Are you planning your Malaysia trip? If yes, then you need to know that there is no one best time to visit Malaysia because the country is spread across two separate landmasses with various local climates. It is from Kuala Lumpur in peninsular Malaysia to Sandakan in Malaysia Marino.

malaysia trip

The climate can change depending on which coast you are standing on, even if the distances are small. While booking your Malaysia package, you should be clear about when you want to visit this amazing place. It is just 122 kilometres from Langkawi to Penang, but the weather can also be different on that similar day. Malaysia broadly has two climatic seasons, including dry and hot and wet and hot.

Dry Season?

It would be best if you did not let the term dry season fool you anymore. It is humid in Malaysia, and there is always a good chance of rain. The only place where it might feel cold is the up-county areas like the Cameron Highlands, which go as low as 14 degrees Celsius and as high as 25 degrees Celsius.

The only thing that marks out the wet season here is the buckets of monsoon rain, even though the bulk of specification arrives only in the afternoon. The eastern side of the peninsula sees most of the rainfall. You are in the Northeast monsoon that starts mid-October and goes till March.

If you plan your Malaysia trip during the monsoon, you need to know that the West Coast areas will see more rain during the southwest monsoon, which is from May to October. Avoid getting drenched, as you should not plan your trip during the monsoon.

If you plan your Malaysia trip from November to February, you must know that Borneo gets completely drenched during this time of the year! Under this guide, you can get an idea about when you should visit Malaysia and what is the best time to book your Malaysia tour package. 

Tourism is never shut down in Malaysia, so that is not a low season for Malaysia tour packages. The busiest times of the year coincide with the school holidays when you can see a substantial number of visitors, especially families arriving from various parts of the world.

December to February is the best time to visit the West Coast of peninsular Malaysia

from October to March, the Northeast monsoon branches the entire East Coast of the peninsular region. The heaviest rainfall happens from December to February. You will find dry weather on the West Coast that fronts the Andaman Sea. It would be best if you considered the weather conditions and the rains before you book your Malaysia trip.

This season is the best time to visit the beaches in tropical islands like Langkawi and wander the narrow shop house, lined alleyways of Georgetown in Penang. On the flip side, this is the wettest time of the year in Sabah, which is present in Malaysian Borneo. The downside of the great weather in the West is more crowds, and the hotel rates are also completely high. On the flip side, several cultural events also take place, like the Chinese New Year and the Hindu festival of Thaipusam.

June to September is a peak season and one of the best times to visit Kuala Lampur besides the east coast

The driest time of the year in Kuala Lumpur is during the northern hemisphere’s summer months. You can always expect humidity to be a part of your Malaysia trip. You can expect humidity to be a part of the, especially in the cities of Malaysia where the buildings can block the breezes.

The weather is completely dry on the peninsula’s East Coast and in various parts of Borneo. The season is one of the most prominent times because several people book the Malaysia tour package from the gulf States, and there is also an upturn in visits to dive on the resort on the dry yeast host. Underwater visibility is the best. The rains begin to return by August, building up towards the Northeast monsoon.

The best weather across Malaysia is from March to May

huge areas of Malaysia get some break from rains and the worst humidity during the northern hemisphere spring that falls from March to May. If you want an enjoyable time in Malaysia, you should consider booking your Malaysia package during this time. This is a reliable time if you want to visit the beaches and enjoy the warm but not sweltering weather. Not coincidently, this is also a wonderful time for spotting the wildlife in the wonderful national parks of Malaysia.

April is also a wonderful time to visit Sabah as the dry days go perfectly hand in hand with outdoor activities like diving and hiking to the summit of Mount Kinabalu. You can make the most of your Malaysia trip during the springtime, but the only problem is that April is one of the wettest months to visit Kuala Lumpur

October to November is a shoulder season to visit the Cameron Highlands

the rains pickup on the peninsula from October to November, so you should consider the season while booking your Malaysia package. The Northeast monsoon starts during this time and is also an enjoyable time to make the most of Cameron Highlands as the upcountry flora bursts into life due to the monsoons. This is the time to look for competitive hotel rates in other parts of the country, but this is also an enjoyable time to visit if you are into museums, malls, and indoor activities.

December sees holiday celebrations in the Christian hubs

Christmas is one of the most important parts of the country as there is a lot of precision population here in parts like Penang and Melaka. New Year’s party is throughout the country, and it is celebrated enthusiastically in big cities. During your Malaysia trip during this time of the year, you can expect a lot of rain in Borneo and on the peninsula’s East Coast. Christmas and New Year are some of the best events you should witness while here during this time of the year.

January is a wonderful time for spectacular religious celebrations

January is one of the peak seasons of Langkawi and Penang, two of the most famous offshore islands on the peninsula’s West Coast. While you book your Malaysia trip during this time, you can experience notable events like Thaipusam, one of the most spectacular Hindu religious processions featuring ritual modification. It is also the beginning of the lunar new year for the Malaysian Chinese community.

While booking your Malaysia package, ensure that you make the most of these events so that your trip is memorable like no other.

If you’re sure when you want to visit, get your visit visa here!

All you must do is consider the season you want to witness while booking your Malaysia package. The right season will ensure that you have the most of your time.

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