Got your Visa rejected? Each year, Embassies all over the world receive millions of visa applications. Needless to say, from those millions, only a few visa applications will be granted. Applying for visas, of any sort, requires expertise, fortitude and perseverance. After all that hard work, no one wants to be denied. It is therefore important to understand why this happened to ensure that you avoid the same error when reapplying.

If you want to experience an epic visa refusal, just do any (if not all) of the following or, alternatively you can read this article so that you know what to avoid when applying for a visa.

Go on, read and thank us later.

Akbar Travels Visa Experts reveal the top mistakes that could get your visa rejected. So enjoy the benefit of their experience and get it right first time.

1. Ineligibility

Every country has set its eligibility criteria according to the Immigration rules and regulations as well as keeping in line, eligibility requirements for different visa types of the same country also vary. So if you are ineligible for the applied visa, then you will face a visa rejection.

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2. Leaving blanks on your forms

Missing just one signature, skipping few questions on the form or leaving a blank space is yet another reason your visa application could be declined.

Many applicants leave blanks on their forms as they are not sure how to answer a particular question, assume it isn’t applicable to them or think it’s a bit silly to sign three times on every single page.

Answer all questions on the visa form, don’t leave blanks, and make sure you sign everywhere on the form as per the guidelines. Even if the question is not applicable to you, write N/A, do not leave it blank.

3. Justification for purpose of travel not provided

If you are travelling for the purpose of tourism, make sure you show them enough proofs. Show them your accommodation details and an itinerary that justifies things well. Write everything in the cover letter in a personalized way for the embassy to understand your intention well.

If you are visiting family or relatives, then let them know your relationship and how you will be spending your time there.

Your purpose of visit (ticked on the Application Form) should have sufficient documents to justify it. One purpose shouldn’t overlap with some other intentions.

4. Information submitted regarding justification for purpose of intended stay not reliable

You might have submitted all documents regarding your stay such as hotel bookings, air tickets and still got your visa rejected. You never know what made them think your reason didn’t justify your intention.

However there can be scenarios like –

Scenario 1 –You have mentioned (ticked) tourism as your purpose of travel. That said, all your documents talk about visiting a family or a friend and no itinerary of tours.

Scenario 2 – You have mentioned business as your purpose of travel. But, all your documents talk about visiting sightseeing places in the country. You failed to submit invitation letter, business cover letter and other documents relating to your business trip.

Scenario 3 – In the application form, if you have chosen the purpose is to visit family/friends, and that you will be staying with them, then you will have to give all details about their resident status. The invitation letter should be endorsed by the right authority and their address should be clear to verify their stay.

5. Provided false information

Applicants may not intentionally provide false information, but if the Embassy finds out that the information provided is not accurate they may charge the applicant with visa fraud. This is a big mistake that can get your visa rejected. Basically, whatever is your purpose of travel, you should be able to justify it with the right documents.

6. Insufficient funds for your trip

The Embassy or Consulate has found you being short of funds in your bank account. Planning an international trip is not about getting the visa and landing in the country. No country will give you a visa in the first place if you don’t have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family (even if not accompanying the main applicant). Hence furnishing proper proof of financial stability is vital. This income source can be from your bank statements, Income tax returns, salary slips, fixed deposits, share certificates, property documents and any other investments. Each visa has its own financial requirement – make sure to check the Embassy website or consult an experienced Travel Agent.

Also, please remember, if there is a sudden transfer of a huge sum just before applying the visa, then there is a chance of visa rejection due to uncertainly of financial stability.

7. Incomplete, wrong or fake documentation

Some applicants don’t know the importance of documentation in the visa process, so they take this crucial step for granted. Result? They unknowingly get their visa rejected. However, remember, incomplete or late submission of documents is one of the strongest reasons for visa officials to refuse the case of the applicant. All they need to use the wrong colour ink alone to reject the application.

8. Submitting your visa application at the last minute

Visa applications take time, particularly during the festive and holiday seasons. There are thousands of applications each day, and your file is just a number in a queue. Waiting till the very last minute leaves no room for error because of missing paperwork, for example, you won’t have to time to rectify the situation or reapply. You must submit your visa application at least two months prior to the intended date of travel.

9. Criminal record

Having a history of criminal record or drug abuse in your home country (or any country you have been a resident of) is an important factor that may hinder your dream to travel to a foreign land. It doesn’t matter how small your criminal record is– there are times people face visa denial even for driving charges or traffic incidents depending on how you disclosed them in your application. It’s always best to be honest about your history. A clean criminal record proofs that “you are not a threat to the public policy or to the public security of the foreign land”

10. Past immigration violations

If you have overstayed your permitted time on a past visa, or spent periods of time in the country without authorization, you might have difficulty persuading the consular officer reviewing your visa application that you won’t violate this visa, as well.

11. Intention of returning to home country is unclear

Many applicants fail to convince that they have plans to return to their home country, and get their visa rejected. Applicants must prove that they are a genuine visitor and will return to their home country after the journey. Therefore, in order to establish genuine intentions and capability of returning home, an applicant should provide clear, concrete and conclusive evidence that the applicant is leading a good life in the home country and has strong professional, social and family ties.

12. Improper conduct during visa interview

A visa interview is not to be taken casually. Applicants must be well dressed and well informed. Punctuality is very important during the visa interview. It is seen among many applicants that they get nervous or lose confidence which becomes a reason for visa rejection. Lying to a visa officer is also taken seriously hence always provide honest facts. Fraudulent information may lead to permanent denial of visa. Intimidating during the Visa interview process or bullying may get your out of Visa fray. One should be well-mannered, confident and have a positive body language during the visa interview.

These are some of the common reasons that can get your visa rejected. The final decision about approval and rejection of visa rests on the Embassy and its Consular Officers.  However, all rejections are not permanent. It means you can try to rectify them and get your application approved from visa officers after submitting all documents or you can avoid rejection just by doing the right things. If you are unsure about the visa application process, it would be best to rely on an experienced travel agent like Akbar Travels to do the needful. Being a part of the industry since 1978, they are professionals who have the right training and knowledge to guide you in obtaining a visa.

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