian influences. It has a diverse landscape of unparallel beauty. From the romantic city of Istanbul, steeped in history with its myriad of lanes and the amazing Blue Mosque, to the stunning beach of Olu Deniz, the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia and the truly amazing natural wonder that is Pammukale – a wedding in Turkey is certain to be a wedding with a difference! For the adventurous at heart, if you get married in Turkey you need not limit your celebrations to land. You can take to the air in a hot air balloon or sail the azures waters of the Aegean or Mediterranean in a Gulet (a traditional sailing boat). Provided your chosen location is not a place of cultural heritage or a religious site, you can get married just about anywhere in Turkey, making this an ideal wedding destination for those who wish to break with tradition. Whether you choose to have a civil or religious ceremony or simply a blessing, Turkey offers both you and your guests an exotic, vibrant and truly stunning backdrop for an unforgettable wedding experience.

Legal Requirement: Only a civil wedding ceremony, conducted by the municipal authority (local marriage registrar) or by the census officer, has legal validity. Religious ceremony is not legally binding. If you would like to have a religious ceremony you must first have a civil ceremony. You must first of all obtain from the embassy or the consular authorities of your home country a marriage license (Evlenme Ehliyet Belgesi) attesting to your eligibility to get married, as well as a full birth certificate. Then, simply make an appointment with your local ‘nikah salonu’ (civil marriage office). Although the service tends to get busier on weekends in the spring and summer, you should normally be able to get a date within one month. Fees for a civil marriage performed by Turkish officials hover around 100 Turkish liras. Once the marriage has been performed in Turkey, you must contact your embassy in order to have it legalised in your home country. Documents required will be a full birth certificate, a valid passport, a valid tourist visa to enter Turkey, medical certificate. If divorced, a decree of absolute. If widowed death certificate and previous marriage certificate.

Visa: Applying for your Turkey visa is now easier than even before. By submitting your application online, you can have your tourist visa in just 48 hours. works to simplify the complete visa process for you; right from verifying documents to stamping of your visa.

7. Sri Lanka

10 of the World’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations
Sri Lanka

For a wedding surrounded by a kaleidoscope of exotic, vibrant colours, pack your suitcase for the island nation of Sri Lanka. Located in the Indian Ocean, the diverse landscapes of this stunning country have something for everyone. From rainforests where elephants roam free to endless sunset bathed beaches or timeless Buddhist ruins, a wedding in Sri Lanka will be nothing short of magical. Amidst this array of wildlife, ancient temples and the sparkling ocean, you can additionally sample some of the country’s irresistible cuisine. As a result, if you’re looking for a unique wedding experience, this is a standout option on our list.

Legal Requirement: Foreign marriages must be registered with the marriage registrar’s office/divisional secretariat of the area where the marriage is to take place. It is necessary for foreigners to spend at least four days in Sri Lanka before notifying the marriage registrar about the intent to wed. After that, there is a fourteen-day waiting period before the date of the marriage registration. However, it is up to the discretion of the registrar to agree to the marriage on the same day under special circumstances. Once the marriage has taken place, the marriage certificate (and its English translation) should be certified by the Consular Affairs Section of the Ministry of External Affairs in Sri Lanka. Otherwise the certificate will not be recognized as valid outside Sri Lanka. Documents required are Valid passports, birth certificates, valid Sri Lanka visas, an affidavit confirming marital status of bride and groom prior to the wedding; signed by a Solicitor with company stamp, If widowed, Death Certificate of former spouse of the previous marriage, If either party to the marriage is divorced, a Decree Absolute proving the lawful termination of the previous marriage must be presented prior to the wedding ceremony

Visa: You need to obtain a Sri Lanka Visa before your travel. You’ll be happy to know that the visa application to Sri Lanka is 100% online and stress-free. 

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8. Dublin, Ireland

10 of the World’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations
Dublin, Ireland

Picturesque, passionate and poetic, Ireland is becoming increasingly well-known internationally as an exciting destination for those who are looking for something a bit different for the location of their special day. With its wild western coastline and plenty of luxury Irish castles to choose from, The Emerald Isle is asserting itself ever more strongly as a first-choice destination for anyone who is considering a wedding abroad. The former Spice Girl and soccer player Victoria and David Beckham got married in Ireland’s capital. Their ceremony and reception took place in a historic castle fit for a king and queen. The Beckham’s are not the only celebrities to tie the knot at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland. It’s a popular spot for posh weddings and it is not hard to see why. This castle boasts a timeless sense of elegance and tranquility while providing a remarkable and unforgettable backdrop for any wedding celebration. The best part of getting married in Ireland, though, is that it has an abundance of castles to choose from for your dream wedding including Ashford Castle, Dromoland Castle, Cabra Castle or Ballyseede Castle.

Legal Requirement: To be married in Ireland, you must be at least 18 years of age and must not be married already. Also, regardless of nationality or residence, anyone who wishes to marry in Ireland must give at least three months notification to a registrar, in person. This means that a pre-wedding reconnaissance trip to Ireland will be an essential and unavoidable part of your planning. On this trip, the registrar will issue you with a Marriage Registration Form, only once they have received € 200 notification fee, Passports, birth certificates for both parties, Divorce decrees, civil partnership dissolutions, or death certificates of previous spouse / civil partner (if applicable).

Visa: Travelling to Ireland will require you to firstly apply for an Ireland Visa. Get your Irish Visa application approved with help from our Visa Expert.

9. Indonesia

10 of the World’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations

Getting married in Bali is top consideration for couples looking for an exotic and romantic setting to exchange their vows. By having a destination wedding in Bali you can choose from stunning cliffside settings overlooking turquoise water, beachfront villas where you can feel the sand between your toes or private weddings in a seaside chapel. Alternatively, explore the Bali’s interiors, with its lush tropical forests, verdant rice terraces and beautiful temples. Bali offers so much more than just wonderful beaches; it is an island steeped in history and tradition. Highlights include the Kintamani volcano, and the energetic colour of local dances, festivals and handicraft markets. There are always plenty of ways to get there with the numerous flight connectivity, and plenty of accommodation options , so you know you’ll never be at a loss, especially when booking well ahead of time. Spend your wedding and honeymoon together in this wonderful location – the perfect start to any marriage!

Legal Requirement: The first stop should be your embassy or consulate, which can help issue a Letter of No Impediment to Marriage. This letter officially signifies that you are single or not under wedlock and may proceed to be newly married. As a religious country, Indonesia’s law recognises a marriage to be legit only if it has been carried out according to the guidelines of the respective religions of the bride and groom. Indonesian law applies a minimum age restriction for marriage: not less than 16 years for women, and 19 for men.

Visa: Indians get Indonesia visa on arrival for a period of up to 30 days which is further extendible one time on discretion of the Embassy. All you got you do is fulfill the legal requirements and fly off to Indonesia without the need of worrying about the Visa.

10. Las Vegas

10 of the World’s Most Romantic Wedding Destinations
Las Vegas

Often popularly known to be the “Wedding Capitol of the World” here everything goes. It’s a destination where many couples all over the world tie the knot and love to have a Las Vegas wedding. Whilst on one hand Vegas is notorious for hard core partying, it is also synonymous with weddings. Ever since Elvis and Priscilla tied the knot in 1967 at the Aladdin Hotel, Vegas has become a huge contender in the destination wedding market. Other famous celebrities who tied the knot here are Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto; Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley; Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford; Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon; Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob; and, of course, Britney Spears and childhood friend Jason Alexander. You can get married in Las Vegas at one of the many chapels, restaurants, golf courses, gardens, hotel chapels and other locations on the Strip and across Vegas. Whether you want a traditional wedding, or you are after something wild, like being married by Elvis himself, or saying “I do” on a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas can truly serve up anything you can imagine!

Legal Requirement: The first step to getting married in Las Vegas is to apply for a marriage license. Both parties must appear in person at a Clark County Marriage Bureau location and present proper identification (Passport and Birth Certificate) with your age and name. Most foreign countries will require an additional state-level certification (commonly called an apostille) before they’ll accept the county-issued marriage certificate as valid. There’s no waiting period, so couples will get their marriage license the same day they apply. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, and not nearer of kin than second cousins or cousins of half-blood, and not having a husband or wife living. However, it is advisable to check with officials in their home country or embassy to find out if a union in Las Vegas will be recognized in their home country.

Visa: In order to travel to Las Vegas, USA, you will need to obtain a US Visa. Apply for your US Tourist visa online from with a minimum processing time of 3 working days and get up to 10 years tourist visa to USA.

Mesmerized much? The wedding of your dreams is only a boat, train or plane ride away!

Note: Although much care and effort has been taken to ensure the information provided is correct please do not take it as legal advice. We strongly advise you to consult the concerned Embassy for first-hand information on the legal requirements for getting married abroad.

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