Turkey is popular across the world as a destination. Every year many tourists take the Turkey Tour and have a delightful time visiting. They view the monuments, cities, scenic locations, national parks, and archaeological sites. The sheer diversity Turkey has to offer in destinations is probably the reason for the success of Tourism in Turkey. If you take a the Turkey tour and are looking for travel tips for Turkey and the best places to visit in Turkey, you are at the right place!

Best Places to Visit on Turkey Tour

Because here, we will try to answer why tourism in Turkey is flourishing! In addition to some travel tips for Turkey tour, and few of the best places to visit in Turkey.

Tourism in Turkey | Turkey Tour

Tourism in Turkey is dynamic throughout the year. As a result, there is a lot to experience including monuments, lifestyle, unique destinations, and culture. 

For centuries, Turkey has acted as the gateway between Asia and Europe. Hence, it has grown rich in terms of cultural diversity, art, and lifestyle.

The ancient capital city of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, Istanbul is the most famous destination in Turkey. But apart from Istanbul, many other locations can offer an array of experiences for visitors.

Due to the diversity and the huge number of locations to choose from, tourists typically take travel tips for their Turkey Tour from experts. Oftentimes they go commence on their Turkey tour using travel packages given by prominent travel agencies.

Turkey Tour Architecture:

Journeys to religious monuments have been happening for several centuries. Today, you can take travel packages to visit the famous religious sites in Turkey. They include the Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, Selimiye Mosque, Gand Mosque of Bursa, and many more.

Some of the world’s most famous archaeological sites are also located in Turkey. These are the Göbeklitepe, Mount Nermut, Didyma, and Kaunos. You can take useful travel tips for Turkey’s archaeological sites before you visit these must-see archaeological locations.

Besides, throughout your journey you will come across mouth-watering cuisines you will cherish eating, along with experiencing the unique flora and fauna of Turkey’s unique landscapes.

The natural beauty of Turkey, ancient and modern architectural influences, culinary landscape, and cultural significance make it a much sought-after destination for people across the globe.

The modern cultural landscape of the country – a historical hotspot of the world, can be experienced thoroughly by taking the right travel tips for Turkey and exploring the best places to visit in Turkey.

Travel Tips for Turkey Tour

As we mentioned earlier, tourism in Turkey is popular due to multiple reasons. One is its wide variety of locations to choose from another is the cultural, spiritual, and artistic influence the places in Turkey have on the world.

While visiting Turkey, it is important to have ample knowledge about the facilities and general lifestyle of the country. Hence, you can go through a few of the important aspects related to your journey and a few travel tips for Turkey to remember!

Here are some travel tips for Turkey regarding a few essential points. Right afterward, we will look at some of the best places to visit in Turkey to plan for your Turkey trip.

  • Costs: Turkey might be one of the most popular countries to visit in the World, but the Turkey Tour is generally pocket-friendly for an average traveler. However, if you visit heavily touristed areas in Turkey, the prices become comparable to European standards. That said, if you manage your expenses well and plan efficiently or take a travel package, you can spend a quality time in Turkey.
  • Beaches: Turkish beaches attract a lot of tourists and at the same time are free and safe. However, in some areas, seawater is polluted and you can come across occasional rubbish. However, most beaches are safe for swimming and will present you with a nice day out. In the Mediterranean shipping lane areas, you may find tar in seawater which can be harmful.

In addition to,

  • Personal safety: Turkey has a low crime rate compared to other European countries. However, you can be a bit mindful of the rare pickpocketing and snatching that occur in the city streets. Also, keep your belongings and valuables safe while traveling to be on the safe side. Do not export antiquities as it is an offense, drunkenness is also not received well in most parts of Turkey. You should make sure your passports and documents are kept safe throughout your journey.
  • Insurance: You and all your travel companions must take an insurance policy before you travel to Turkey. Most importantly, your insurance policy can cover injury or illness, loss of possession, or theft. For some renters’ and homeowners’ insurance policies, you can get overseas coverage for your possessions. You can take private medical insurance schemes (WPA and BUPA) that offer foreign coverage.
  • Phone and Internet services: Wi-Fi is available across the cities in Turkey. Numerous cafés, airport terminals, hotels, and malls have Wi-Fi signals you can access for high-speed internet. Usually, you will find internet cafés that provide internet for TL2/hr. Otherwise, you can make phone calls from Türk Telekom (TT) or Post Office (PTT) centers. You may also come across public phones in parks, squares, train stations, and ferry terminals. The standard voltage in Turkey is 230 to 240 volts. Also, you can use F and C types of chargers for your portable electronic devices. But to be on the safe side, you can carry a universal travel adapter and voltage converter with you.

And always remember,

  • When visiting Mosques: Most of the popular mosques are practically open almost all the time. Entry is open for all visitors to the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul and some other popular sites. However, you will have to abide by some etiquette and rules set by the authorities. You may have to move slowly and quietly inside the mosques and not disturb the worshippers. Also, you can make donations to the historical mosques for their maintenance and contribute to Tourism in Turkey. Conservative clothing should be worn while visiting religious sites. And, tourists should be respectful towards the beliefs and culture of other visitors and residents. 

Best Places to Visit on your Turkey Tour

Before planning your journey to Turkey – the land where the West meets the East, what you require is a good knowledge of its landmarks and destinations.

Let us take a look at some of the best places to visit in Turkey and travel tips for Turkey destinations so that you can kickstart your planning!


The illustrious Istanbul was once upon a time the capital city of the vast Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Now, it is a thriving metropolis of the world that stretches across either side of the Bosphorus – a strait that conjoins Europe and Asia. Moreover, you can experience historic sites, architecture, nightlife, shopping, an exotic atmosphere, and dining. All this along with the charms of the Old City, the marvelous Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque makes Istanbul one of the best in Turkey for tourism.


Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and it is a modern city, home to numerous important buildings, foreign embassies, universities, and commercial businesses. Moreover, you can find transportation to almost any part of Turkey from Ankara. Famous mosques can also be found around Ankara city, of which some are open only during prayer times. In addition, you can explore a few historic sites and hubs of arts and local trade in Ankara that will make your Turkey trip more fulfilling. All in all, you will find Ankara important in your journey and for overall tourism in Turkey.


Ephesus is a famed ancient site of Aegean Turkey. During the First Century of BC, Ephesus was Roman Empire’s major city. Hence you will come across the Temple of Artemis. You will also see the ruins of the Ancient City contained in the well-preserved archaeological location. For its historical importance and the spectacle that it offers, Ephesus is one of the most desired destinations for tourism in Turkey. Apart from the sites mentioned earlier, you can visit the Library of Celsus and admire the four statues of virtue on your visit to the Ephesus – one of the most recommended sites in all the travel tips for Turkey.


Cappadocia is situated in the Central Anatolia part of Turkey and is renowned for its unusual formations and fairytale landscapes. You will find interesting cones, mushrooms, pinnacles, and chimneys in Cappadocia. A huge part of Cappadocia is situated in Nevsehir province. Some important towns in the area are Avanos, Ürgüp, Göreme, Musatfapasa, and Ortahisar. Besides, you will find various restaurants, hotels, inns, and nightlife in these towns and attractions including rock castles, fairy chimneys, ancient Greek villages, underground tunnels, museums, and monasteries in Cappadocia. You can spend a night or two in cave hotels that provide local cuisines and get in touch with the unique lifestyle of the scenic locale.


Situated on the enchanting Turkish Riviera of the Mediterranean coast, Antalya is a vibrant and large city welcoming its visitors with several hotels, hangout places, restaurants, cafes, bars, and resorts. You can cherish the gorgeous landscape and beaches of Antalya forever by sailing and swimming near the mountains. For families, friends, and solo travelers alike Antalya is a paradise that should not be avoided at any cost. Apart from a major part of scenic tourism, Antalya also has a lot of beautiful old mosques, temples, and street performers who perform music in the Old Quarter’s Cumhuriyet Square.

End Note

Turkey has numerous other renowned travel destinations that are famous for their scenic beauty, historical importance, unique cultural significance, and distinct culinary experience. Locations such as Mardin, Konya, Marmaris, Side, and Bodrum are famed for their architectural wonders and archaeological importance.

Your trip to Turkey can comprise a few of these major locations and can be made a memorable one for you and your dear ones. Despite the richness Turkey has to offer, if you plan accordingly and follow the travel tips for Turkey, tourism in Turkey will be affordable, safe, and hassle-free.

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