Packing light can be a back-breaking task, especially if you are the kind of traveller, who keeps paying for extra luggage. Also, the packing hacks available otherwise demands you to almost empty everything you love?

While travelling, we all know, you try to take as less as possible, but once you start packing, it becomes hard to choose between this or that. So, we have you covered. Here are some of the best packing hacks and tips that helped us the most while packing. 

Here are some tips that would give you the liberty to travel smart and take as much as necessary:

1. Don’t pack large wearable, wear them:-

Those huge shoes, that take most of the room you have in your suitcase? That long jacket that is too pretty to leave? Take them all, not in the luggage, but, wear them, while you travel. This would help you reduce luggage weight and space.

2. Carry all the regular medicines, and ditch the “just in case” ones:-

What if? No. If you didn’t use it in the last 3 months, you are most unlikely to use it for the rest 10 days too. Take only the regular medicines that you consume and avoid taking the ones that you might use in specific cases. Hotels all over the world do provide medication, in case you need them later. So, you are anyway not taking a risk by leaving them.

3. Invest in travel sized cosmetics:-

All the big bottles of shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, and creams. Leave them all. Invest in travel sized bottles and perfumes. These are handy and more than enough for your trip throughout. The big bottles are too heavy, occupy too much space, and you know you won’t use the whole of it. Also, the majority of the hotels provide such amenities with the room.

4. Use a packing list:-

While most of the travellers pack their stuff while they go through things, the hack is to pack through a packing list. Note down all the things you think you might need during the trip, and while you start packing, keep the list in front of you. This will lessen all the unnecessary things that you might pack otherwise, and save the space for things that you will need. This packing hack does wonders for many occasional travellers who find it hard to pack stuff otherwise.

5. Don’t just guess the weight of your luggage:-

Checking the weight of your luggage at the airport is a little too late because you know you cannot do anything about it. Rather, check the weight while you are done packing at home so that you can plan things accordingly and avoid the additional charges for excess weight. You can check the weight at home if you have the machine. If not, check it at a grocery store near you. It’s better to be a little cautious early than to regret later. Also, all Airlines follow a specific weight and baggage limit and charge for every extra kg beyond the permissible limit. Carrying excess weight will only result in an additional expense for you.

6. Leave some space in the suitcase:-

You know you are travelling to your favourite destination and you won’t be travelling again to the same destination anytime soon, you are very likely to go shopping for yourself and for your friends and family. While many travellers go for trips, they tend to face difficulty in packing and end up leaving things that they feel are “not too important”, behind, to accommodate the new things purchased. Why sacrifice your old things for the newly purchased things? Rather, keep some room in the suitcase while you pack so that you don’t have to prioritise the new things and sacrifice the old ones.

These are some of the tips that do wonders for all of us. We hope these packing hacks work for you too. Whenever you go, travel light and safe. And, while you struggle on how to pack, do not struggle on where to book the flight tickets from, or where to get the Visa from Akbar Travels is here to assist you with all your travel requirements.

Happy Planning!

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