Malaysia is one of the most amazing places to visit in the world. The number of attractions that the place has is surely awe-inspiring. Travelling to the spectacular lands of Malaysia is on the checklist of many travelers and the tourists. And why not? The place has got so much to see and do. The attractions, the people, the food, and the surroundings are some of the reasons why people are so crazy about Malaysia. Travelling to this beautiful location would be the best thing to happen to you.

The Beaches In Malaysia

If you take a certain walk along the beaches in Malaysia that are filled with the serene and calm atmosphere, you will definitely understand why people are so crazy about the beaches here. Along the east coast of the location, you will be greeted with the sights of some of the best and the most extravagant islands of the Redang. This location is known to be a ‘heaven on earth’ for the people who wish to witness the beauty of the sea and the sea turtles. And that not it, as you will also be able to have an amazing experience of snorkeling on the beach. The turtle sanctuary in Redang is pretty famous as well.

There are numerous options for the best beaches in Malaysia and the activities around there also seem to have no end at all. For someone who is interested in water sports, the Langkawi beach is the best option for sure. There are numerous examples of luxurious yet affordable hotels where you can relax and spend quality time alone or with your family. The beaches in Malaysia are the best thing about the place and it is no surprise that people flock together from all the different parts of the globe to visit the amazing and the best beaches of Malaysia.

Malaysia Beaches That You Should Check Out

Here are some of the best beaches in Malaysia that would make sure that you have a wonderful time in Malaysia:

1. Kapalai Island Beach:

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Situated just a little bit away from the amazing Sipadan Island, the Kapalai beach is popularly known to be one of the most interesting beaches in Malaysia. Form amazing adventures of scuba diving to beautiful experiences at the sea, you will get everything in the Kapalai Islands. The place boasts of an amazing resort. There aren’t many habitats on the beach and that is the reason why people come here for some peace and quiet. Come over for a quick drink at the sandbar here. You will surely love it.

2. Sipadan Island Beach:

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Another one of the best beaches in Malaysia is certainly the Sipadan Island Beach that has some unique and amazing features and that is what makes it the best beach in near the ocean in the Malaysia. There are amazing species of marine life which include the amazing barracuda, whale sharks, beautiful parrotfishes, turtles, and many amazing options like that. After careful observation, you will be greeted with the sight of the turtle tomb that is covered with limestone caves.

3. Rawa Island Beach:

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One of the more amazing things that you will witness in the amazing Rawa Island Beach is the coral reefs. And that is the reason why people prefer this particular island beach for the scuba-diving experience. What surprises us about the beach is that for all its talk about popularity and stuff, this beach was not that popular earlier. However, the times have changed and the Rawa Island Beach is certainly one of the most visited beaches for water sports activities.

4. Lang Tengah Island Beach:

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You can also explore the amazing beauty of this small yet elegant fishing village that has an excellent collection of marine life. You will find the most beautiful and exquisite examples of coral reefs in the Lang Tengah Island in Malaysia. The island, recognized by the blue-colored, placid waters of the sea and the white sand on the beaches, is a popular tourist destination in Malaysia. The amazing adventures at the beach include scuba diving, snorkeling. There are varieties of sea animals such as rays, fishes, turtles and much more.

5. Redang Island Beach:

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Located on the Southern side of the China Sea, this particular island is known for the abundance of marine life that is found in here. You will have a lot to see around this place as it is filled with amazing sports activities and adventures along the sea for the travelers and the tourists. The lively collections of coral reef are one of the major attractions of the island. They are so close that you can actually see them from the shore. The sandy white beaches and the calm and cool waters are the best things about Redang Island Beach.

There are many other options for the best beaches in Malaysia. Make sure that you give these above-mentioned places a try first.

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