For the avid travellers, exploring Southeast Asia is for sure a bucket list dream. The countries in the region that see maximum tourism are Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. With the countries providing so many popular tourist destinations right from state-of-the-art buildings to historical and cultural sites. So, while travelling to either one of the countries, tourists often tend to visit one or both of the other countries too. Since several travel agencies provide combined Singapore tour packages and Malaysia tour packages and also a hassle-free and quick process for a Singapore Visa and Malaysia visa as it is easier to visit these countries on the same trip. If you are visiting both countries at the same time, you are more likely to commute between the capital cities, either from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur or vice versa. Even though they are on the same islands, there is a distance of 355 kms between both places.

If you want to commute between the two cities, several modes of transport like bus, car, train and flights are available. You can select any one mode depending on your schedule and affordability.

Remember, regardless of the type of passport, you will have to go through immigration on the border between Singapore and Malaysia so be prepared for it beforehand.

Travelling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur:

By Bus:

Public commuter bus in Singapore
Public commuter bus in Singapore
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A bus journey from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, between two countries, might sound daunting but this one is fairly easy as the highways are well-maintained. There are plenty of bus operators on the route. There is no bus terminal however most of the buses depart from the Golden Mile Complex. A bunch of luxurious buses also operate from HarbourFront Centre. The prices of these bus tickets vary depending on the luxury levels and amenities provided. High-class buses give you comfortable leather seats, personal LCD entertainment systems, Wi-fi, etc. Some of them even serve a snack, meal or drink.

Talking about the border crossing, it is usually handled by the bus staff. The travellers are instructed beforehand about the process. Keep your exit card and last stamp page ready for the border agent. Take your valuables with you and leave the luggage on the bus while you wait in the queue. Keep your Malaysia entry card fully filled before you get in the immigration queue.

If you want to save some money here, try crossing Malaysia independently. Catch a local bus from Queen Street bus station that will take you across the Causeway bridge to Malaysia. Cross the border there and get another bus to Kuala Lumpur from Larkin station.

Popular bus services are Grassland Express, Sri Maju, Golden Coach Express and Aeroline.

Time taken: Approximately 6 to 7 hours.
Frequency: Buses leave every 15-30 mins.
Ticket prices: Range between $15-$40.

By Plane:

Singapore Airline
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Andrey Armyag

Travelling from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by plane is the most convenient way with the shortest time duration. This can be quite expensive considering the distance and by adding up luggage charges too. There are a number of airline companies that connect both these places directly, like Scoot, Jetstar, AirAsia, Ethiopian Malaysian Airlines and Singapore Airlines. Most of these flights fly into the Kuala Lumpur International Airport while some fly to the Sultan Abdul Aziz (Subang) Airport.

Substantially always compare prices between all airlines. Advance bookings and less sociable hours can help save you a ton of money. To save a little more, you can catch your flight from up north like the Changi airport to Kuala Lumpur.

If you are short on time on vacation, this is the most ideal mode to reach KL. You will probably have to arrive early for checking in and dropping your luggage and the immigration lines at the airport might be a little longer. Even after all this, you would still reach KL fastest. You are also most likely to miss the scenic countryside of Malaysia.

Time Taken: The quickest direct flight is only about 1h 30mins.
Frequency: About 40-50 flights in a day.
Ticket prices:  Range between $40-$100.

By Car:

Road from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

The road from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur can be perfect for a road trip to cross between countries. The highways are well made and the drive is pretty easy. The distance between is almost 350 kms. Throughout the journey, you can enjoy the beautiful countryside of both countries.

Singapore has several places that provide rental car services. However, before renting the car, please specify that you are going to cross the border with it. You will encounter several tolls along the road. You can easily cross the border at the Tuas checkpoint. After Tuas, keep on driving on AH2 for about 294 kms, soon you will see directions to Kuala Lumpur. Keep in mind to keep your Malaysia exit card and the last stamp page of your passport ready beforehand. Also, have your entry card for Malaysia ready.

Remember: If you are coming into Singapore from anywhere, the country has strict customs laws and restrictions for bringing in alcohol and cigarettes. Declare whatever you are carrying or you may risk a big fine.
Tip: Before getting gas in Singapore, wait to get it in Malaysia as fuel is much cheaper there.
Time taken: Approximately 4hrs. Usually, lines at borders for immigration can get long.
Prices: Depends on fuel prices+ road tolls+ immigration.

By Train:

Train in Singapore
Train in Singapore

Direct trains from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur have ceased to exist since 2018. It was definitely the easiest and most comfortable way between the two cities.

Now to get into KL from Singapore, you need to use the connections. To leave Singapore by train, you need to get to Johor Bahru at the Singapore end. From Johor Bahru, a shuttle connects you to Gemas, the last Malaysian city before Singapore. Johor Bahru to Gemas takes a little more than 4 hours. Then to reach Kuala Lumpur, take a high-speed ETS train from Gemas to Kuala Lumpur which will take about 2 hours.

Taking into consideration all these connections in Johor Bahru and Gemas plus the border crossing, the total train ride can take up a lot of time. If you are looking for the cheapest mode of transport, are a fan of trains or want to explore the city of Johor Baru hopping on the train would be an ideal option. Otherwise, it is just an impractical way that is time-consuming and inconvenient.

Book your train tickets in advance to grab the best deals, especially during peak season.

Time taken: Approximately 9 hours.
Price: The whole journey can cost as little as $80.

Choose whether you want to take a bus, a car, a train or a flight to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur depending on whether you want to save time or money and if you are still in doubt, no worries, our Travel Experts are just a call away!

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