Travelling to Spain will be one heck of an experience and there are hundreds of reasons for the same. Spain attracts people from every corner of the world and one of the major reasons for this is precisely the language. One of the major influences of the Spanish Empire was the language. It attracts students, employees and even language enthusiasts from India. If you are a culture studies enthusiast, this would be one of the biggest reasons to visit Spain too. You are all set to travel to Spain? Great. Now here’s how you can get things sorted. First things first, your Spain visa for Indians. What’s more annoying than a Spain visa rejection? Nothings, right? Worry not, our experts have shared some Spain Visa tips which you must know if you plan to apply for a Spain Visa.

Here are the tips to get a Spain Visa for Indians:

  • The Spain Embassy in India issues both short term and long term Spain visas for Indians. Short terms visas for Spain are issued for the purpose of tourism, business, visit and transit purpose, whereas, for factors like study, employment etc, long term visas are issued.
  • You can apply for a Spain visa only 3 months or maximum 15 days before your intended date of travel to Spain. 
  • Spain is a part of the Schengen agreement. With the Schengen visa, you can travel to all 26 Schengen countries with the same visa. If you are planning to visit France and Italy along with Spain you do not need to apply for France and Italy visa separately. You will be able to visit these countries on a single Schengen visa. 
  • The short-term visa process provides a validity of 6 months with a stay of 90 days. However, the final decision depends on the Embassy. An applicant can also be allowed to stay only for the number of days that you will be in Spain.

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  • Typically a Spain visa takes 105-15 days for processing. However, in special cases, it might take up to 60 days for the visa to get processed.
  • To avoid any mistakes, try to maintain a document checklist and keep a track of all the documents that you submit. This will give you an assurance that you didn’t miss on any important document.
  • After you have checked the document requirements, the next step is to check the eligibility criteria. You must always know the eligibility criteria of the country you are visiting.
  • If you overstay in Spain, it can cost you a huge loss on your hard-earned money. It can also create hurdles in getting a Schengen visa for the next time.
  • You are mandatorily required to attend the appointment personally. No agent can attend the same on behalf of any traveller. This includes fingerprint and biometric and the process is n’t mandatory for children under the age of 12 years of age. Applicants must personally visit the Visa application centre for submission of documents, biometrics and digital photographs. Agents cannot submit documents on behalf of the applicant.

Once you submit the application, a receipt will be issued with your application reference number. Make sure you make a note of the reference number. It also provides you with the facility of tracking the progress or status of your visa application on the Spain VFS website using the VFS reference number and your name.

Got a clearer picture of the Spain visa process? Mission successful. You are now a step closer to swaying on Flamenco music and geeky discussions on ancient culture. All you have to do is apply for a Spain visa. And because we know about the complexities, we also know the solutions. Get the Spain Visa application processed through authorized companies like Akbar Travels and get a premium experience and your hall ticket to Spain.

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