View of the lit homes with a castle in Georgia

You may wonder why Georgia Holidays should be on top of your HOLIDAY bucket list.

Then, listen to what Secretary-General of the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization, Taleb Rifai had to say about Georgia – “Georgian nature, culture, and people make this country, the most beautiful in the world”.

For many Saudis, international tourism has become a preferred way of vacationing. Among tourist destinations, a Georgia Tour would make it to the top of their list.

In Europe, there are many attractive tourist destinations. For years, countries like France, Greece, Italy, and Switzerland have been favorites with the Saudis. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in demand for a Georgia tour package

As a result, Georgia has seen an uptick in the number of Saudi tourists. From solo travelers to budget tourists and luxury vacationers, Saudis have been making a beeline to Georgia.

A small country when compared to its neighboring European countries, Georgia boasts of a fabulous history, rich cultural heritage, and stunning natural beauty in the form of incredibly diverse landscapes. It is also a foodie’s haven famous for its varied gastronomic delights.


There are many reasons why Georgia tour package has become popular with Saudis. 

But there five unique reasons which have made a Georgia tour more favorite with Saudis in 2022.

They include:


Saudi nationals do not need a visa for a Georgia Tour.

Receive a visa-free entry, all that you require is 

  • Passport. It must have a validity period of 180 days.
  • Confirmed and paid ticket. Those who do not have them will be asked to book a ticket at the airport or risk being deported from Georgia.

Aside from visa-free travel, Saudis can also stay in Georgia for a full year with multiple entries.

Even the residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can visit Georgia without a visa and stay up to three months. However, they need to show their residence permit and hotel and airline bookings.


Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia is an energetic place. The buzz surrounding it makes Georgia the most popular and accessible getaway to the Caucasus.

As the cradle of historic European architecture and culture, Tbilisi is a fascinating mix of the old and new. Nestled on the Mktvari River, it has cobblestone houses, lovely castles, and medieval-styled cathedrals proudly standing aside modern architectural marvels. 

Aside from soaking in the unique charm of the capital city, taking a walk down the narrow streets of the city will give the opportunity to see the Freedom Square, National Museum, and Narikala Fortress with its spectacular views. 

When in Tbilisi, never forget to enjoy the pleasure of its famed relaxing sulphur baths in the neighborhood of Abanotubani. It is a widespread fact that it is the first stop for many tourists as the bath water nestles at 40C (104F) and is famous for being beneficial for the skin.

A few kilometers away from Tbilisi lies the ancient capital city of Mtskheta, home to the picturesque UNESCO heritage site, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. From this place, you can also head to the village of Stepansminda and explore the high mountain passes. One such fascinating sight to savor is Mount Kazbek, said to stand five thousand metres high. 


Georgia - huge stone walls

Georgia is blessed with abundance of natural beauty. From stunning snowcapped peaks to beautiful lakes, pretty limestone formations, breathtaking therapeutic canyons, lush green mountains, and more, Georgia offers them all in different shades of visual colors. Simply put, it is blessed with all categories of landscapes including coasts, deserts, etc. 

It’s a perfect gateway for those who love to indulge in adventure sports. You will enjoy to the hilt the thrill of adventure sports like hiking, camping, etc. Additionally, there are many beautiful lakes that can be used for indulging in water sports. Then there are some lovely spa resorts where you can have your body massaged by expert masseurs who know how to get your body back into shape. If none of these fascinates you, there is the Georgia’s renowned countryside famed for its incredible depth of natural beauty.


Then there is Georgia’s famed ‘Mtirala National Park’. Located just east of the city of Batumi, this national park is known for its natural phenomenon – rain. The sprawling and lush national park is said to receive an incredible 175 inches of precipitation every year. This fosters several waterfalls and a varied range of native plants across the park. 

Aside from this, Batumi region is also home to an expansive spread of beech, chestnut, and rhododendron forests. They host a fascinating array of native Georgian fauna filled with mighty brown bears, Caucasian Salamanders, and Eurasian Lynx. There are also a good collection of spot-booted eagles, and saker falcons. One can best see them during the migration season.

Georgian winters are also a great time to visit. Snowfall is at its best during the winter months and just watching them will give one goose-bumps.  The abundance of snow during the winters will coax you to engage in winter sports like skiing and so on.


Though small in size, Georgia offers an abundance of delicious cuisine delicacies. 

Traditional Georgian cuisine with its variety of dishes combines a mix of fresh vegetables, fresh meats, spices, and herbs. One can regard these as to be among the healthiest dishes in the world.

The traditional Georgian meal, called Supra, is extravagant in its depth. Aside from being a celebratory feast, it has been a Georgian tradition for several centuries, and also a religious rite. People say, Georgian people revel in it for all kinds of celebrations, from anniversaries to birthdays, homecomings, weddings, and even funerals.

The national Georgian dish is Khinkali, a meat dumpling. It is so delicious that even vegetarians can try it with cheese, mushroom, or potato filling. Two other famous Georgian dishes are Khachapuri, a pizza-like cheese pie that’s one generally servs at dinner time with varied variations across Georgia; and an appetizer made with cabbage, auvergine and spinach leaves infused with a walnut sauce.

There are several other notable Georgian dishes. They vary from meaty and juicy Stews to Candle-shaped fruit and nut Candies, cheesy Pastries, and more. There is a unique dish for every taste-bud. This will leave the tourists wanting to try them all and soak in their flavors. 


Georgia also offers a broad collection of vegetarian and vegan food with options.

Overall, Georgian food style differ from region to region. Each region offers a unique Georgian dish that one can make in several different ways. By exploring the food of each Georgian region, tourists can get a perspective of how different kingdoms and eras in Georgian history have left an imprint on them.

Georgia is also the oldest wine producing nation in the world. Its wine reeks of a timeless quality that one can savour across its many buzzing cities, and rugged mountain villages.

Finally, Georgia also has a good collection of Halal restaurants. They are prevalent especially in the capital city of Tbilisi with varied preferences.


The 1962 Nobel Prize winner in Literature and popular American writer, John Steinbeck, once said, “If one tried to describe Georgia using one single word, the right word would definitely be HOSPITALITY”.

Georgians are renowned for their gracious hospitality. They look after their guests as if they are a part of the family. For them, a guest is someone sent from God.

Experiencing the warmth of the Georgian people and their rituals of hospitality is once-in-a-lifetime experience.

They say that if you strike friendship a Georgian local, you can expect to be invited into their home and treated like royalty. Aside from pampering you no end, they even act as guide and show you the sights of their native city or town. They take pride in telling the history of their land and nation.

To experience Georgian hospitality at its best, we recommend visiting Georgia during the Culture’s Trip specially curated nine-day ‘Georgian Adventure’. During this unique festival, you will not only get to experience the famous Georgian hospitality but also get to enjoy a traditional Georgian cuisine with a local family.


Georgia boasts of an excellent road transportation system with great road network and connectivity. Use public transport to travel across much of Georgia, especially in Tbilisi and Batumi. There are several Marshrutka Vans you can try for travelling around Georgia easily. One can also opt for shared taxis. Overall the ticket prices are quite affordable though the final price depends on the destination you head to.

Overall, Georgia is a budget-friendly tourist destination. Much of its cultural and historical attractions are free of charge. But what makes it even more special is it can cater to all kinds of travelers.

The best thing about Georgia is it is a year-round destination. While the ideal Georgia tour would be during the late spring and early autumn, the winter months from November to April are good if you want to revel in winter sports. Snow during these months is extremely high which attracts on-piste skiers and free-riders.


Make sure to plan your Georgia holidays properly. 

This will allow you to discover the magic of Georgia. From its cultural and natural beauty to its architectural marvels, spectacular cuisine, famed hospitality, and more, Georgia will leave you spellbound.

When you get to experience them, you will understand why Georgia holidays will make your holidays truly memorable.

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