As the holiday season approaches, many of us plan to travel to take a well-deserved vacation or meet a loved one. There are the others who plan a different type of trip: Going abroad for medical and surgical care, while at the same time vacationing and fully experiencing the attractions of the country they are visiting. This travel is referred to as “Medical Tourism”.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism also known as Health Tourism or Medical Travel, simply means travelling from one place to another, or one country to another in search of an affordable and good medical treatment. Earlier people from developing countries would travel to developed countries in search of specialized treatment paying a very high cost. The treatment may not have been available in their home countries, may have involved long waiting periods, or was considered unsafe. So, the trends were patients, usually better-off individuals needing critical care, traveling to locations with more advanced medical care. Above all, it was only affordable to the Rich. However, within the past decade, those trends have reversed.  Now, more patients from developed countries are traveling to developing countries to receive medical care at reduced costs. Current trends, therefore, show patients traveling to locations for cheaper medical care.

Important Elements of Medical Tourism
Important Elements of Medical Tourism

India Growing as a Medical Tourism Hub in the World

Lower prices, high medical standards, “greater respect for pain,” and doctors who speak fluent English and other languages have lured many Foreign nationals to travel to India to receive medical treatments. India is rated among the top 5 international destinations for medical tourism, along with Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil and Mexico. India hosts thousands of medical tourists from the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, as well as from African Countries and Asian neighbors like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and China yearly. As healthcare is becoming costlier in developed countries around the globe, India plays an important role in providing quality healthcare at a low cost. According to industry estimates, medical tourism in India is expected to double from its current value of around USD 3 billion to USD 9 billion by the year 2020.

Agencies are being set up to promote less expensive health care costs to potential foreign visitors from developed countries, where health care costs are through the roof. Procedures that cost into the six figures in the US or the UK cost as little as four figures in these countries. Indeed, Foreign nationals in need of complicated treatment, surgeries and operations are increasingly choosing India because of the country’s affordable, high quality medical care. In 2017 alone 500,000 medical tourists visited India for medical care and India holds 18 percent of the global medical tourism market.

Why do People Travel to India for Medical Tourism?

  • Affordability & Cost
  • High Cost of Medical Service in Home Country in spite of Government Funded Health Programs
  • Unavailability of Experts – Doctors, Nurses etc.
  • Unavailability of Advanced Technology
  • Lack of Immediate Service & Long Queues
  • Below Par Quality of Care

Medical Tourism in India

There is no surprise as to why people all around the world opt travelling to India for medical care. India has become a top health tourism and cheapest destination for most complicated surgeries and treatments at inexpensive prices. India’s ability to couple medical treatment with alternate forms of healing – such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Homeopathy and Wellness industry in India sets it apart from other medical tourism destinations in the world.

The procedures medical tourists come to India for vary diversely. Nevertheless, the popular treatments include Eye surgeries, Cosmetic surgeries, Dental treatments, Cardiac surgeries, all types of Bone and Joint treatments, Spine surgeries, Ayurveda treatments and therapies, Hair implant procedures, Laser hair removal treatments, Bone Marrow transplants, Orthopedic surgeries, Fertility treatments and Obesity/Weightless surgeries. Moreover India offers traditional method of holistic treatments that include Meditation and yoga, Homeopathy, Aroma therapy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture etc. Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are regarded as the main places for medical tourism in India.

What makes it so attractive?

The primary reason is the cost factor. A medical procedure comparison shows India to be the cheapest when it comes to medical procedures. Low cost treatment does not necessarily mean lower healthcare standards. Medical procedures often cost half as much (or less) in India as compared to the US, even if they include the travel and lodging cost. For instance, a heart surgery costs $6,000 in India as against $30,000 in the US. Similarly, a bone marrow transplant costs $26,000 in India as compared to $250,000 in the US. Medical patients are also offered alluring holiday package deals including cheap air tickets, travel visa, transfers, hotels, treatment and post-operative vacations for their medical visits to India.

In view of a massive inflow of patients from all over the world, the Indian Government has now issued a specialized Medical Tourist Visa for India. You could be a resident of US, UK, South Africa, Australia, Bangladesh or any of the European countries. The nature and process of the visa remains the same, regardless of which country you apply from.

Why should you choose Medical Tourism in India?

  • Low Treatment Cost
  • World renowned Indian Doctors & Specialists
  • Availability of skilled, experienced & multilingual Medical Experts
  • Access to latest Technology & Equipment’s
  • No waitlists for Treatment           
  • No Language Barrier. English being the preferred language is used in all hospitals of India. Besides that, there is availability of language interpreters in all Indian hospitals.
  • Availability of Specialty & Holistic Treatments
  • Treatment-cum-Leisure Destination
  • Easy & hassle-free Medical Visa process

The Cost of Medical Tourism in India

The final total of your medical tourism in India will depend on which procedure you are seeking, the length of your stay, and the doctor and hospital that you select. Because of the large savings, availability of advanced technology and tourist-friendly cities, medical tourism in India attracts more and more people each year. Many people choose to travel to the country to get their cosmetic procedures, bone marrow transplants, heart and dental surgeries and at the same time enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Want to Start your Medical Travel Journey?

Beyond safe, trustworthy and reliable medical services, affordable costs and good customer service, patients need a warm and non-threatening environment, cultural acceptance, ease of travel, safety for themselves and their families, and even opportunities for recreation and shopping for their travel companions.

Akbar Travels is the single point of contact for various types of medical treatment. We provide medical travel facilities which makes it easier for international patients to get seamless service and value for their money. We have joined hands with world class doctors and medical experts, specialists, nurses and faculties to take care of all your overseas treatment requirements, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of treatment.       

We’ll Support You throughout Your Patient Journey

We understand the anxiety associated with illness. Moreover, the preparations for an overseas medical treatment might feel like an extra burden. Taking care of you every step of the way, Akbar Travels provides rapid access to high quality, affordable and top notch health care services. Dedicated to patient comfort and safety, we organize all aspects of your trip for treatment; from world-class specialists, arranging all your appointments with internationally accredited hospitals to post-treatment care; as well as managing all your travel arrangements, including flights, visa, hotels and transfers – we will go above and beyond to ensure that your experience is exceptional in every way.

To sum up, we are committed to providing a seamless service to exceed your expectations and let you concentrate on what matters most – your health or that of a loved one.

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