Our love for train journeys may be credited to Bollywood songs like “Mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu” from Aradhana, “Chal chaiyya chaiyya ” from Dil Se, “Kasto mazza he relaima” from Parineeta. These songs gave us quite a few reasons to travel by train by providing us with stunning visuals of our country thereby tempting us to plan a trip soon.

With India being home to one of the best transport systems in India, who even needs a reason to travel. Still, we’d like to list the top reasons to choose train travel for your next trip.

Baar Baar Dekho – The Beautiful Views

A train passing across the Pamban Bridge in Rameshwaram
A train passing across the Pamban Bridge in Rameshwaram
Image Credit: Prabhu Shakar

On an interstate train journey, you will witness some of the most breathtaking views of the countryside while sitting comfortably in your seat.  Stunning hills and mountains, scenic lakes and rivers, pristine waterfalls, and beautiful green and golden crops dancing in the never-ending fields next to train tracks are some guaranteed experiences and sights to watch out for. You get to see nature in its full glory all from the comforts of your seat. Experiencing beautiful landscapes will always remain the first and foremost reasons to travel by train for travel lovers across the globe.

Yeh Aaram Ka Maamla Hai – Comfortable Journeys

AC Chair Car Coach of the new Vande Bharat Express
Spacious AC Chair Car Coach of the new Vande Bharat Express
Image Credit: Saikat Paul

“Legroom”!! We quite literally shrink in our seats when on a flight or in the car during road trips. But the luxury of traveling comfortably is one of the main reasons to travel by train anywhere in the country. Imagine being cramped up in a car or being stuck behind someone who constantly reclines their seat on a flight! Trains are so much better when it comes to traveling long distances. You just have to reach your berth, stack your luggage, and relax! You can lie down and sleep in a sleeper coach, lean back comfortably in a seating berth of a chair car, or just walk around if you have rested for too long! Trains do make your journey more comfortable.

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Paisa Hi Paisa Hoga: It Is Affordable!

Travelling by a train is affordable
Travelling by a train is affordable
Image Credit: Funny Solution Studio

One of the major reasons to travel by train is how cheap it is! Just simple mathematics will tell you that traveling by train for a certain distance is a lot cheaper than traveling the same distance by any other mode of transport. You can book your seats in advance and you don’t even have to wait in a queue for hours! You also get a choice of different travel classes in Indian Railways where you can very easily decide in which class to travel without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Weigh Your Luggage No More

There is no weight limit for carrying luggage on a train
There is no weight limit for carrying luggage on a train
Image Credit: Daisy Daisy

If you have travelled by air, you know the importance of weight limit when it comes to your luggage. But when it comes to trains, you don’t have to worry about the extra items that you want to carry, it is simply one of the best reasons to travel by train. Take a backpack or a bunch of suitcases, absolutely no problem! There is no weight limit whatsoever. Keep your luggage under the seat, on the seat, or just wear your backpack for the complete journey – no one is going to bother you for that. Want to travel with your bike on the train? No problem again, you can take your bike by booking it and loading it in either the luggage compartment of your train or on a luggage train!  

Hello Friends Chai Pi Lo – Food And Snacks Aboard

Food served aboard the Deccan Odyssey
Food served aboard the Deccan Odyssey
Image Credit: CRS PHOTO

If you have ever traveled by train, you might be well aware of the sounds ‘Chai! Chai!’ or ‘Coffee, Nescoffee, Coffee, Nescoffee’ echoing from every part of the coach when a tea/coffee seller boards it. The masala chai in a disposable cup and the delicious food served on the train is definitely one of the reasons to travel by train in India. So many vendors selling snacks and full-fledged meals at the railway stations and inside the train coaches make sure that you don’t go hungry or miss out on your evening cuppa when traveling by train. Also, the best thing about food on the train is that you get to relish the lip-smacking dishes of the region wherever the train is passing from! This gives us a taste of the local food without even leaving our seat!

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Kuch Guppshupp Hojaaye? Chatting And Chattering All The Way

If you are a chatterbox like Geet you might end up finding company in Aditya on your long train journey
If you are a chatterbox like Geet you might end up finding company in Aditya on your long train journey
Image Credit: Bollywood Hungama

We generally travel long distances by train, across various regions and states giving us ample of idle time so that we can indulge in doing what human beings do best – Talk! Yes, no matter what your background or mother tongue is, there is no place on earth where you can mingle with your co-passengers the way you can do so during a train journey. Talk about your social or political views, talk about the places you love, talk about your career and talk about everything that you can share with a stranger during your journey. A train boogie is never a dull place and you will always notice the air of liveliness whenever you travel making your long journey pleasurable and packed with fun. You may also end up making some friends for life and be in touch over Facebook or Instagram long after your journey ends. If you love meeting new people, then this can be one of the best reasons to travel by train across India, anytime and every time.

When it comes to air travel to cover long distances in less time, we spend time watching the monotonous clouds pass by and oftentimes experiencing scary turbulence. Whereas just the thought of a train journey brings joy. In this world and age, where flying to a destination is the most preferred way to travel to save time, traveling by train is a great option to enjoy the scenery without burning a hole in your pocket. We know there are affordable flight tickets available but the familiarity of traveling by train is absolutely unbeatable! 

Indian Railways is the lifeline of the country, and traveling by train across the country lets us get engrossed in the beauty of our land, its diversity, smells, colors, flavors, and everything in between. Traveling solo or with family and friends, you will always experience something that is out of the ordinary. Don’t shy away from train travel, and book your train tickets to enjoy the great Indian Railways train journey at every chance you get. 

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