Going to another land, exploring the different cultures, history, unfolding new experiences and adventures is something everyone loves. From planning that one Graduation trip with our best friends, to planning for anniversary and birthday trips, the idea of constantly building up new experiences keeps us motivated enough to plan, save and travel again and again. Everyone loves to go to different countries for different places, but have you ever wondered which are the most visited countries by Indians.

As diverse as the people, as diverse are their choices!

Take a look at the top 11 most visited foreign countries Indians like to travel

1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an amazing destination and is counted as the 6th most popular tourist spot in the world. With picturesque spots like the Bali swing and lush greenery, it is also an amazing picture-friendly holiday place for all kinds of travellers. If you are looking for an ideal long vacation trip, do not settle for Goa this time. Volcanic mountains, coral leaves and sunny beaches are waiting for you. Make your Bali trip convenient for you. We do all the planning while leaving all the fun to you. Start by checking our Bali holiday package.

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2. Singapore

Indians love to travel to Singapore for tourism, sightseeing, business and studies. For unlimited food options, and to experience the island-city state, Singapore is every tourist’s first pick. With the lush greenery, clean and clear streets and the lavish feel gives the tourist a sense of belonging to the country itself. Akbar Travels has some amazing deals on Singapore packages and Visas at very affordable rates. Apply today, the Lion City is waiting for you.

3. Dubai

Apart from being at the top of most visited countries by Indians, Dubai also attracts thousands of subscribers from the world every year. Dubai is home to the tallest building and one of the most famous seven-star hotels. It attracts Indians due to the lavish experience and royal adventures. While you plan for the high-toned experienced, let us worry about the Visa process. AkbarTravels provides the lowest Dubai Visa fare along with a reliable service.

4. Thailand

Over a decade, the total number of Indians going to Thailand has elevated to 11 Lacs from 3 Lacs, which definitely shows how much we love the country. Bangkok is a famous destination in Thailand for backpacker trips and is 7th most visited tourist space in the world. If you wish to plan a backpacking trip to Thailand, let us help you and your gang for the awaited trip. Get your Thailand Visa in 24 hours.

5. Switzerland

From the beautiful landscapes to the amazing aura of the country, Switzerland is special in every Indian’s heart because of Bollywood. Being the country of Alpine Climate, Switzerland offers the best experience for every kind of traveller. What’s more exciting is the history and the culture that calls for nerdy holidays to people who are fans of ancient studies. So, Switzerland is a perfect pick for all. Take all your friends, Bollywood lovers, and history enthusiasts. Worried about the Visa process? Check amazing holiday offers and convenient Switzerland Visa process with your favourite travel partner, AkbarTravels.

6. Paris

Being also famously called as the “city of love”, Paris is everyone’s dream destination, and for Indians, it’s no different. Paris is famous for its classic museums and authentic culture. Being home to hundreds of classic restaurants, Paris offers amazing food experience too. Feel it’s too much to plan, coordinate and arrange? Check out our Paris Holiday Packages and Visa process and make things as easy as a cakewalk.

One of our customers, Mr Airen raised the bars for many by proposing his wife at the Eiffel Tower. Wish to plan something similar? Contact us and unlock your way to the “Perfect Proposal”.

7. Australia

Along with the high profile tourism, Australia is also home to some best universities. With the expansion of global education career prospects, the opportunities for students wishing to study abroad is growing too. With facilities like part-time work, while studying, Australia provides a promising and worthy experience. Wish to enjoy the fairly unique fauna? Head to Australia for the next trip. Also, while you plan on where to go, let us help you actually get going. Apply for your Australia Visa and visit the island continent.

8. Maldives

The country is known for natural beauty and an Ideal destination for Indians to get engaged in water sports such as scuba diving and snorkelling. Every year, Maldives attracts more Indians to the place because of the amazing, equanimous, and soothing lifestyle and extremely pleasant experience. Also offering a clean environment, it’s famous for some thrilling water sports experience. But, what worries many is the planning part. If this is your concern too, then you are at the right space. From planning the whole Maldives trip at a budget-friendly price to getting amazing deals on hotels, we have everything covered.

9. Nepal

Being the neighbouring country, Nepal offers some amazing shopping ideas and has really great weather throughout. With amazing fashion sense, Nepal is literally a treat to all the fashionistas. Because of the visa-free facility, many Indians prefer going to Nepal for tourism and holidays packages.

10. Mauritius

Mauritius is the most visited honeymoon destination for Indians, known for its natural beauty and man-made attractions. The island of Rodrigues is the tourist hub in Mauritius. It is also famous for fishing, beautiful beaches, water sports and a top pick destination for honeymooners. Mauritius offers many adventurous and over the top experiences to its tourists. Apply for your Mauritius Visa today and have a hassle free Visa Service experience at Akbar Travels.

11. London

London is one of the world’s leading tourism destinations, and the city is home to an array of famous tourist attractions. From students going to London to study, tourists going to have a refreshing vacation, to everyone wanting to chill in a dreamland, London has a place for one and all. London has always been Indian’s favourite holiday destination for a long time, and because of the lavish living standard, everyone loves it the most. Check amazing offers for London and bag the best deals.

So, now that you know which countries people love to go, you also know the ones that you have missed going. These are some of the countries which are very tourist friendly and most visited by Indians. What’s more exciting is that few of these countries don’t require a Visa and you can travel anytime tom these destinations. But what if we say, that even if you need to visit a country that has a Visa process, it isn’t as hectic a task? Yes, you heard it right. With hassle-free Visa services, AkbarTravels assists customers throughout the Visa process and ensures reliable experience and positive results.

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