A Guide to the Perfect Armenia Getaway

Although it is the smallest of the three Trans-Caucasus nations, Armenia’s rich and diverse cultural heritage definitely stands neck to neck with its counterparts. It might often get overshadowed by its more popular neighbors– Turkey and Georgia– but this mystic land is worth a hundred visits! The abundant heritage, delicious cuisine, decadent wines, and six UNESCO World Heritage Sites make this tiny nation every traveler’s dream destination. If you are here planning a vacation to Armenia, then be prepared for the experience of a lifetime. Everything from the snow of Mount Aragats to the Pink City of Yerevan will blow your mind.

Considering its rich history and optimal climate, it is a surprise that the country is not filled to the brim with tourists. One of the first civilizations to adopt Christianity, Armenia’s ancient relics evoke wonder. Moreover, the climate and mountainous terrain make this a perfect destination for adventure sports from skiing to paragliding. Don’t worry if you are looking for a calmer trip– a hike through the outskirts or even a walk through the city can keep you entertained for days.

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Also, it is important to create a rough itinerary to cover as much as you can, and we can help with that!

Vacation Guide: What to See in Armenia?

A smooth first visit with a proper plan for what to do and what to see in Armenia will ensure that this is a destination you will keep coming back to. But this might not be easy, especially if you are visiting this unique country for the first time. Don’t let its lack of size fool you! Because Armenia with its immense history and countless attractions can keep you on your toes constantly.

Wondering where to start or what to see in Armenia? Here is the perfect guide to help you choose what to see in Armenia during your vacation. If you are visiting for the first time, these are the 6 sights you don’t want to miss.

Yerevan, Armenia

Also known as the Pink City, Yerevan is the biggest city and the capital of Armenia. Most people who visit Armenia start their journey from here. A simple search for “what to see in Armenia” will bring you hundreds of mentions of this city. And thankfully, this city never fails to meet expectations. From the historic Armenian Genocide Memorial to the only mosque in the country, the blue mosque, this city is chock-full of things to see. Try to catch the Vernissage Flea Market when you are in the city, especially if you love to shop!

Lake Sevan, Armenia

Right at the heart of Armenia is the largest alpine lake in the country– Lake Sevan. This scenic spot is a must-see on your trip to Armenia. As, it looks even more beautiful in real life than in the pretty pictures you see online. But nature aside, you also need to visit this lake for the stunning monasteries. And if you are a foodie, then check out some of the popular restaurants by the lake preparing and serving freshwater fish. After all, it is the ‘fish’ hub of Armenia!

Mount Aragats

The tallest mountain in Armenia, Mount Aragats, is a significant part of the country’s legends and myths. In fact, this mysterious mountain even seems to lack gravity. This is seen on your way past Lake Kari which runs along its slopes. Noted for its 4 peaks, this dormant volcano provides the best winter hiking trails for all adrenaline junkies. While the summit offers you a stunning view of the picturesque Armenian valleys around, you don’t have to climb all the way up to enjoy your visit. The base of this mountain is adorned with beautiful rock art that makes the trip totally worth it.

Goshavank Monastery

If you are wondering what to see in Armenia to awaken your spiritual senses, then try visiting the Goshavank Monastery. This medieval complex surrounded by oak forests is located just 20 kilometers away from Dilijan. Unlike many ancient places of spiritualism, this monastery still stays true to its modest and severe roots. You will see no modern extravagant additions to the structure meant to attract tourists. Wall-less outside and built in the classical style, the khachkars (Armenian cross-stones) here with their intricate carvings are considered to be the most beautiful in Armenia.

Goris, Armenia

Just like Armenia, Goris might be small but has so much to offer. This charming town, surrounded by mountains, is home to the famous Tatev Monastery located on an 800-meter-high cliff. Apart from the monastery, Goris is also popular for the Ttenut Eco Camp, the St Gregory Illuminator Church, the abandoned Hin Khot village, and their delicious draft beer. You can also visit various tourist attractions and museums here. These include, but not limited to, the Goris City Gallery for Artworks, the Goris Geological Museum, and the World War II Memorial. If you are a history buff then don’t forget to check out the ancient stone pyramids and medieval cave dwellings beyond the gorge.


Once you are done with all the sightseeing, Jermuk is the perfect place to head to for a relaxing time. This spa town has several wellness resorts that make use of its abundant thermal mineral water springs. You can also visit the city’s Water Gallery. Here you can try a variety of natural mineral waters from pipes attached to the walls. Moreover, the Jermuk Waterfall or the Mermaid’s Hair Waterfall which is situated at 2000 meters is also located here. If you are visiting in winter, then make use of the skiing sites and the 1000-meter ropeway in the city.

A Guide to the Perfect Armenia Getaway


Now that you know what to see in Armenia during your vacation, get ready to unwind and make some memories. Don’t forget to try out the best of the local cuisine. Also, enjoy some of the best wine in the world when you visit. Say Barev Dzez to the Armenia tour packages from Akbar Travels for a relaxing vacation with no worries. As we guide you to eat, where to go, or what to see in Armenia!

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