With the Alpine landscape set against the backdrop, the tantalizing aroma of the Swiss chocolates and the pristine beauty of the surrounding scenery, a trip to Switzerland is all about experiencing the surreal. This Europe tourism extravaganza is about rendezvous with the good life, sublime experiences and some of the most epic journeys that your travel journal can boast of. Though there are options galore for you to pursue on your Switzerland tour, there are a few places and things to do in Switzerland that are a must during your Switzerland tour.

Book a gala getaway to this particular part of the Earth and enjoy some of the most uplifting moments by experiencing Switzerland attractions. From opulent green lashes to the pictorial snow-covered meadows, frozen lakes with flushing cascades, Switzerland is certainly an abode for every nature lover. So, if you are a travel buff let the entire surrounding Alps enhance more exquisiteness to the holiday in this splendid destination.

1. The Matterhorn

Switzerland: Of Snow-Capped Marvels and Chocolates
Try Hiking at the Matterhorn

If you are planning to go see one of the best Switzerland attractions, then this iconic pointed peak should be in the first place on your list. Eventually, it is known as one of the highest mountains in the Alps. At the specific foot of this strong peak, that lays the amiable village of popular Zermatt, a top worldwide resort along with horse-drawn cart rides, charming chalets, as well as world-class hotels and restaurants. You can do swimming, cycling, biking and even hiking in the lap of nature.

  • How to reach Switzerland: Take a train from the Zurich airport, travel till Zermatt and then hire a cab and you can reach your destination in a few hours.
  • Best time to visit Switzerland: June to September. The Swiss Summer is the best time to visit Switzerland, it is a peak season and the best time for sightseeing.
  • Things to do in Switzerland: Hiking, mountaineering, paragliding and various other sports.

2. Jungfraujoch

Switzerland: Of Snow-Capped Marvels and Chocolates

While planning your Switzerland holidays, you cannot miss this picturesque place. Jungfraujoch Mountain has been considered as the ‘excursion mountain’. In the summer, the hikers can easily explore the lower regions only by relishing the scenic views of the Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The place also cuddles up at a base of the snow-cloaked mountains.

  • How to reach: You can either take a train from Lauterbrunnen which takes around 45 mins to reach the place or you can take a train from Grindelwald which takes around 30 mins.
  • Best time to visit: June to August is the ideal time.
  • Things to do: You can try a myriad of winter sports activities available here or travel to the top of the peak to witness a 360-degree view of the area,

3. Interlaken

Switzerland: Of Snow-Capped Marvels and Chocolates

Visiting this place is one of the top things to do in Switzerland. Interlaken is one of the most marvellous cities to commemorate your Switzerland holiday. Interlaken is the small town of Switzerland that is well known for its splendour and scenic environment. As its name indicates, Interlaken is located between two lakes named Brienz and Thun.
If you are planning to visit this beautiful place then do not forget to click stunning pictures for your Instagram. During winter, skiers and snowboarders can easily take their pick from the surrounding resorts and also cross-country ski with the trail.

  • How to reach: You can take a flight and reach Interlaken; the closest airport is Bern Airport.
  • Best Time to Visit: June to September.
  • Things to do: If you want to make the best of your Switzerland holidays, then try some activities like swimming, hiking and trekking, and you could also attend the popular festivals and parties

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4. Lucerne

Switzerland: Of Snow-Capped Marvels and Chocolates

Exploring the entire city, you will be amazed by its beauty and cleanliness. There are flowers wherever you go, in baskets and planters and also the entire length of the Chapel Bridge has baskets of beautiful flowers hanging over the rail. There is striking Swiss architecture to just admire and culture to absorb.

  • How to reach Switzerland: Berne and Zurich airport are the closest airports to reach Lucerne. From there you can either take a train which take up to 45 mins or you can travel by road which would take around an hour to reach Lucerne.
  • Best time to visit Switzerland: June to September.
  • Things to do in Switzerland: Visit the Swiss Museum of Transportation, and the Lion Monument.

5. Lake Geneva

Switzerland: Of Snow-Capped Marvels and Chocolates
Lake Geneva

Steeped in both vibrancy and history, the resort town of the Lake Geneva in southern Wisconsin provides the timeless appeal. Encircled by the stately mansions, the lake is a four season’s playground, which draws people back again and again. Just a few steps away from Lake Geneva are numerous unique shops and also inviting dining and nightlife options. The downtown area is considered as one of the most amazing Switzerland attractions for being pleasant. It is the chock full of souvenir shops, from stunning art galleries to the spectacular home decor to fashion, you name it we have it.

  • How to reach: One can take either a train or flight to reach Lake Geneva. Or else cabs are also available.
  • Best Time to Visit: June to August
  • Things to do: If you are in Lake Geneva, you should experience some amazing things like:

– Try the special fish fry which contains fried local fish
– Shop your heart out from nearby markets
– Shop from the popular store of Cheesebox
– Visit striking Napa Valley

6. Chateau de Chillon

Switzerland: Of Snow-Capped Marvels and Chocolates

The Chateau de Chillon was actually built way back in 11th Century and it is situated around 3 km east of Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva. This Chillon Castle is quite well-known as the most excellent and the most conserved castles in the entire country. It also provides the sights that only bamboozle each and every visitor.
The castle has around 100 buildings, 3 courtyards as well as 4 magnificent halls which provide the spellbinding views of the Lake Geneva. The castle has some marvellous views from each of the windows of flower-filled courtyards, the spectacular view of the snowy mountains or of the Lake Geneva.

  • How to reach: You can easily catch a train or bus to reach this beautiful place.
  • Best time to visit: June to September, it is the finest time to visit the place.
  • Things to do: Hiking, Winter sports, visit the Freddie Mercury Memorial, and for all the ‘Queen’ fans, you can visit the ‘Queen experience Studio’.

7. The Rhine Falls


Switzerland: Of Snow-Capped Marvels and Chocolates
Rhine Falls

A natural scenic beauty, where the rainbow falls during the sunset makes the entire place absolutely mesmerizing. The Rhine Falls is situated in Neuhausen on an edge of Germany. The falls are extremely popular and well-known as the major waterfall in all of Europe.

The visitors can opt for boating in the falls and go up to the rocks placed in the centre of the stream. You can climb on these rocks and the view from the top of these rocks are just marvellous!

One can also take the staircase to just go right up to the falls and enjoy the sensation of water crashing on the rocks. The waterfall looks spectacular due to the hidden spotlights that illuminate the falls at night. For its utter beauty, it is considered one of the best places to visit in Switzerland

  • How to reach: The easiest way to reach Rhine Falls is taking a train to either ‘Neuhausen Rheinfall’ or ‘Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall’ station which takes around 45 – 60 mins from Zurich to reach the Rhine falls.
  • Best Time to Visit: All year round.
  • Things to do: Boat trip around the falls, visit the Castle Schlössli Wörth

8. Bern

Switzerland: Of Snow-Capped Marvels and Chocolates
City of Bern

If you want to see one of the best places in Switzerland; then you must visit the city of Bern. The city is blessed with an incredible scenic beauty and culturally rich heritage. As the place comprises of numerous art galleries, each and everyone will surely love this place.

Ample of ancient museums, art galleries, traditional stores and shops are there that make the visitors absolutely impressed.

  • How to reach: You can either take a train or hire a cab and you can easily reach this place.
  • Best time to Visit: April to September
  • Things to do: Visit the Federal Palace of Switzerland, River Rafting, Visit the Zytglogge is shown in countless movies.

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