The day has finally come! You’ve successfully completed your DS-160 form online, paid the US visa fees and scheduled your appointment. Now, finally, it’s time for your US visa interview at the consulate or embassy of your home country. What can you do to maximize your chances of success? We know you must have heard tons of horror stories from people regarding denied US visa applications. Although every experience is slightly different, knowing what to expect and how to go about is incredibly helpful in managing those feelings. We understand that going for your visa interview at the US Embassy can be nerve-racking for many people, but don’t be nervous!

Trust us, when we say; there are a lot of hearsay and misconceptions about acquiring a US Visa. The good news is, that if you’re not a criminal then there’s a chance you could be blessed with a US visa ;). Thousands of US visa applicants successfully complete their visa interview every year.

Now, the big question! How do I successfully crack the interview? You’ll be surprised to know that, there are no secrets to a successful visa interview. The interview will last for as little as 4-5 minutes, so you have to make the most of it. Remember, this is your chance and it is up to you, as to what you do with this chance.

Tips to prepare for your US Visa Interview
Ace your visa interview
The Interview:

Much has been said about the visa interview, but it is no rocket science. If you’re well presented, on time, carrying all relevant documents, there’s no way a visa is going to be denied. it’s a visa interview that YOU have paid for! The main idea of the interview is to check your authenticity, and that you have strong ties to your home country. Behind every REJECTED US visa stands a REAL REASON for it. So, remember, getting a US Visa is no big deal as it is made out to be. Preparation is key. As long as you have your facts straight and you are confident about your plans, there is no way you’ll be rejected what’s rightfully yours!

It is important for you to be aware that there are things you should avoid during a visa interview. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Dress appropriately: Wear something that projects who you are and what you do. You don’t need to necessarily wear a tie and suit, but it is more respectful if you wear neat, clean clothes, since first impressions can mean a lot. Just dress comfortably. Try not to look too desperate to get your visa; it will only arouse suspicion on your part.
  • Look confident: By the way you walk, the way you talk (whichever language you speak), the way you smile (you can tell if a person is nervous from his/her smile), and the way you move. Never make unnecessary movements like twirling your hair or worse, biting your nails (as some unconsciously do) or make facial expressions that will distract the Interviewer.
  • Re-read your visa application: It is easy to get flustered and forgetful in the moment of the interview, so taking some time to review your DS-160 application beforehand will help you to stay on track when you answer questions.
  • Keep required documentation at hand: Ensure that you have carried all the required documents, set in the right order. The important ones include appointment letter, DS-160 visa application form, visa fee receipt, photograph, passport, employment proof, bank statements, Income tax returns & other essential documents. Make sure that none of your documents are missing or are incomplete.
  • Be polite: Never argue with the interviewer. Instead, remain polite and try to understand what they need to make a favorable decision for your application. Answer the questions with patience and respect. If you fail to hear or understand the question, do not panic. Just relax and ask to clarify.
  • Less talk, less mistake: Simply answer what they ask for. DON’T launch into a full-blown storytelling spree. It’s not necessary for you to give out information when it’s not asked for! Keep the talkative side of you behind for a while as this may get you into trouble than good. (Besides, the officers, unfortunately, wouldn’t care about your story, no matter how sad or tragic it might be)
  • One question, one answer: This is the cardinal rule. If they ask you what you’re going to do in the US, you can plainly say ‘I’m going there for vacation’ and not ‘I’m having a vacation with my friends and maybe we’re going to meet my best friend’s cousin there’. Believe us, divulging more then what is asked for is a big NO. If they want to know what else you’re doing there or if you’re going to meet someone, they will ask. You don’t have to provide every single detail in a question that doesn’t even ask for it
  • Be honest & transparent: The US Interviewers are trained to know if you’re lying or not. In fact, at the latter part of the interview, they will ask you few questions based on your previous answers to somehow confuse you and get the truth out. Again, this isn’t only for the purpose of your current application but for the next one as well. The interviewers take a record of all your interviews. You can’t outsmart these people. So, be truthful and convincing.
  • Arrive early: Do not be late for your visa appointment. If you are late, your appointment will be cancelled and may probably not leave a good impression. Ideally, you should show up at least 30 minutes before your interview appointment; this lifts any anxiety or last-minute stress.
  • Make ties to your home country clear: Interviewers expect the applicants to show that their trip to the US is temporary and for a specific purpose: tourism, business, event, training, study etc. Strong family ties, ownership of property, compelling work or legal obligations, and an ongoing career in the home country are examples of connections that demonstrate strong ties to the home country.
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While these tips can help you know what to expect during your interview, by far the best way to boost your chances of success is to choose Visa Experts to get you your much-desired US visa. At, the Visa Experts provide premier-quality visa services to make sure your trip to US is a successful one. Simply employ us and you’ll soon be holding your visa to US.

So, are you feeling the stream of confidence flowing through your nerves now that you know how to prepare and pass the US visa interview. Go get the visa, your ticket to discover the wonders in fifty states of America.

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