How many of us often stick to the well-known and popular tourist destinations, when planning an international holiday? We bet, most of us like to play it safe. Which is absolutely fine, but visiting an unexplored destination, taking the road less explored will be more thrilling and exciting. . The common tourist places are crowded year round with tourists and locals alike. So what should one do to have a paisa vasool vacation? Easy! Visit one of the many unexplored countries of the world!

With close to 200 countries worldwide, some are bound to be favourites and some are more preferred than the others to visit. But there are many countries that go under the radar when it comes to pick a holiday destination. Unfortunately, these off-beat places are unexplored by the masses, filled with hidden gems and are often overlooked in favour of their neighbours.

Let’s have a look at some of the top unexplored countries which are worth exploring.

1. Dominica


Dominica, also known as “The Nature Island of the Caribbean”, is one of the most unexplored countries in the continent of North America. Surprisingly, this is one of the islands where Indians can travel without a visa and many may not be aware of this visa-free policy. If you are a nature lover and love to explore different lifestyles and culture then this is the place for you! A lush green mountainous island where nature is largely unspoiled and strictly protected, volcanoes, clear blue waters and unique grey-black beaches, you are missing out on all this and so much more. Dominica is home to many beaches like Mero Beach, Batibou Beach, Champagne Beach, and Purple Turtle Beach. It also houses Morne Trois Pitons National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to several natural marvels including Boiling Lake, Victoria Waterfall, Trafalgar Falls, Emerald Pool, Middleham Falls, etc.

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2. Djibouti

Crater Lake Assal, Djibouti
Crater Lake of Assal, Djibouti
Lake Abbe in Djibouti
Lake Abbe in Djibouti

Djibouti is an east African nation that is strategically located on the busiest sea routes of the word yet not very well-known as a tourist destination. This third smallest country in the continent of Africa has so much to offer irrespective of its size. Pretty impressive landscapes, amazing wildlife, and the remnants of French colonisers all of this will surely leave you awestruck. You can enjoy the Grand Bara Desert which truly seems otherworldly, white salt beaches at Crater Lake of Assal, limestone features of Lake Abbe, and the Red Sea and guess what? Nearly 70% of all of Africa’s mountain ranges are here in Djibouti! Apart from the widespread exotic wildlife that the whole of Africa offers, you will be astonished to see the flocks of Flamingos in the marshes. If you love offbeat places that are not frequented by most tourists and want to understand the way of life in such unexplored countries, then start your Djibouti trip planning now with your Djibouti visa application!

3. Sierra Leone

River Beach, Sierra Leone
River Beach, Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, which translates to “Mountains of Lions”, is truly nature’s paradise and surely a heaven for beach lovers. This country boasts of vibrant culture, beautiful history and rarely makes it to the bucket list of globetrotters. We highly recommend you to apply for a Sierra Leone visa and tick off visiting one of the top unexplored countries in Western Africa. From European Citadel that is a part of the country’s history from the slave trading days to the capital Freetown which is a bustling port city yet holds its natural charm and Banana Island where dreamy beaches lined with palm trees take your breath away, along with Turtle Island, Tokeh, Gola Forest Reserves, Bo Town, Outamba Kilimi National Park, Kenema, etc. you will never run out of things to do and places to see on your Sierra Leone holiday.

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4. Nauru

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Nauru, also known as “Pleasant Island” is the smallest island country in the world! With a bit over 200 tourists visiting annually, Nauru definitely tops the list of the most unexplored countries in the world! The number of visitors is so low that the country has only 2 hotels! With close to no crowd and plenty of natural marvels to explore, you would enjoy being here if you prefer travelling for peace and solitude. Due to the high phosphate deposits on the interior of the island you can even experience the landscape of the moon. Moreover, you can visit the Nauru museum to learn about its history or explore the Anibare Bay, Aiwo Harbor Buada Lagoon, and Command Ridge, while here to enjoy general natural beauty of this far-fetched land in the Southern Hemisphere. Due to less number of people travelling to Nauru, your Nauru visa application process will definitely be quick and speedy. So what are you waiting for?

5. Panama

Panama City Skyline
Panama City Skyline

Isn’t it surprising that almost everyone knows about the Panama Canal, yet Panama makes an appearance in our list of unexplored countries?  Located in Central America next to Costa Rica, Panama doesn’t have many tourists visiting it compared to its neighbour. The tropical paradise is home to beautiful beaches, remote mountains, and islands, especially the San Blas Archipelago which is a cluster of over 400 islands! This is the only place in the world where you can enjoy watching ships sailing by in the Panama Canal just like high-speed cars drive by on a highway. Indulge in your choice of activities from hiking, trekking, camping, surfing, etc. or simply visit the national parks to surround yourself with local flora and fauna. If you are planning to relax and chill out on your Panama holiday, then head to one of the many beaches and admire the setting sun. 

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6. Kyrgyzstan

Cholpon Ata, Kyrgyzstan
Cholpon Ata, Kyrgyzstan

Did you know? Almost 80% of Kyrgyzstan is a mountain, which means you are almost always on a mountain while on your Kyrgyzstan holiday. The nomadic culture in Kyrgyzstan is so prevalent that you will surely be transported back in time. Travel the whole country on foot or horseback, live in traditional huts called “yurts” and experience the local nomadic life that will surely live in your memories for a lifetime. Kyrgyzstan is not only a paradise for campers, hikers, and trekkers but is also the host to World Nomad Games, wherein athletes from 19 countries participate in different sports which are an important part of their culture. Since, it is not so frequently visited, and is very much one of the unexplored countries in Central Asia, the natural landscape of the country is pretty much untouched and a treat for the eyes. Don’t deprive your inner nomad from experiencing all this and apply for your Kyrgyzstan visa now!

7. Liechtenstein

Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein
Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein
Gutenberg Castle, Liechtenstein
Gutenberg Castle, Liechtenstein

Located between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein is one of the only two double-landlocked nations in the world and tops the chart when it comes to unexplored countries in Europe. This Alpine nation is truly a marvel worth visiting for its immense beauty, snow-clad mountains, castles, and gardens. Right from the picturesque capital city of Vaduz to the historic picturesque Gutenberg Castle, Liechtenstein is a treat for people interested in history and archaeology. Apart from fairyland landscapes and castles and gardens, this tiny nation also holds various culinary and other worthwhile festivals. Don’t forget to visit the museums on your Liechtenstein holiday to understand the history of one of the most beautiful nations in the world. If you have a valid Schengen visa you don’t need to apply for a separate Liechtenstein visa, it will make a great addition to your European holiday.

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8. Moldova

Old Orhei Monastery, Moldova
Old Orhei Monastery, Moldova

Moldova, a landlocked East-European nation, is rarely on the bucket list of tourists across the world for some unknown reasons. This European gem is actually a laid-back nation and filled with history everywhere. Moldova is a country where you can enjoy both solitude and adventure, and meet the warmest and friendliest people on the planet. Visit the Tipova Monastery which is literally carved into the rock, or just go partying clubbing, and shopping in the capital city of Chisinau, or simply witness the process of wine-making at Cricova winery and bring some back home as a souvenir. The country has a lot of natural reserves, many monasteries and archaeological sites that will make your Moldova holiday worthy and filled with experiences you will savour for a lifetime.

These countries made it to our list of unexplored countries worth exploring from across the continents. Most of these nations are very less talked about which gives you a pretty much-unadulterated experience and keeps you away from the general prejudices and misconceptions and provides you with the ultimate joy of traveling to new places with an unbiased mind-set. Of course, there are many more off-beat countries that will make you feel overwhelmed by their sheer beauty and variety of landscapes and experiences that you would have never thought about. Would you like to add more unexplored countries to the list which we may have missed out on? Drop the names in the comment box below.

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