Today is World Tourism Day and, like everyone else, we could have written a poignant ode to travel.

We could have made a listicle with the 7 Best Ways to Celebrate World Tourism Day like every other travel blog.

We could have told you about the UN World Tourism Organization and how World Tourism Day was first celebrated in 1980 to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.

We could have taken this opportunity to promote our holiday packages. We’ve got quite a few by the way. Today would have been the perfect day to promote our Dubai tour packages, our Bali packages
, our Singapore tour packages, our Malaysia tour packages, our Mauritius tour packages, and even our Switzerland tour packages.

But we won’t.

Because we would rather show you our holiday photos from Bali and Pali. From Rome and Paris and NYC. From Manali and Wayanad and Goa. From Koh Samui and from Ladakh.

Because, just like you, we love the wind in our hair and the sand between our toes. Because, just like you, we are driven by wanderlust.

Because we would rather show you how much we, at, love travelling.

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